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How Much Do Low Voltage Deck Post Lights Cost?

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National Low Voltage Deck Post Light Costs

$6.67 per light Minimum Cost
$11.17 per light Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Low Voltage Deck Post Lights Cost?

A deck can be a beautiful and relaxing place to escape the world’s stresses, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors. While the majority of the time people spend out on a deck happens during the daylight hours, the fun does not have to end when the sun goes down. Having low voltage deck post lights installed is a great way to light up a deck and keep the entertainment going well into the evening hours.

The Costs

  • Minimum Cost: $6.67

  • Maximum Cost: $11.17

How Much Do Low Voltage Deck Post Lights Cost?

At only $6.67 to $11.17 per light, an individual low voltage deck post light is not very expensive. However, deck post light installation involves more than the just the cost of the light. Homeowners should also expect to pay at least $106.50 for labor, between $0.65 and $25 for additional materials and supplies such as junction boxes, connectors and conduit, and between $50.25 and $66.75 for special equipment such as a pneumatic finish nailer, an electric jigsaw and a miter saw. This puts the total cost to install just one light at between $164.06 and $209.42 on average, though the cost per light will decrease with each additional light that homeowners purchase.

What Options do Homeowners Have When Choosing Low Voltage Deck Post Lights?

Homeowners can choose among a range of power options for their low voltage deck post lights. Post lights can be powered by solar energy or by battery, or they can be connected to the home’s electricity. Battery powered lights are easy to install, but it may be inconvenient to replace the batteries. Electrical lights are more difficult to install, but they are the least likely to run out of power. Solar lights are easy to install, but best for decks that get plenty of exposure to the sun. Also, solar lights cannot be turned off the way that wired lights can, and cheaper models may not work for long after the sun goes down.

Plastic, metal, glass and wood are among the various material options homeowners have for their deck post lights. All of these are fine options. Homeowners will just want to make the decision based on the look they are wanting.

Low voltage deck post lights can use either LED or incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are generally smaller, safer, longer lasting and more durable. They use less electricity, and they do not create heat like incandescent bulbs do. They are generally more expensive to produce and install, but they quickly pay for themselves over time.

Post lights come in a wide variety of shapes. Some are very simple, while others can be very elaborate and ornamental. Homeowners can choose anything from a basic square to a flame shape to a lantern shape. Lights can be either three dimensional objects placed on top of the posts or flat lights recessed into the sides of the posts.

Deck post lights most commonly come in black, brown, white, copper, bronze and clear. However, homeowners can request any color that they prefer. Homeowners can even request multicolored post lights.

Homeowners can choose the color they want the light bulb to be as well. While most people choose a clear bulb that casts a faint blue or yellow light, homeowners can choose a colored light bulb instead. Homeowners can even choose bulbs that change color or flash.

Deck post lights can be recessed into a post, hung from a hook drilled into a post, placed around the crevices in a post or placed on top of the post. Recessed lights are easiest to install when the deck is being built. Lights can be placed on top of a post at any time, provided that the post is flat on top. Lights placed in the crevices provide a soft but unobtrusive glow to illuminate the deck after the sun goes down.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Low Voltage Deck Post Lights?

They provide a beautiful nighttime ambiance. They lengthen the amount of time that people can spend out on the deck after the sun has gone down. They help people be safe on the deck as they can better see where they are going. They are compatible with all types of weather, and they can even increase a home’s value. Plus, post lights are easy to install and very unobtrusive.

The only disadvantages to installing deck post lights are the time and cost. However, both are minimal compared to the benefits that post lights offer. Certain options do have disadvantages, however. For example, solar lights may not work long after the sun goes down, and they may not be able to be turned off. Electrical lights require a great deal more work to install. Battery powered lights require homeowners to switch out the batteries every so often. However, each of these disadvantages can be solved by choosing a different option or by paying more for upgrades.

How Can Homeowners Save Money on Low Voltage Deck Post Lights?

The best way for homeowners to save money on low voltage deck post lights is to call around or visit various stores and companies to see where they can find the best deals. They can also watch for sales or promotions that will allow them to get the labor and materials they need for less. They may choose to purchase their materials themselves or let their contractor purchase them. They may even purchase materials from a variety of different stores in order to get the best deals. Homeowners can also save money by choosing simpler options, cheaper materials and contractors with less experience or fewer certifications.

Of course, the cheapest options aren’t always the best ones. Homeowners should be sure to balance their budget constraints with their project preferences so they get the deck lights they love at a price that they can afford.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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