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Hydronic Heating System Prices

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National Hydronic Heating System Costs

$2,539 per unit Minimum Cost
$3,060 per unit Maximum Cost

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Hydronic Heating System Prices

A hydronic heating system uses water to transfer heat from where it is produced to where it is required. Heat is absorbed by the water at a heat source such as a boiler or solar collector, transported by the water through distribution piping and released into an area via a heat emitter. The temperature of the home is controlled by regulating the flow and temperature of the circulating water. There are actually hundreds of hydronic heating system configurations that can be implemented in a home. Properly designed and installed hydronic heating systems can supply ideal comfort and fuel efficiency for the lifetime of the home or building.

The Costs

  • Minimum cost of hydronic heating system unit: $2,539
  • Maximum cost of hydronic heating system unit: $3,060

A hydronic heating system is one unit, so the consumer can obtain and compare prices among various manufacturers. Generally, a hydronic heating system will cost approximately $2,539 to $3,060 per unit. Other costs to consider are the labor and supplies that are necessary for the unit's installation. The installation of a hydronic heating system normally takes approximately 12 hours, with total labor costs between $695 and $875. In addition, the supplies and necessary tools to complete the installation will cost between $233 and $270. Altogether, a consumer can expect to pay a total cost between $3,468 and $4,204 for the hydronic heating system unit, installation and supplies.

Advantages and Disadvantages to a Hydronic Heating System


Hydronic heating systems can result in energy savings and thus lower utility bills. These systems transfer most of their heat by thermal radiation, which reduces the amount of heat lost through ceilings. In addition, comfort in the home can be maintained at lower air temperatures with radiant heating, which leads to additional energy savings.

Hydronic heating systems have a nearly unlimited number of possibilities in regards to their design. Therefore, they can be installed to meet the needs, budget and aesthetic tastes of the consumer. For example, the system can provide space heating, domestic hot water and pool heating for a home. As an added bonus, these systems lower the installation costs as the need for exhaust system, fuel supply components, several heat sources and electrical hookups are removed.

The human body is particularly responsive to the radiant heat loss controlled by properly designed hydronic heating systems. Therefore, the level of personal comfort is significantly enhanced. Most hydronic heating systems do not involve forced-air circulation, which reduces the amount of airborne particles that are dispersed. As a result this is a major benefit in those situations where air cleanliness is of particular importance.  Hydronic heating systems feature a very quiet operation. Hydronic heating systems are integrated into most homes without impacting the appearance of the home.


Hydronic heating systems require regular maintenance due to the system's many components such as pumps and controls. If the entire system requires replacement, it can be extremely expensive as compared to a gas furnace. The circulation pumps, controls, boiler and related hardware associated with hydronic heating systems are much more expensive than those associated with a cheap gas furnace. Since hydronic heating systems have pipes essentially in every wall in the home, if there is a pipe leak it may cause extensive damage.

Get free estimates from local hydronic heating system contractors

Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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