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How Much Does It Cost To Add A Hot Tub Cover?

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Imagine buying a convertible car that's missing its top. That's what you're doing when you invest in a hot tub without spending the extra money to add a cover. You need the cover to keep the water clean and the hot tub area safe. A cover insulates the hot water for added energy efficiency, and it helps keep the water's delicate pH balance in check. Below, see the costs you can expect when hiring professionals to install hot tub covers.

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Table of Contents

  1. Hot Tub Cover Prices
  2. Hot Tub Cover Lift Prices
  3. Automatic Hot Tub Cover Cost
  4. Hot Tub Cover Replacement Cost
  5. Hot Tub Cover Cost Factors
  6. Why You Need Hot Tub Covers
  7. Where To Buy Hot Tub Covers & Their Costs
  8. Best Hot Tub Cover Brands
  9. Find A Swimming Pool Contractor

Hot Tub Cover Prices

Just as you wouldn't buy a swimming pool without getting the right pool accessories to go with it, you shouldn't think of buying a hot tub without the right cover. Whether you have an outdoor Jacuzzi or an indoor spa, you need the cover to keep the water clean and keep the hot tub area safe. Hot tub covers typically cost $50 to $400+ depending on the size and other factors. Most pool contractors charge approximately $65 per hour, so the total cost of a hot tub installation and its materials will vary, but most homeowners spend $85 to $800, with an average of $317.

Hot Tub Cover Lift Prices

Hot Tub Cover Lift Prices

You can choose from three main types of hot tub cover lifts, including:

  • Hydraulic lifters, which cost an average of $150 to $300
  • Manual pivot lifters, which typically cost $100 to $200
  • Shelf removal systems, which cost anywhere from $90 to $150, on average

Given how challenging it can be for one person to remove a hot tub cover, the cost of installing a cover lift may well be worth your while. With professional installation, you can expect to pay an average of $155 to $365+.

Automatic Hot Tub Cover Cost

Automated hot tub covers offer safety, high insulation values and optimal security. These systems look like gazebos when the covers are raised and offer the convenience of automatic lowering and raising to protect your hot tub with minimal work. The style and convenience come with an average price of $9,000. With installation, you could be looking at an extra cost of $9,500 or more.

Hot Tub Cover Replacement Cost

Replacing your existing hot tub cover typically costs around the same as adding a hot tub cover to a hot tub without one. Some contractors may charge an extra fee for hauling the old one away. Ask your local contractor if they include haul-away services as part of their fees.

Hot Tub Cover Replacement Cost

Hot Tub Cover Cost Factors

The size of the cover and density of the foam are the main cost factors in this project. The larger the cover is, the more you can expect to pay this pool accessory. More importantly, the denser the foam is, the more expensive the cover will be. The added price may be worth it, depending on your needs. For example:

  • Basic covers have a thickness of approximately 4” and typically cost an average of $300.
  • Deluxe covers typically have foam that's about 5” thick and typically costs between $300 and $400
  • Extreme covers have thicknesses of 6” or more, with costs starting around $400

Why You Need Hot Tub Covers

Installing a hot tub is a considerable investment, and you need to protect that investment for years to come. Hot tub covers are invaluable for a variety of reasons. If you don't have a cover, you can expect problems like:

  • Higher energy costs
  • Dirty water
  • Faded acrylic shell from sun exposure
  • Increased danger for children and pets
  • Increased need for water-adjusting chemicals and higher maintenance costs

Hot Tub Cover Prices

Where to Buy Hot Tub Covers & Their Costs

Many homeowners choose to buy their hot tub covers at the stores where they buy their hot tubs. This is a simple option that lets you match compatible covers with a specific model. Other places to buy hot tub covers include:

  • Home Depot: Carries brands such as Core Covers, Canadian Spa Company, AquaRest Spas, QCA Spas and BeyondNice. Prices range from $40 to $2,000.
  • Menards: Carries hard and soft covers from QCA spas with prices ranging from $250 to $500.
  • Online Vendors: Amazon and other vendors carry a variety of styles and brands, including Budge, The Cover Guy and Hot Springs. Prices range from around $37 to $50 for a simple tarp-like cover to $290 to $400+ for hard covers.

Best Hot Tub Cover Brands

It can be challenging to figure out which hot tub covers to buy. Talk to your pool and spa contractor to see what brand will work best for your hot tub and your climate. Some of the top brands to consider include:

  • CoverMates: This value-priced hot tub cover costs around $50 online, and it features a thick vinyl covering that protects the foam core. It also features a polyester lining, an elastic hem to snugly fit around the frame of your hot tub and a 2-year warranty. On the negative side, the insulation isn't that great, necessitating an additional insulator if you're covering an outdoor hot tub in a cool climate.
  • The Cover Guy: Customers routinely give The Cover Guy stellar reviews for customer service, fit and quality. Prices start at $299.99 to $379.99.
  • BeyondNice: This brand offers a thick, well-insulated cover that does a great job of keeping heat inside the tub, which will save on your energy costs. Prices start around $408.88 for 6” foam insulation.

Best Hot Tub Cover Brands

Find A Swimming Pool Contractor

Choosing a hot tub cover with the right amount of insulation and the perfect fit is essential to making sure you get the most out of your hot tub cover. A professional can take the most accurate measurements to make sure you don't end up with any gaps that leave your hot tub vulnerable to debris or other problems. Visit our lead generator to connect with local hot tub and pool contractors who can guide you and make sure you get the best cover for your hot tub.

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Last updated on Jun 8, 2018

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