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Cost of Outdoor TV Enclosures & Covers

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National Patios & Pathways Costs

$111 Minimum Cost
$147 Maximum Cost

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Cost of Outdoor TV Enclosures & Covers

An outdoor TV enclosure allows homeowners to enjoy their favorite shows and movies while sitting outdoors. The enclosure helps to protect the television from damage while exposed to the outdoor elements. While the concept is still very new, many people have already discovered the countless possibilities associated with this type of product. An outside TV enclosure features an advanced sealing and locking system that helps to seal out water and moisture. After years of testing and consumer feedback, manufacturers have managed to perfect the design and ensure that any television that is placed inside an outdoor enclosure will be protected against rain, dew, and all other types of moisture. 

The Costs

  • Minimum Cost of mid-quality Outdoor TV Enclosures: $111
  • Maximum Cost of mid-quality Outdoor TV Enclosures: $147

Different Types of TV Enclosures

There are many different types of TV enclosures available that will coordinate with all types of indoor and outdoor décor. Indoor enclosures are a great way to protect a TV screen from damage, dust and fingerprints. They are ideal to use in playrooms, preschools, physician offices, and other professional environments. Outdoor TV enclosures can be used in both public and residential settings, and allow viewers to enjoy TV shows, movies or special events while sitting outdoors. While this may seem like a fairly new concept, homeowners have been enclosing televisions using cabinets, entertainment centers and other types of furniture for several years. This improvement simply provides more protection to the unit with the added benefit of outdoor viewing.

What to Look for when purchasing an Outdoor TV Enclosure

The three things one should remember when it comes to purchasing an outdoor TV enclosure, is to look for one that:

  • Can withstand all types of weather conditions
  • Resists condensation from heat and humidity
  • And one that protects from extreme heat and cold

Even the mildest weather conditions can be hazardous to electronics, not to mention the damage that rain and snow can produce. An enclosure that fully protects against all the outdoor elements will have fail-safe sealing, grommets, heaters and fans. Keep in mind that moisture can be found whenever dew is present, therefore installing a miniature fan inside the enclosure or a product that removes moisture (such as silica gel packs) will help to eliminate condensation. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can damage any type of electronic device, so installing a heater and fan will help to keep an outdoor TV from deteriorating.

Uses for Outdoor TV Enclosures

An outdoor TV enclosure will not only protect a flat-screen television from impact, breakage, scratching and damage from outdoor elements, but it also allows homeowners to watch TV anywhere they want. Many owners have placed their enclosed television on a screened in porch, by their outdoor swimming pool, or in the garage. Companies have also discovered the benefits of this type of product and have begun placing TVs outside their establishments. Hotels, bars, restaurants and pool halls are just a sample of the many public places that have incorporated outdoor TV watching into their list of available activities.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning an Outdoor TV Enclosure

Owning an outdoor TV enclosure comes with plenty of advantages. Business owners can expect to see more customers and better profits when they offer this special benefit. Restaurants that have an outdoor TV can broadcast the big game or a special live event for their customers to enjoy. Using an outdoor TV for advertising purposes is another plus that provides an affordable method of marketing. The use of outdoor digital signage is growing in popularity and can be seen in a variety of public places such as schools, colleges, hospitals and retail stores.

Homeowners can also benefit from an outdoor TV setup. They can entertain guests with a movie or sporting event while enjoying drinks or a barbeque dinner party. These outdoor enclosures are a great way to relax and experience TV viewing in a brand-new light.

While it may be hard to find anything wrong with being able to watch TV outside, there are some disadvantages with this type of setup. While flat-screen TVs have decreased in price, they can still be expensive, especially those with the largest screen and latest features. Buying an enclosure that will fully protect a television from all the harsh outdoor elements can also be pricey.

There are some major TV manufacturers who are now producing waterproof and weatherproof televisions for outdoor use. However, these units can be up to three times more than your typical flat screen. Making sure that an enclosure truly is protective is another factor that one must consider. If the unit is not sealed correctly or the internal temperature is too hot or too cold, that expensive flat screen could become damaged very quickly. To avoid this problem, homeowners and business owners who are interested in purchasing an outdoor TV enclosure should do plenty of research beforehand to find out which type or brand of enclosure will provide the optimal amount of protection.

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