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How Much Does It Cost To Install Oak Cabinets?

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National Cabinet Costs

$4,000 per cabinet Minimum Cost
$20,000 per cabinet Maximum Cost

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Oak Cabinets?

When it comes to attractive and functional storage, oak cabinets make a popular choice for many home and apartment owners. Oak offers a warm, distinctive grain and it takes a colored stain or a clear varnish like no other. Oak cabinets are inexpensive, durable and resistant to water, making them the perfect product for many kitchens. When considering the installation of oak cabinets, it's a good idea to learn more about the costs.

This handy guide provides valuable information about the different types of oak cabinets, their costs, benefits and drawbacks of installation. If you're ready to install oak cabinets in your kitchen, ImproveNet can help you find local cabinet contractors.

Table of Contents

  1. Oak Cabinets Costs
  2. Oak Cabinet Types & Their Costs
  3. Unfinished Oak Cabinet Costs Vs. Finished Oak Cabinet Costs
  4. Other Oak Cabinet Costs
  5. Oak Cabinet Benefits
  6. Oak Cabinet Drawbacks
  7. Where To Install Oak Cabinets
  8. DIY Or Hire A Contractor?
  9. Find A Cabinet Contractor

Oak Cabinets Costs

The price to install oak cabinets depends on a number of variables. These include the size of the kitchen, the cabinet configuration, the type of cabinets, whether old cabinets require removal and costs for labor. Typically, like most cabinet installation prices, the cost equals 15% to 25% of the cabinet price. Therefore, installation for cabinets with a price tag of $10,000 would average between $1,500 and $2,500. Sometimes, installers charge an hourly price for cabinet installation or a set price per box or linear foot, so it's important to get this information prior to installation.

Unfinished Oak Cabinet Costs

Oak Cabinet Types & Their Costs

When looking for oak cabinets, homeowners have three options: stock, semi-stock and custom cabinets. Each type offers varying features and benefits.

Stock Cabinets

The least expensive option available, stock cabinets are premanufactured in a factory, which means the selection of color, style, size and shape is limited. However, stock cabinets are ready for shipment when ordered, so they are available more quickly than semi-stock and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are 36” tall, so homeowners who desire taller cabinets need to upgrade to semi-custom cabinets.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Essentially stock cabinets come with a few extra options, semi-custom cabinets offer varying choices for size, style, finish and configuration. Although they are more costly than stock cabinets, a more personalized design is worth the expense to many homeowners.

Custom Cabinets

For a truly unique design, the best option is custom cabinetry. Because these cabinets are built to the exact specification of your home, they are labor intensive and almost always more expensive than semi-custom and stock cabinets. While some custom cabinets are built by a skilled carpenter or cabinet maker, others are built-to-order at a factory.

The following table illustrates average prices and labor costs for the three types of cabinets:

Cabinet Type

Average Cabinet Price

Average Labor Cost at 20% of the Cabinet Price

Stock Oak Cabinets

$4,000 to $5,000

$800 to $1,000

Semi-Custom Oak Cabinets

$5,000 to $12,000

$1,000 to $2,400

Custom Oak Cabinets

$8,000 to $20,000

$1,600 to $4,000

Other Oak Cabinet Costs

Unfinished Oak Cabinet Costs Vs. Finished Oak Cabinet Costs

One way to save money on oak cabinets is to buy them unfinished and add a DIY stain or shellac. One of the key advantages of unfinished cabinets is the array of options for paint or stain color and custom hardware. For some people, the amount of labor involved in finishing cabinets and the fumes from stain or shellac aren't worth the savings, but others enjoy the look of custom cabinets at a stock-cabinet price.

Other Oak Cabinet Costs

Instead of installing new oak cabinets, many homeowners save money by updating existing cabinets. Options include keeping cabinet boxes and replacing the doors, giving cabinets a new stain or paint job or replacing hardware. Hiring a professional for painting, staining or door replacement can run in the thousands, but a DIY project offers a much lower price range from $200 to $500. It is very similar to a cabinet repair.

Oak Cabinet Benefits

Oak cabinet installation comes with many benefits. Homeowners who choose oak cabinets pay approximately 20% less than they would for other hardwood cabinets. Because oak is very durable and water-resistant, it makes a good choice for large and/or busy families, and its traditional appearance stands the test of time when it comes to decorating styles and trends. Raw oak comes in an array of hues including white, cream, tan, brown, pink and dark red. Glazing existing cabinets, on the other hand, increase the possibilities for color variation.

Oak Cabinet Drawbacks

While oak's open grain is a plus to some homeowners, it’s a negative to others. The very pronounced grain even shows through paint in many instances. While oak cabinets complement a traditional, farmhouse or country-style aesthetic, they do not tie in with a modern or avant-garde design.

Oak Cabinet Costs

Where To Install Oak Cabinets

As mentioned, oak cabinets provide beautiful storage for the kitchen, but they also offer a great option for other areas of the home. In the bathroom, oak cabinets make a great storage for cleaners, cosmetics, toiletries and bath towels. In the mudroom, they hide shoes, backpacks, sports equipment or gardening supplies. In a home office, oak cabinets organize the room.

DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Kitchen cabinet installation might seem like an easy project, but this job is tricky. Heavy cabinets must be bolted to wall studs, so the job requires the muscle of at least two people. Also, cabinets must be plumb and level and measurements require the utmost accuracy. Making a mistake can add to the price if and when professional installation is required. That's why most homeowners turn to cabinet contractors to install oak cabinets.

Find A Cabinet Contractor

Durable, water-resistant and timeless, oak cabinets make a smart choice for many kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re ready to update your kitchen with new oak cabinets, let ImproveNet help you find the best cabinet installers in your area.

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