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How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost?

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National Countertops Costs

$40 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$100 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Additions & Remodels

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How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost?

If you’re looking for a way to add some beauty and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom, marble is a great choice. So, how much does it cost to get marble countertops? That’s a simple and straightforward question with a slightly more complicated answer. The short version is that the average cost of marble countertops can vary a lot based on your circumstances and the choices you make. That’s because not all versions of this material are created equal, and there are a number of other variables that can have an impact on your project’s final price tag. Take, for example, the average price of marble countertops by square footage:

  • The average minimum cost is about $40 per square foot.
  • The average maximum cost is about $100 per square foot.
  • The average cost is about $60 per square foot.

The largest portion of your marble countertop installation cost will be the material. That’s because the material is far more expensive than the price of labor, tools and supplies. For example, the average amount of marble purchased for a typical project is 53 square feet. At the average price, this comes out to $3,180 for material. Most installation projects take about 10 hours to complete, with labor costs averaging $30 per hour for low-end contractors and $50 per hour for higher-end professionals. This means labor will only cost you between $300 and $500. Tools and supplies are even less of a factor, adding only between $100 and $150 to your marble countertop cost estimate.

Cost Factors Of Marble Countertops

While you consider how much for a marble countertop makes sense for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling budget, it’s important to know all of the variables that go into the cost. Even though your marble countertops prices are primarily dependent on the material, there are a wide range of factors that can influence them one way or another. Understanding how all of these can impact your project costs can help you plan and be prepared.

  1. Material: How much does it cost for marble countertops? Not surprisingly, the single biggest factor is the material. The quality and look you choose will have a lot to do with how much you can expect to spend. For example, White Carrara is much more affordable than a higher-end type such as Calacatta.
  2. Installation: If your project allows it, installing a full slab will result in lower installation costs than using smaller pieces. Even though full slabs are heavier, they require less time to put in place. In some cases, your countertops may need to be assembled on-site. This means more time spent on your project and more money spent on labor.
  3. Countertop Design: The simpler the shape, the easier and less expensive the job will be. Perfectly square or rectangular pieces make for a much simpler installation job than L-shaped counters or other configurations. Easy cuts make for lower costs.
  4. Colors: There exists a wide selection of color choices already, but you might want to personalize your project even further with custom colors. If so, be prepared to see the price of your counters rise by a noticeable amount.
  5. Thickness: You have three different thicknesses from which to select, and the cost increases with thickness. Bear this in mind if your design calls for a thicker slab.
  6. Extras: Unless you’re starting from scratch with new construction, the odds are that you will have to have your existing counters and associated features removed before you can install your new countertops. Be prepared to roll the cost of removing old backsplashes, finishes and other elements into your final price.

Marble prices vary. See the cost of marble slab for your counters.

Understanding Installation Costs

How much does it cost to install marble countertops, once the price of the material is determined? As a matter of fact, not all that much, comparatively. Most typical installations take about 10 hours from start to finish. Hiring a professional contractor to do the work should run you between $30 and $50 per hour. This means you can expect to spend anywhere between $300 and $500 for the labor. Any supplies and tools that may be required to do a standard install should only cost about $100 to $150 more.

Even taking the cost considerations out of the picture, hiring pros to take care of this type of renovation is clearly the best way to go. Considering that the average slab weighs between 700 and 1,050 pounds, you obviously want a team that is capable of moving yours safely. The weight varies depending on the density and thickness of the marble, so two pieces with identical dimensions can require different levels of effort to place them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that marble can chip or crack if it’s not properly handled. This can expose others to cuts and other types of injuries, not to mention potentially ruin your new counters. Needless to say, protecting the investment you made in this high-end material is reason enough to call a professional.

The first step in the process is to have your contractor take measurements. This will help determine where cuts need to be made in the slab for your sink and to fit your space. You also should note that the pro you hire may charge if he or she needs to demolish and haul away any existing counters, backsplashes or other features you already have. This often is overlooked by homeowners when determining the answer to “How much to install marble countertops?”

So how much does marble cost? We have the answer plus all types of marble countertops.


Which type of marble is most expensive?

The rarest and therefore priciest type of marble is Calacatta. This is because it is found in only one quarry in the entire world, leading to an extremely limited supply. At approximately $180 per square foot, asking “How much are marble countertops using Calacatta?” will lead to some jaw-dropping answers.

What is the difference between marble and engineered stone or solid surface counters?

Marble is naturally occurring, whereas solid surface is made by mixing resins and minerals. Engineered stone is manufactured by mixing quartz and resin, then pressing it into a mold. Although there are some types of marble that are manufactured or cultured, by and large you should expect to spend more on it than other types of materials because of the effort involved to obtain it.

Which type of marble is ideal for the bathroom or kitchen?

For kitchen and bathroom applications, professionals generally agree that cultured marble is the best way to go. Even though this is man-made, it offers superior qualities in these environments when compared to the naturally occurring material. It is completely nonporous, which means it will not retain stains or harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses. Because it looks and feels exactly like the real thing, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

What would my project cost if I chose granite or quartz instead of marble?

Naturally there will be some fluctuations in price depending on the size of your space and other factors. However, assuming a typical countertop installation job, marble would cost about $3,000. Compare this to about $3,500 for granite and nearly $8,000 for a quartz installation.

How will this affect the resale value of my home?

Your primary concern for any home improvement project should be whether or not it makes you and your family happier and more comfortable. However, adding high-end features such as marble countertops can bring a lot of attention to your property when it’s time to sell. As such, you can expect to receive a return on investment of close to 75% for any kitchen or bath upgrades you make.

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