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Insulated Window Guide to Costs & Styles

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Insulated Window Guide to Costs & Styles

Below is a cost analysis and description of the large array of insulated windows on the market today. By comparing and weighing facts, you can can be armed with the knowledge need to make the best and most efficient decision possible.

The Costs

  • Average lowest priced insulated windows is $58 to $72.

  • Highest priced insulated windows cost $1,932 to $2,500.

There are insulated windows priced to fit any residential or business owner’s budget.

The lowest prices for insulated windows start at $58 for slider, dual-pane insulated glass windows measuring 24 inches by 24 inches and $86 for a single-pane, double-hung window measuring 24 inches by 36 inches. Some of these windows are insulated with argon gas.

For consumers who want quality insulated windows without paying high prices, there are plenty of average-priced insulated windows. American Craftsman brand double-pane vinyl windows are very popular with prices beginning at $164 and going up to over $500. Other popular manufacturers of good insulated windows at average prices are Project Source, Tafco Windows, ReliaBilt and Jeld-wen.

Some buyers wish to purchase higher-quality windows called specialty windows or shaped windows that cost more. These insulated windows that come in various shapes, sizes and designs often have to be specially ordered with prices ranging from $100 to $1,658. ThermaStar by Pella, Tafco, Century and Anderson are some of the name brands of these windows.

Consumers should also add the cost of labor when figuring the total cost of insulated windows. Many contractors will cut a deal when installing more than one window. This may add up to significant savings, especially if home improvement centers and warehouses offer discounts on bulk purchasing of windows.

Basic Insulated Window Styles

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung and double-hung insulated windows are probably the most common type of replacement windows on the market today in homes. These windows are easily purchased through many home improvement stores and internet catalogs. The single-hung window allows only the bottom part of the window or sash to open by slightly sliding it up or down and tilting it in. Single-hung windows are less expensive than double-hung windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open sideways, like doors, by use of a crank or lever. These windows are often  installed in groups to give a picture-like look, similar to the bay or bow style window. Since this window has hinges, it can either be opened from the inside or the outside. Casement windows can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Like the single and double hung windows, these windows have locks for extra security.

Bay and Bow Windows

These windows serve to beautify a home and are often installed on the front, although many people may choose to have one installed on the back of the home. Bay and bow windows allow a panoramic view of the great outdoors as well as giving a home more light and heat during the daytime. These stylish windows are also suitable to a home’s particular look, such as the Victorian style.

The bay window is a classic, fixed window that has left- and right-angled sides and a larger middle size. This window allows for up to 3 extra feet of space inside of a home.

Bow windows, like bay windows, give a home a distinct look and add space to the interior. This slightly-curved window is made of four or more windows. As an added benefit, both bow and bay windows may consist of any size of venting windows on the sides.

Picture Windows or Fixed-Frame Windows

The picture window is an excellent choice for homes or businesses that don’t want or need to have them open. This is a great window for places such as hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers where safety is an issue and outside ventilation isn’t needed. This window is a nice choice for homes and buildings that could benefit from the large amount of light it provides.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are great choices for commercial buildings, schools, attics and garages. Unlike casement windows, these windows partially open from the bottom by a top hinge and create the right amount of air circulation.

Gliding or Sliding Windows

The gliding or sliding-type window works very well as a space saver as compared to casement windows that open inward or outward. These windows add a nice touch to a building or home that has a contemporary look.


Unique, contemporary and practical, skylights are so versatile. Skylights provide a natural and free source of light and heat since it is a solar-powered source. They also provide a visual appeal and reduce mold and mildew by allowing a healthy dose of sunlight in. For this reason, large buildings and homes benefit greatly from the use of skylights.

Advantages of Insulated Windows

There are so many advantages that insulated windows offer. Newly installed insulated windows are not only a practical investment for home and business owners but a smart one. New windows prolong the life of a home or business building while giving it a facelift. By factoring in the long-term savings through reduced heating bills, insulated windows will eventually pay for themselves. 

Many people enjoy the ease with which single- and double-hung windows can be cleaned. Prices are very reasonable, and there are a variety of windows and colors to choose from to perfectly complement the style of the home or business.

Most of the new windows on the market are backed by a lifetime warranty that is even transferable for many years. Consumers may be able to purchase or extend existing warranties.

Windows made with vinyl are resistant to fading and won’t peel or chip. This means they can stand up to high heat and freezing temperatures.

Disadvantages of Insulated Windows

The main disadvantage of new windows is the expense for the initial cost and installation. Also, some windows such as the single sash, skylights and sliding windows are hard to clean and may pose a problem if an emergency escape is needed. People may trip over awning windows that are installed near sidewalks. Some windows such as casement windows and picture windows cannot be used with air conditioners or screens.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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