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How Much Does Marmoleum Flooring Cost?

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National Flooring Costs

$2.50 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$4.75 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does Marmoleum Flooring Cost?

Whether homeowners are constructing a brand new residence from scratch or remodeling an existing home, picking the right kind of flooring can be a big job. Flooring is a significant expense, and something that should last for a minimum of a decade, so it is important to think carefully about what will look best in each environment. While there are dozens of potential options to select from, one great choice is marmoleum.

The Costs

  • Average Minimum Cost of Marmoleum Flooring: $2.50 per square foot

  • Average Maximum Cost of Marmoleum Flooring: $4.75 per square foot

All About Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum, sometimes called Forbo's linoleum, is a type of linoleum. This means that it is made from materials like wood flour, fillers and pine rosin, but it is connected through the use of linseed oil. The difference between marmoleum and everyday linoleum is that marmoleum is manufactured with natural, biodegradable materials. This gives it the versatile look and feel of linoleum along with an impressive level of environmental friendliness.

Advantages of Marmoleum Flooring

The primary benefits of using marmoleum flooring include its environmental friendliness, antimicrobial properties, impressively long lifespan, heat resistance, appearance and versatility. Families who are concerned with the use of chemicals or unnatural materials in the home will absolutely appreciate that marmoleum is made up of natural items that are biodegradable and won't give off any chemical fumes or gases over time. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, which are naturally occurring, marmoleum is also a hygienic flooring choice in bathrooms and kitchens. The flat surface of marmoleum makes it easy to keep clean and maintain over time, which is just one reason that this flooring choice can easily last for more than 50 years with the right care.

Another reason that marmoleum is so popular in kitchens is because it is heat resistant. Hot pans or utensils won't melt the material or cause visible damage, which can reduce the need for replacement over time. Marmoleum comes in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. It can be purchased in rolls, tiles or planks to better fit the design of the space and the budget of the buyer.

Disadvantages of Marmoleum Flooring

While the advantages of marmoleum flooring are plentiful, the material is far from perfect. Major drawbacks that potential buyers should keep in mind including the following concerns:

  • It may stain and scuff easily

  • It can be more expensive than ordinary linoleum

  • The finish can be ruined easily

  • The seal needs to be regularly maintained

  • Seams may become visible over time

The biggest problem with marmoleum flooring is the fact that it can be damaged easily. Something as simple as wearing spiked high heels could pierce through the material, or pet accidents can stain the color of the flooring in minutes. The key to reducing this kind of damage over time is to maintain a proper seal, and then to watch the finish carefully. Getting marmoleum wet, and leaving it wet, can result in warping or damage. With proper care and installation, however, marmoleum flooring can absolutely be a solid and environmentally-friendly flooring choice for the home.

Types of Marmoleum Flooring

Part of the appeal of marmoleum flooring is its versatility and variety. Whether buyers have a modern home, a mid-century house or a traditional residence, there is a type of marmoleum that can potentially work well in any space. As far as colors go, there is almost no end to the options available. In addition, marmoleum can be purchased in patterns to bring brightness or style to any room in the house. Marmoleum flooring is available in large sheets that get unfurled across the entire floor of a room, they come in narrow rolls, and they are even available in stick-on tiles that are incredibly easy to install. The sheer number of options makes it easy for any homeowner to find what they are looking for, and the price range is certainly appealing to anyone on a limited flooring budget.

Installation Expenses for Marmoleum Flooring

When considering the costs of marmoleum flooring, it is important to give some thought to installation. In order for marmoleum to look its best in the home, it needs to be installed on a completely flat and smooth surface, and it needs to have a proper seal right from the beginning. Anyone planning to use sheets or rolls of marmoleum flooring should consider professionals for high-quality installation. One way to save substantially on marmoleum flooring is to install it alone. However, this should only be a consideration for those who are using marmoleum tile pieces as well as those who have a new foundation or a subflooring that it is in great condition.

Who Should Consider Investing in Marmoleum Flooring

Although marmoleum is not for everyone, there are some people who can absolutely benefit from using it as flooring in the home. Marmoleum is a top pick for those who are refurbishing a retro or mid-century home because it provides the look of linoleum with modern environmental benefits. It is ideal for anyone who cares about the preservation of the planet, who has allergies or wants a safe flooring choice that feels soft and comfortable to stand on. Finally, marmoleum tiles are suitable for those who want to try a DIY flooring installation.

Additional Factors That Can Influence Marmoleum Flooring Costs

Marmoleum, on average, falls in the middle of spectrum of flooring material costs. While it is more expensive than ordinary linoleum, it is much cheaper than most types of hardwood flooring. There are several different factors that can influence the cost of installing marmoleum flooring in the home, and the most important include the following:

  • Quality of the marmoleum

  • DIY versus professional installation

  • Quantity of marmoleum purchased

  • Choosing between sheets, rolls and tiles of marmoleum

  • Textured or smooth marmoleum

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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