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Cost To Repair Patio Enclosure

Most homeowners spend between $747 to $2,141 nationally.
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A patio enclosure, also known as a porch enclosure, sunroom or lanai depending on its construction details, is a pleasant and valuable addition to any home. However, like any other area of the home, enclosed patios sometimes need repairs in order to maintain both their value and function. Many of these repairs are minor and suitable for a handy DIYer; however, others require the expertise and equipment of a professional contractor or sunroom professional. This guide covers the details and average costs of most common repairs required for patio enclosures to help homeowners plan for this critical home improvement task.

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National Average Cost $2,679
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Maximum Cost $13,000
Average Range $747 to $2,141
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Table of Contents

  1. Patio Enclosure Repair Price
  2. Common Repairs Needed for Patio Enclosures
  3. Common Solutions for Patio Enclosure Repairs
  4. Patio Enclosure Maintenance
  5. DIY or Find A Pro
  6. Find A Pro

Patio Enclosure Repair Price

No two patios and no two enclosures are alike. From their size and location on the home to the materials used to build walls, roofs and floors, there’s a number of features on patio enclosures that may require maintenance and repairs. The cost of repairing any of these elements can range from a few dollars for a broken window latch to several thousand to completely replace a wall or roof. However, on average, professional repair of a patio enclosure costs $1,741, with most homeowners paying between $698 and $2,931.

Common Repairs Needed for Patio Enclosures

Common Repairs Needed for Patio Enclosures

Depending on the age of the patio enclosure, the area where a home is located and the patio’s general use, there’s a number of ways in which the component parts of this area of your home can break down. However, most common patio enclosure repairs fall into one of the following four categories:

Leaking Window Seals

The seals around the windows of an enclosed porch not only keep moisture outside the space but also prevent the growth of mold and/or mildew in hard-to-clean places. Over time, these seals break down due to factors such as age and sun exposure. Signs of failing window seals include fogging between glass panes and the presence of mold or mildew.

Bent or Cracked Frames

The framed windows or screens that take the place of traditional walls around the structure of an enclosed porch must remain intact and sealed in order to properly insulate the space and keep pests out. Through age or abuse, these frames can crack or bend, leaving large and small holes.

Torn Screens

Screened-in patios and lanais are only effective at providing a safe, pest-free outdoor area if the screens are whole and secure. Age, accidents and poor maintenance of these porch screens, however, often leave rips, tears and holes along the sides or even right in the middle of the screens. This not only affects the look and value of an enclosed porch but also allows bugs and even rodents to get inside.

Aging or Damaged Flooring

Depending on how an enclosed porch is built, whether over a patio, on a deck or as part of an alternative home addition, the flooring varies. Patio floors are often made of concrete and subject to cracks and discoloration over time. Wooden deck flooring is similarly affected by the elements and is susceptible to splintering, fading and loosening with time and use. Finally, covered floors, such as those with a carpet or laminate tile overlay, are also subject to issues such as tearing, discoloration, pitting and wear.

Common Solutions for Patio Enclosure Repairs

Common Solutions for Patio Enclosure Repairs

For each of the four most common patio enclosure damage types that require repair, there are various solutions that homeowners can either undertake on their own or hire a professional contractor to complete.

Leaking Window Seals

If caught early on, repairing a leaking window or broken seal is as easy as adding silicone caulking around the area to reseal it from further damage. However, if there’s condensation between window panes, and especially if mold or mildew is present, completely replacing the window is the most prudent choice.

Bent or Cracked Frames

Depending on the material of the frame — the most common of which are wood, vinyl and aluminum — repair requirements vary. Wood frames, for example, need to be routinely stained and treated to prevent splintering and breakage. In the event of a crack, replacement of part of the wood is possible. Vinyl and aluminum frames require less regular maintenance, but, once they’re bent or cracked, they usually need complete replacement.

Torn Screens

The size and location of a rip or tear in a screen will determine the type of repair needed. In some cases, small holes and tears are quick to patch up with a simple mending kit. Homeowners can purchase these kits at most home improvement and big box retailers or even use simple household tools and a piece of metal or fiberglass screen to complete the repair themselves. Larger holes or tears along the sides of the screen near its frame may require a complete replacement.

Aging or Damaged Flooring

Again, specifics matter here. Concrete slabs may need patches, repairs and sealing. Wood deck flooring can be sanded and stained to prevent further breakdown. Carpeting and tile can be torn up and replaced completely, or an area rug can be substituted for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Patio Enclosure Maintenance

Patio Enclosure Maintenance

When it comes to patio enclosure repair, prevention is the best solution. Routine maintenance in and around the patio as well as for the component parts of the enclosure itself helps to mitigate the risk of damage. Common tasks include:

  • Trimming branches around the exterior of the enclosure
  • Washing and resealing windows with silicone caulking
  • Routine gutter cleaning
  • Routine cleaning of vinyl or aluminum frames
  • Routine staining of wood frames
  • Washing roof panels
  • Lubricating all hinges, deadbolts, locks and handles on windows and doors
  • Proper environmental control inside the enclosure, including dehumidifying 

DIY or Find A Pro

Hiring a professional contractor or patio professional to complete any repairs on your home's sunroom or patio enclosure is sometimes required, such as when panels and windows need replacement, but often optional. Whether or not you hire a pro to complete common tasks such as gutter cleaning, repainting and window washing depends on your own time and abilities.

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