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Natural Stone Patio Prices

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Natural stone is a beautiful, timeless and durable material that homeowners use for several purposes. Natural stone is a great material for use in fireplaces, walkways, retaining walls and lightweight steps. It is also commonly used on many homes’ exterior walls as well as building beautiful natural stone patios.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Natural Stone Patio?

  • Minimum cost: $8.48 per square foot

  • Maximum cost: $19.38 per square foot

A natural stone patio can cost anywhere from $8.48 per square foot to $19.38 per square foot including the cost of materials and labor. However, the average cost of installing a natural stone patio is closer to $12.98 per square foot. This means that a 100 square foot natural stone patio would cost homeowners between $1,070 to $1,527 on average, which includes $308 to $380 worth of materials and $762 to $1,147 worth of installation costs. Of course, the actual amount that homeowners pay will vary based on several factors including the quality of the work and the location of the project.

What All is Included in the Price of a Natural Stone Patio?

The prices quoted above include all costs that are normally associated with natural stone patio installation. These costs include the charges to prepare the surface, to lay out the material, to create the proper drainage slope and to finish off the patio with proper edge restraints. If an on-site estimate is required, it is generally free or included in the charge.

The price quotes do not typically include additional work that goes beyond the scope of the average project, however. For example, homeowners can expect to pay extra to have any existing structures demolished or removed or to have their lawn graded extensively. Homeowners may also pay a premium for a highly qualified contractor, for top of the line materials or for complex designs and configurations.

What Natural Stone Patio Options are Available to Homeowners?

Reclaimed natural stone has been weathered and gathered. New stone is cut and finished by a supplier. Homeowners can choose either one, depending on which one will look best next to their home.

Natural stone comes in a wide variety of colors. Homeowners can find natural stone in shades ranging from red to brown to grey to green. Some stones may even be multicolored. Homeowners may choose to use a single color of stone in order to create a simple, cohesive look, or they may choose to use a variety of colors for greater interest.

Natural stones come in all shapes and sizes, including small, large, rounded and flat. Homeowners may choose to create their patios with several smaller stones or only a few larger stones, depending on the size of the patio they want to create and the look they desire. They can also choose between flat, sharper stones for a more modern look or softer rounded stones for a more natural look.

Homeowners also have several options when it comes to the size and shape of their natural stone patio, as natural stone can be used to create pretty much any size or shape a homeowner may request. Homeowners may choose a small, cozy patio to fit into a small backyard or a large, spacious patio to accommodate all of their friends for a barbeque. They may also choose any patio shape, such as a circle, square, rectangle or freeform shape.

What are the Various Uses for Natural Stone Patios?

Natural stone patios are not just beautiful, but are also very useful as well. Patios are the perfect place to entertain friends and family as well as the perfect place for people to enjoy some peace and quiet at the end of a long day. Patios are also great for decorating, adding additional outdoor living space, adding beauty to a backyard and increasing a home’s market value.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Natural Stone Patio?

Natural stone is beautiful, it does not fade over time and it is very durable. It comes in a large variety of types, and it requires no treatment once installed.

There are a few downsides to using natural stone, however. It can be expensive, and it often requires professional installation. It is very hard, so people can get hurt on it and objects can get broken. It can be slippery when wet, and it is not easy to move, remove or update if a homeowners changes his or her mind.

What Factors Affect the Price of Natural Stone Patio Installation?

The cost of a natural stone patio installation can vary considerably due to a number of factors. Homeowners can expect to pay a higher price if they hire a mason with several years of experience and multiple certifications. They can expect to pay more for top of the line materials or features, including uniform or unique coloring, unusual stone size or complicated installation patterns. Homeowners can also expect to pay more if they live in a major city where the cost of living is higher or if they are hiring a mason during the busy time of the year.

How Can Homeowners Save Money on Natural Stone Patios?

While homeowners cannot typically vary their project location, they can make several other adjustments to lower the cost of their natural stone patio installation. Homeowners can choose a landscaping contractor instead of a licensed mason. They can work with the materials that are readily accessible instead of special ordering unusual or unique materials. They can also choose to have a simple patio installed during the slow time of the year, when they might be able to get a price break. Of course, homeowners should always call around to make sure they are getting the best prices available.

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Last updated on Jan 12, 2017

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