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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Pedestal Sink?

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National Bathroom Remodeling Costs

$100 per sink Minimum Cost
$600 per sink Maximum Cost

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Pedestal Sink?

Pedestal sinks were popular bathroom fixtures in the early to middle 1900s before they fell out of favor. Recently, they have returned to popularity, especially in older homes that are undergoing renovation.

A pedestal sink consists of a pedestal and the sink basin. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the wall, rather than the pedestal, is the main source of support for the sink basin.

See all the advantages and prices of pedestal sinks below.

The Costs 

  • The average minimum cost of a pedestal sink is $100.

  • The average maximum cost of a pedestal sink is $600.

There is a wide range in the price of pedestal sinks. Contractor-grade pedestal and sink combinations start at around $100 while luxury models cost upwards of $600. In some cases, the pedestal and sink are sold separately, so consumers should take care in reading the product description before making a purchase. In addition to the cost of the pedestal sink, the installation will require the professional services of a plumber or handyman. The average cost per hour to hire a plumber to install a pedestal sink is $76. The average cost per hour to hire a handyman to install a pedestal sink is $44. A plumber should be hired if new pipes or a change of the pipe configuration are needed. Some basic tools and plumbing supplies such as putty and grout will be needed when installing a pedestal sink; the average cost of these supplies is $47. Some municipalities may require a permit and inspection fee for pedestal sink installations, which may add to the final cost of the project. Pedestal sinks do not typically include the faucet and knob fixtures, so installing them will add to the overall project cost. 

Types of Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks come in a range of pedestal heights and circumferences. The sink basins are available in a variety of shapes including square, circular, oval and oblong. Oval is the most common sink basin shape. The basins come in a number of depths. Pedestal sinks can be made out of vitreous china, porcelain and cast iron. Less commonly, pedestal sinks may be constructed from stone or marble. Vitreous china, also known as ceramic, is the most common material used for pedestal sinks.

Uses of Pedestal Sinks

The most common use of a pedestal sink is in a small bathroom such as a half-bath or powder room. They are also used in other locations where space is at a premium. Pedestal sinks typically cost less than other types of vanities with built-in sinks and may be used when it is desirable to keep remodeling or construction costs to a minimum. Owners of historical homes may desire to update bathrooms with a pedestal sink in order to stay in line with the era.


Pedestal sinks offer character and simplicity; installing a pedestal sink provides a "wow" factor that may impress guests and visitors to a home. Pedestal sinks have a minimalist appearance and allow a more open look.

Pedestal sinks are easy to maneuver around in an enclosed space. The most popular advantage of pedestal sinks is that they require a minimum of space. Using a pedestal sink allows homeowners to highlight other interesting architectural effects in the bathroom such as decorative tiles or molded baseboards. Because pedestal sinks are less bulky than vanity style sinks, this may make it easier to fit a pedestal sink into a car when transporting it home from a hardware store. These types of sinks also offer a unique corner design option. This increases their usefulness in small spaces.

The classical style of pedestal sinks makes them appropriate for use in homes built in the 1940s and earlier as they coordinate well with the type of fixtures used during that time period. Most are white, which means they can easily coordinate with any color of bathroom walls and flooring, but they can also be ordered in custom colors and sizes as well as metallic finishes and are easy to match nearly any decorative style in a home.

Low-maintenance materials such as vitreous china make pedestal sinks easy to clean. The thick layers of glaze on a pedestal sink reduce the risk of chipping, resulting in a long lifespan. The layers of glaze on pedestal sinks protect the sink from staining and discoloration even over decades of use.

Nearly all bathroom fixture manufacturers offer a variety of pedestal sinks at reasonable prices. An average-quality pedestal sink costs hundreds of dollars less than a traditional sink with a built-in cabinet style vanity.


While pedestal sinks offer many advantages to homeowners, there are some disadvantages of selecting this style of bathroom fixture. A pedestal sink does not include any storage areas underneath the sink basin or on the countertop, both of which are provided by vanity-style sinks. In a large bathroom, a pedestal sink may have too minimalist of a style for the expanse of space.

The wall supporting a pedestal sink must be strong enough to support the basin's weight. If there is any uncertainty in the strength of the wall, the sink and wall will require bracing. In bathrooms where a pedestal sink will replace a vanity-style sink, the area of the floor and wall that had been covered by the vanity cabinet may require extensive renovation due to missing areas of flooring, baseboards and plumbing access points. Because there is not a cabinet to hide a messy plumbing job, great care must be taken when installing a pedestal sink and its plumbing.

When cleaning a pedestal sink, no abrasive cleaners should be used. Safety may be also a concern in using pedestal sinks as there is no place to put a hot curling iron or similar appliance near a pedestal sink.

Installation costs may be higher for pedestal sinks due to the tricky plumbing required for their installation. This may make a pedestal sink project just as costly as the installation of other types of sinks.

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