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Outdoor Jacuzzi Cost Guide

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National Outdoor Jacuzzi Costs

$3,500 Minimum Cost
$8,000 Maximum Cost

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Outdoor Jacuzzi Cost Guide

No matter the time of year, an outdoor Jacuzzi is a great addition to any home. However, the cost to install an outdoor Jacuzzi can be pricey, especially if homeowners don't have a general idea of how much installing an outdoor Jacuzzi can cost. Below is everything a homeowner needs to know about installing an outdoor Jacuzzi.

The Costs 

  • Minimum: $3,500
  • Maximum: $8,000

There are many things that affect the price of a Jacuzzi such as the brand, size and type. On average, the installation cost usually runs between $3,500 to $8,000. Due to the labor that is involved in installing an outdoor Jacuzzi, most contractors charge around $85 an hour. This hourly rate doesn't include materials.

The cost of a Jacuzzi also increases depending on the extras that the homeowner requests. For example, all Jacuzzi tubs need a cover to not only keep debris out, but also to hold in the heat when the Jacuzzi is not in use. This helps cut down on energy costs. However, covers usually don't come standard with most Jacuzzis. The cover and cover helper, which is used to help lift the cover, usually run about $200. The homeowner can also expect his power bill to increase by $1 to $3 a day to keep the Jacuzzi heated.

Other extra costs may include running electrical ground wires, a DC converter for the Jacuzzi motor, a GFCI breaker connecting to the circuit and a continuous bond wire that runs from the Jacuzzi to the service panel. Homeowners should also make sure that their Jacuzzis come with the first batch of cleaning solutions and chemicals. These are things the homeowners have to buy anyway, but it's nice when the first batch is included in the initial investment.


Most Jacuzzis have interior shells that are acrylic. Both inexpensive and expensive Jacuzzis are made using acrylic shells. Others are made from materials such as wood; the most common wood used is red wood cedar. Jacuzzis with wood interior shells usually cost more and don't last as long as the those made out of acrylic. It is usually easier for manufacturers to work in more jets and other special features, such as speakers and radios, in acrylic Jacuzzis.


Jacuzzi prices are not only based on the material used, but the type as well. One type of Jacuzzi that homeowners can consider is a whirlpool tub. This type of Jacuzzi forces both water and air through pressure jets. This not only makes the water bubble, but also gives the owner a deep-tissue massage. Another type is air bath whirlpool, which allows air to flow through the water, creating hydrotherapy benefits. One popular Jacuzzi type is a stream shower tub. This offers all of the benefits of a traditional Jacuzzi but also has the added benefit of a pulsating stream of water that typically rains down on the owner like a shower. There is also a space-saving Jacuzzi, which is just smaller in size. These types are usually placed in the ground to save even more space.


Although hot tubs are often referred to as “Jacuzzi tubs,” the name Jacuzzi is actually a brand name for whirlpools and hot tubs. However, Jacuzzi is not the only manufacturer of hot tubs. Homeowners should consider the following brands when looking for a hot tub.

  • Arctic Spas: These hot tubs are built to withstand all types of weather, even snow.
  • Bullfrog: This manufacturer is known for making stylish tubs. Oftentimes, its tubs are designed to be displayed above ground.
  • Cal Spas: This is a popular manufacturer that also specializes in making surroundings for hot tubs, such as outdoor kitchens, gazebos and more.
  • Jacuzzi: This brand is one of the most popular manufacturer of hot tubs. It has made a name for itself by offering quality products at responsible prices.
  • Hot Spring Spas: This company has made a name for itself by offering custom-built decks around its hot tubs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor Jacuzzis

Having a Jacuzzi provides homeowners with an easy way to soak away their stress. In fact, hot water is proven to be a therapeutic way to bring down stress levels when used to relax at the end of the day. The National Sleep Foundation says that soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day can help people overcome anxiety and achieve a deeper sleep at night.

Although it may not seem like it, hot tubs can also reduce inflammation. This is why hot tubs are great for people who suffer from not only pain in their backs and various other body parts, but also for people who suffer from arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation says that the water minimizes swelling while encouraging blood circulation.

On the other hand, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine says that hot tubs can be dangerous. There were more than 80,000 hot tub-related injuries between 1990 and 2007. Most of these injuries were related to excessive heat exposure. Homeowners can avoid this by making sure that they always check their temperature gauge before completely immersing themselves in the water.

Since hot tubs helps with circulation, they can be dangerous for people who already have circulatory problems. According to the American Heart Association, people should stay away from hot tubs if their doctors have recommended that they avoid exercising.

How to Save Money

Since Jacuzzi tubs are tough to install, it's not recommended that homeowners attempt the installation themselves. However, there are other things that homeowners can do to reduce the cost of having a Jacuzzi professionally installed. For example, homeowners can knock off nearly 50 to 60 percent of the initial cost by buying a used Jacuzzi. To cut down on the cost of upkeep, homeowners should learn how to maintain the Jacuzzi themselves, which includes checking and adding chemicals to keep the pH balance correct.

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