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How Much Is A Playground Or Swing Set Installation?

Most homeowners spend between $361 to $508 nationally.
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Encourage your children and their friends to go outside and play with a fun swing set or playset installed right in your backyard! Although this can be a DIY project for handy weekend warriors, most homeowners are better off hiring professional swing set installation services to make sure everything is assembled correctly and installed safely. This guide helps you learn what to expect when having backyard play equipment installed.

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National Install a Playground or Swing Set Costs

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National Average Cost $1,077
Minimum Cost $75
Maximum Cost $12,000
Average Range $361 to $508
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Table of Contents

  1. Swing Set & Playground Installation Cost
  2. Swing Set & Playground Installation Cost Factors
  3. Swing Set & Playground Installation Process
  4. Swing Set & Playground Options
  5. Outdoor Equipment Permits
  6. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  7. How To Install A Playground Or Swing Set
  8. Find A Pro

Swing Set & Playground Installation Cost

If you find yourself wondering how to put a swing set together, the simplest answer is to leave assembly and installation to the pros. Homeowners spend an average of $502 to install playgrounds or swing sets, not including the cost of the playground itself. Most homeowners spend $355 to $693 on installation costs. The basic breakdown of costs for this project is as follows:

  • Playset: $857 to $5,000
  • Installation/labor: $200 to $900
  • Supplies: Average $25

Swing Set & Playground Installation Cost Factors

Swing Set & Playground Installation Cost Factors

Costs associated with this project vary widely depending on numerous factors. Just like any outdoor play equipment, the cost of the playset depends mainly on the type of materials it's made from, its size and the number of features it offers. Labor costs for installation vary depending on the extent of the work. For example, if the contractor needs to level and grade the ground, you can expect to pay more in labor costs. Additionally, related supplies such as hardware, fasteners and surface materials all are factored into the final price tag.

Swing Set & Playground Installation Process

Many homeowners underestimate the amount of preparation required for this project. Before installing playgrounds or swing sets, professionals contact local utility companies to make sure there aren't any underground cables, wires or pipes in the area and obtain any necessary permits. After verifying that the intended site is free of obstacles, pros clear the area of grass and debris before leveling the entire play area and fall zone.

Professionals measure the area to excavate the ground to the perfect depth for any surfacing such as pea gravel, rubber tiles, mulch or sod. They also take care of digging and installing any support piers or concrete footers, assembling the playset and making sure it's safely installed.

Swing Set & Playground Installation Process

Swing Set & Playground Options

Today's swing sets and playgrounds are more than just metal structures with some swings and a slide. The hottest trends in playsets and playground equipment in 2017 include expansive, eco-friendly wooden structures that offer a fort-like feeling and include extras such as climbing walls, rope ladders and a deck that is perfect for planning adventures. In general, the larger and more feature-packed the playset, the more you can expect to spend. A few options and price points include:

  • Backyard Discovery Saratoga: An all cedar playset with a clubhouse, play deck, wooden roof swings, a two-person glider, built-in snack bench and a slide ($959.99 on Amazon)
  • Lifetime Products A-Frame Playset with Swings: A metal swing set made from weather-resistant materials with soft rubber grips; includes a clubhouse with roof, 9-foot slide, two swings, trapeze, propeller swing, activity wall, a ship wheel and a climbing wall ($1,565.99 at Lowe's)
  • Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Treehouse Swing Set: Made of pre-sanded, re-stained cedar with two belt swings, two slides, a trapeze swing, play telescope, climbing rope, rock wall, a tic-tac-toe panel and an integrated picnic table ($2,349 on

Outdoor Equipment Permits

You may or may not need a permit — even for a simple swing set. Check with your local government to determine whether you need a building permit or any other type of permission from other governing bodies such as a homeowner's association before moving forward with any part of the installation.

To get a permit, you or your contractor must fill out the appropriate forms and return them to the local authorities along with the fee. Most homeowners spend between $398 and $1,561 on building permits.

Swing Set & Playground Options

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Handy homeowners may be able to DIY this project. However, because of the safety concerns and repair costs that a poorly installed playset poses, it's best to leave the work to professionals, especially if you're installing a large or complicated swing set.

How To Install A Playground Or Swing Set

Once you've chosen the ideal playground or swing set for your kids, the next challenge is finding the perfect location for it. You'll need a spot with level ground and at least six feet of clearance in all directions. Always defer to the manufacturer's installation instructions, which will indicate whether you need to install a support system in addition to providing assembly instructions. The general steps involved in installation include:

  1. Check with local utilities to make sure there aren't any conflicts in the spot where you plan to install the playset.
  2. Obtain a building permit as required by local regulations.
  3. Prepare the installation site by clearing rocks, grass and debris. Additionally, you may need to prune tree branches to make sure there's plenty of room for kids to safely swing.
  4. Lay out all the pieces and begin assembling the swing set according to the instructions, typically beginning with the uprights and ending with the swings and other accessories.
  5. Finish the playground or swing set by filling the fall area with 6-12” of protective materials such as sand, gravel or mulch.

How To Install A Playground Or Swing Set

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Kids love their swing sets, and they play hard. Make sure they're safe every moment while they climb walls, swing toward the sky or hold secret meetings in their clubhouses. Professionally installed swing sets are assembled to exacting standards for optimal safety. Use our free lead generator to connect with local contractors who can help you install a swing set or playground.  

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