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How Much Does Metal Welding Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $206 to $350 nationally.
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Welding is the process of joining two metal pieces by heating them until they melt together and then hammering them in place. It's a skill that requires a lot of training, practice and even some art. Metal welding projects around the home include custom gates and other pieces that are both decorative and sturdy. Custom metal pieces are attractive additions to any home, but these projects are usually out of the area of expertise for general contractors. By learning more about the process and costs associated with welding, you will have a better idea of what your project may cost.

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National Weld Metal Costs

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National Average Cost $348
Minimum Cost $55
Maximum Cost $850
Average Range $206 to $350
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Table of Contents

  1. Welding Metal Cost
  2. Metal Welding Cost Breakdown
  3. Possible Welding Metal Projects & Their Costs
  4. Welding Metals
  5. Metal Welding Repair Costs
  6. How To Find Welders
  7. Finding A Contractor

Welding Metal Cost

The costs for small welding projects average $147 to $533. However, if you plan to build a large custom metal structure, then you should expect prices to increase dramatically. These projects can easily exceed thousands of dollars. When contracting out metal welding, you're hiring a skilled professional and must pay for their knowledge, expertise and skill in addition to materials.

Metal Welding Cost Breakdown

The cost for a metal welding project greatly depends on what you need made or repaired. Small projects that require less time and fewer materials cost much less than larger, more time-consuming projects. The table below lists the prices of some of the materials used in common welding projects to help you understand where the costs for materials come from:


Average Cost

14-gauge steel

$44 to $125 (per 25-foot stick of 2x6 steel)


$40 to $50 (per bottle)


$40 (per 30-pound roll)


$16 (per 25 sheets)

Materials and supplies are only one part of the equation when it comes to estimating the cost of a welding project. Labor and overhead are the other part — the largest part. Labor makes up about 60% to 70% of the total project cost on the low end but can account for up to 85% of the total project cost in some instances. In addition to time spent welding, labor also includes time spent preparing materials, preheating, inspecting and cleaning up.

Metal Welding Cost Breakdown

Possible Welding Metal Projects & Their Costs

There are several projects around your home that involve welding. These include small repairs, custom metal designs and fabrications. The cost for the project varies greatly depending on the size and the amount of time it takes to complete the job. While not as high as the costs of building a home, some projects can cost thousands of dollars. A few possible metal welding projects include:

  1. Gates: Baby gates at the top of stairs are a nice addition to a home and add an extra layer of safety for infants and toddlers. Though they take just a few hours to install, small gates take several days to fabricate and weld. A single baby gate with installation costs between $550 and $750. Larger gates with details, such as gates used for patios and along pathways, cost between $1,200 and $1,800. Details like flowers, leaves and other designs cost $10 to $15 each.
  2. Fences: Wrought iron fencing is an elegant addition to a home. It's also durable and adds security to the perimeter. The cost for a wrought iron fence starts at about $3,000 but can quickly increase depending on the size of the property.
  3. Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal is a cost-effective material for building garages and other structures. These projects, although larger, don't require as much detail as other decorative welding projects. Homeowners spend between $700 and $2,500 on average for sheet metal fabrication jobs.

Welding Metals

Professional welders work with all types of metals. The best metal for a project depends on its function. Some are better suited for certain jobs than others. Welders commonly work with stainless steel, wrought iron, galvanized steel and aluminum to build metal fences, gates and other projects around the house. Stainless steel is one of the most affordable metals to work with at an average cost of $13 to $15 per pound. Cast iron is one of the most expensive metals to work with, with costs that can exceed $30 per pound.

Possible Welding Metal Projects & Their Costs

Metal Welding Repair Cost

Small repairs include tack welds on items like patio chairs, tables or other items that you can easily transport. Bringing the item to a shop can cut down costs considerably. While some welders charge a flat rate no matter how large the job is, you can expect to spend around $25 to $30 for a small welding repair.

Objects that are too large to transport or are permanently fixed, such as repairs on metal awnings and fences, cost more because the welder must charge for travel and costs associated with transporting workers and equipment to your location. Even though the repairs are just as simple in some instances, you can expect to spend $100 or more for a large repair project.

How To Find Welders

Choosing a welding contractor for your project isn't quite as simple as opening a phone book or performing a quick search. While there may be several welders in your area, only a few may have the knowledge, skills and equipment to complete your project. The first step is to put together a list of welders nearby. Research each welder and narrow down the list to those who specialize in the materials you plan to use for the project. From there, you can begin contacting welders for more information and estimates.

The best welding contractor isn't always the one with the lowest price. Make sure that the potential welder has specific knowledge about the materials and project you intend to hire them for.

Welding Metals

Find A Contractor

Welding is a project that requires education and training to learn how to properly complete the task. It's definitely a job that's best left to the professionals who have all of the equipment and materials needed to complete the project.

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