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What is Olefin Carpet & How Much Does it Cost?

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National Carpet Costs

$9 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$12 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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What is Olefin Carpet & How Much Does it Cost?

When it comes to installing new carpet, olefin is a popular choice among homeowners. Its durability and wool-like appearance make it a great addition to many rooms around the home. Although it is always recommended that this task be left to a professional, a homeowner with the right skill set could likely attempt it as a do-it-yourself project.

The Costs

  • Minimum Cost: $9

  • Maximum Cost: $12

Materials Needed for Olefin Carpet Project

For the most part, the installation of olefin carpet is similar to the installation of most other types of carpet. In addition to choosing the style of carpet to be used, measuring tape will be used to determine the amount of carpet needed for the room. Before the carpet is placed, it may be necessary to check the sub-floor for squeaks. Masking tape and drywall screws may be used to mark these spots. After this, a tack strip cutter will be used to create a tack strip perimeter around the room. A hammer and nails will be required to keep the tack strip in place.

When the carpet is ready to be laid, a carpet cushion will be needed to help protect the carpet and people walking on it. Once the carpet pad has been cut and placed, the carpet installation can begin.

Additional Costs

Even after getting estimates, homeowners may want to try to tackle the carpet installation themselves. Besides the cost of the carpet, some additional expenses include:

  • Carpet Pad Price will vary based on material

  • Small Tools $15

  • Tack Strip Cutter $30

  • Power Stretcher $475 average

Advantages and Disadvantages of Olefin Carpet

Olefin is one of the most widely used carpet fibers among homeowners. Many like the material because it is durable and resistant to solutions such as acid and bleach. It can be cleaned with many strong carpet cleaning products without fear of damaging the carpet fibers. In addition, many find olefin to be less expensive than nylon. The benefits do not stop there, here are some other advantages of choosing olefin carpet:

Unlike many other materials, olefin fiber naturally wicks moisture. By moving the moisture towards the very tip of each strand, it can deter mildew and mold from forming. This quality makes olefin carpet ideal for outdoor environments and damp basements. It also dries moisture quickly.

The stain-resistance of olefin carpet makes it ideal for use in low-traffic areas. Olefin may prove more useful than materials like nylon in children’s play areas or any place where pets may create spills. It is also great for damp areas like pool changing rooms and patios.

Olefin carpet does have some disadvantages that homeowners should consider before installing.  Although a variety of cleaners can be used on olefin carpet, many find that the material may be difficult to keep clean for long periods of time. Not only does olefin easily attract dirt but it can also look dingy while soiled. Even after a thorough cleaning of the carpet, the carpet fibers may wick more dirt from its base during the drying process. This can cause streaks or spots to reappear.

Olefin is vulnerable to grease and oil-based stains. Even walking on an olefin carpet with bare feet can leave enough oil to begin creating foot traffic patterns. Also while olefin and nylon fibers are the two most popular carpet materials, nylon has some advantages over olefin. Olefin carpet is more vulnerable to wear than nylon carpet is. In many cases, homeowners may find that the carpet will mat in high-traffic areas. Once the carpet becomes matted and flattened, this usually cannot be repaired. The weight of furniture can leave indentations in the carpet and dragging furniture too quickly can leave scorch marks on the material.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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