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Redwood Fence Cost Guide

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National Fencing Costs

$14.26 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$20.50 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Redwood Fence Cost Guide

Redwood is among the most popular materials used for fencing on the market today. Derived from the cedar tree, this type of wood is known for its absorbency, durability and rich, reddish-brown color. Homeowners considering the option of installing a new fence on their property may want to consider redwood as an aesthetically appealing and practical option.

  • On average, redwood fencing costs approximately $17.49 per square foot.
  • At minimum, homeowners can expect to spend $14.26 per square foot on redwood fencing.
  • The maximum reported price per square foot for redwood fencing is $20.50.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Redwood Fencing

There are both pros and cons to going with redwood fencing, all of which should be carefully assessed by homeowners before a decision is made to go with this particular type of material. 

One of the main advantages to going with a redwood fence is its durability. Redwood has natural oils that remain in the wood after it is cut and used in fence construction. These particular oils are great for helping the wood to repel moisture, which keeps the wood from warping, rotting and splintering over time. The inherent acids and oils found within the wood itself are a natural insect repellent, even keeping wood-eating termites from burrowing in.

Another benefit of redwood is its natural beauty. Most homeowners do not even bother staining or painting their redwood because it has a lovely brownish-red color that is desirable and visually pleasing. Unlike other woods that may look dull and need to be stained every so often, redwood maintains its rustic, warm appearance without regular staining and maintenance. This not only saves homeowners time and hassle, but money as well.

One of the potential drawbacks of going with redwood as opposed to other types of cedar, however, is the fact that redwood is a lot more scarce than traditional cedar. As a result, it tends to be more expensive per square foot. In some regions, redwood will need to be shipped in due to limited access to the material, which can significantly raise the overall price. 

Furthermore, in the event that a homeowner wishes to stain the redwood fencing, the natural oils can actually make this quite difficult. Woods need to be as dry and possible in order to properly take on a stain color, so redwoods do not tend to be very absorbent of stains. The oils can also make it difficult to properly paint a redwood fence, which is why many homeowners who plan on painting their new fences opt for cedar instead.

Factors Affecting Cost

Although the average reported costs of redwood are listed at the top of this article, there are numerous factors that can potentially influence the overall cost of a redwood fencing project. The total number of square feet that the fence requires can greatly affect not only the amount of materials that need to be purchased but the amount of labor required to install the fencing as well. Without the price of labor included, homeowners can expect to spend between $1,300 and $2,500 on fencing materials alone. When labor and installation prices are added, homeowners often end up paying between an additional $550 to $800.

Regional pricing trends can also affect the total cost of redwood fencing. In areas where redwood is more abundant such as along the western coast of the United States, it may be significantly less expensive to have redwood fencing built. In areas where redwood is more scarce, homeowners should expect to spend significantly more because the materials will most likely need to be shipped.

The time of year in which the fence is installed can also have an impact on the overall price. For example, fencing companies tend to be at their busiest during the warmer months of spring and summer. Therefore, prices are higher during this time because their services are in demand. Waiting until an off-peak season for fencing companies can be a great way for homeowners to find special deals and to save money on their overall redwood fencing costs. 

Saving on Redwood Fencing

Aside from choosing the right time of year in which to have redwood fencing installed, there are plenty of other steps that homeowners can take as a way of making sure they get the best deal on their new fencing. Homeowners should begin by determining how much fencing they need by measuring the perimeter of the area in which the fence will be constructed. Doing so can help homeowners to get a better idea of the number of square feet they will need.

If homeowners contact local fencing companies and provide them with how much and what kind of fencing they are looking for, the fencing company can put together an estimate of the cost. Some companies will need to actually come out to the property and assess the terrain in order to give an estimate. After all, it is more expensive to build a fence along a hilly property than a flat one. 

Upon receiving quotes from various fencing companies, homeowners should compare their estimates and determine which one is the best deal. Researching the company and reading online reviews of their services can help to ensure that the company has good reviews before the homeowners decide to hire them for their redwood fencing services.

Redwood fencing can be an ideal option when it comes to constructing a fence on any property. With its natural beauty and unwavering durability, this is a material that can last for decades to come and add aesthetic appeal to any property in the process.


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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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