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How Much Do Patio Lights Cost?

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National Patio Costs

$20 Minimum Cost
$200 Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Patio Lights Cost?

Many homeowners find that adding some outdoor lights to a patio or entertaining area is a great way to get more use out of that space. Even patios that are attached to homes can suffer from some problems when the owners of that property don't use outdoor lights. The light coming from the house often isn't strong enough to provide enough light for talking, dancing, playing games or doing any of the other activities homeowners might want to do. While many people will want to know how much patio lights cost, they should also think about the different types of lights and materials available.


  • Flood Lights: $40 and up

  • Lantern Lights: $20 and up

  • String Lights: $20 and up

The total cost of patio lights depends on the style that the homeowners choose and the materials used in the design. Home improvement stores sell flood lights for as little as $40. These lights typically feature two bulbs that face in opposite directions to illuminate a larger area. Lantern lights and pendant lights start at around $20 and increase in price to several hundred dollars based on the design and style of the light. A simple strand of string lights costs around $20 or less, but more intricate designs can cost nearly $200. Many homeowners find cheaper alternatives to these lights at party supply stores and similar shops. Though the lights are often affordable in price, the cost can rise depending on how many lights the homeowners need to illuminate the entire patio.

Types of Patio Lights

Path lights are smaller lights that sit around the edges of the patio. Often used by homeowners to illuminate a walkway or pathway, these lights give off a soft glow that is perfect for a more intimate setting. Those who frequently entertain might prefer the look of string lights. These lights come on a long string that the homeowners can attach to the house or on a roof or support columns. String lights typically add a festive touch to the area without adding a lot of light.

Lantern lights are unique fixtures that resemble old-fashioned lanterns while deck lights provide more lighting. With deck lights, homeowners need to install the fixtures on support beams, columns or similar posts. Those who prefer more light should opt for brick lights or flood lights.

Many people use flood lights for their homes and garages because these lights provide a large amount of brightness. Another advantage associated with floor lights is that the lights are moveable. Homeowners can swivel the light to provide more brightness in a specific area of the patio. Some homeowners will find that they want something decorative that won't get in the way, and brick lights will meet their needs. Brick lights look like ordinary pavers but have lights placed inside. Homeowners can replace a few pavers with these lights or use the lights around the edges of the patio.

Other Lights

In addition to those patio lights, homeowners can also opt for overhead lights, also known as outdoor ceiling fans, or outdoor lamps. Outdoor ceiling fans function in the same way as other types of ceiling fans. These fans provide a cooling sensation as the blades move, and many of the newer designs feature one to five lights. Outdoor lamps are standalone lamps that come in a variety of different styles and types. These lamps provide enough light for entertaining, but the lights also have different settings that homeowners can adjust to provide the perfect amount of light for the space.

Lighting Materials

There are just as many options in terms of materials for outdoor lamps as there are for indoor lamps. Many manufacturers now make patio lamps from various metals, including cast iron and brass. While these lamps have a nice design, some might find that the lamps are outside of their budget. Plastic lamps are a good choice for homes with pets or small children. The plastic is strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear, and the lamps won't break if kids or animals knock the lights over.

Some of the newer designs feature a combination of two or more materials. Homeowners might find deck lights with a metal support bracket and plastic accents. Though some lamps do come with glass panels surrounding the bulb inside, many of the newer designs utilize plastic panels in place of the glass. This ensures that the lights won't break during a storm.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Patio lights have a number of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages is that these lights give homeowners more ways to use their patios. Instead of sending everyone inside when the sun sets, they can turn on the lights and use the area for a few more hours or until the sun rises the next day. They'll also find that the right lights can help them create different atmospheres. They can turn the lights down when enjoying a quiet, romantic dinner with someone special, or they can turn the lights up for a party with friends.

One of the potential disadvantages of patio lights is that the lights won't provide as much light as people have inside their homes. Some of the older lights also use a large amount of electricity, which can cause power bills to rise. Those looking to save on their electric bills should consider energy efficient lights, which use less electricity to run.

Though it takes some time to find the best patio lights, most homeowners know the right lights when they see them. String lights add a festive touch to any party while brick lights have an unobtrusive look that won't interfere with their outdoor decorating. Homeowners should take the time to think about their own sense of style and their outdoor space before deciding which type of patio lights work with that space and with their budgets.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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