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Indoor Outdoor Carpet Prices

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$0.30 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$1.96 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Indoor Outdoor Carpet Prices

When it comes time to selecting accents for an outdoor patio or deck area, many homeowners consider carpet. An indoor-outdoor carpet design allows for a comforting reinforcement to an existing patio or wood surface. Indoor-outdoor carpet comes in a variety of colors, types and textures. It can cover a wide range of space or it can be used as an area rug to be displayed as a centerpiece for decorating. Not only is indoor-outdoor carpeting a useful feature to an outdoor space, it can accent existing plants and decor. With a multitude of styles and types, the possibilities of carpeting are endless. The main feature of utilizing this type of carpeting is that the cost range varies greatly depending on the manufacture and exact type of material being used. There are several things to consider when it comes to determining the bottom dollar cost of indoor-outdoor carpeting.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of Indoor-Outdoor carpet: $149.00
  • Average maximum cost of Indoor-Outdoor carpet: $979.00


Indoor-outdoor carpeting is designed to be able to withstand moisture and outdoor elements that traditional fiber-backed carpeting would typically not be able to handle. It comes in a variety of materials that allow it to be able to breathe and allow water and other elements to travel through it rather than retain it—leading to mold growth. Fibers may be derived from synthetic materials, plastic, rubber or a combination of all. Because of the versatility of the textiles, they can be used to accent subtly or make a bold statement. 

One material may be a burlap or synthetic burlap. This has course fibers that are used to loosen up dirt and debris before it reaches into the home. It is typically chosen for an in-between rug for homeowners with a lot of dirt and soil traffic. The burlap fibers are beneficial at trapping all sorts of dirt and also resistant to excessive moisture.

Astroturf is one of the more popular forms of indoor-outdoor carpeting. It is a synthetic material that is used in high-traffic areas such as docks, decks, sunrooms, porches and near pools. It is well sought after for its moisture-resistant material and deep crevices that trap outdoor debris and hold it in place. Astroturf, or outdoor grass as it is commonly called, takes a beating and is the perfect choice for very high traffic areas. It also has a longevity that is sought after because it doesn't have to be replaced often.


When homeowners go shopping for carpeting, they may have different spaces in which they wish to add accent pieces. Indoor-outdoor carpeting may serve as a simple design element or be of actual use that benefits a specific area. Generally, they are purchased in four different types:

  • Area rugs
  • Accent rugs
  • Carpet rolls
  • Carpet tiles

Area rugs are often decorative and can showcase a variety of colors. They are larger than a standard accent rug and are popular choices on decks as an added layer of moisture-resistance. Area rugs look very similar to traditional indoor rugs except they are resistant to the elements including UV rays. They are less likely to fade in direct light and when exposed to salt water and pool chemicals.

Accent rugs are often placed just outside of doors or entryways to catch rain, snow, mud and dirt. This contains the debris for easy clean up. They are often in high traffic areas, so prices can go up significantly depending on the brand and the durability of the piece.

Carpet rolls of outdoor carpeting are perfect for covering up large spaces such as decks, porches and sunrooms. While the cost may be higher than smaller pieces because of the size, the price per square foot is competitive. Flat, weaved carpet is popular and sought after for areas such as a pool or hot tub access point where the homeowner may be barefoot.

Carpet tiles are similar to rolled carpet but are easier for homeowners to install on their own. They offer more design options, allowing the installer to mix and match designs in a variety of colors. Popular designs include chevron, diamond-shape and faux brick. They are very stain resistant and sometimes used in basements or damp areas where they can easily be removed and replaced without having to change out the entire floor area.


There are many advantages to selecting indoor-outdoor carpeting for the home. The biggest one is cost as indoor-outdoor carpet is significantly cheaper than resurfacing a concrete patio area in a sunroom or replacing expensive hardwood pieces. Indoor-outdoor is easy to install and does not require padding underneath—although it is an option for rolled carpeting.

Most pieces can be purchased at almost any home improvement or design retailer—allowing for easy access and completion of installation. Because the color options are endless, it can easily match with almost any outdoor design element.

Accent pieces are great long-lasting carpet options for a variety of outdoor areas such as by the grill, under the cabana, next to the pool and in the garage. Possibilities are endless, and because the carpeting can easily be replaced, it is the perfect option for families with kids or day care centers.


While there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. The biggest one is staining of concrete or wood. Since most indoor-outdoor carpeting repels water and moisture, this water needs somewhere to go. The result can be stains left behind that reveal rotting wood. It can also be a safe harbor for wet insects, which can pose a problem if the carpeting is not allowed to dry properly.

In general, most indoor-outdoor carpeting resists tearing and breakage. Some area rugs that are designed for low traffic areas may need to be replaced seasonally. If they have a rubber backing—this can begin to wear down over time, meaning it’s time for a fresh replacement.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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