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How Much Does it Cost to Reface Bathroom Cabinets?

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National Cabinets Costs

$250 per cabinet Minimum Cost
$335 per cabinet Maximum Cost

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How Much Does it Cost to Reface Bathroom Cabinets?

Refacing bathroom cabinets is an affordable way to give the room a completely new look. This project is fast, fairly simple and can save thousands compared to a major renovation. Best of all, the basic layout of the bathroom remains the same and the location of the cabinets won't change. Here are some factors to consider before starting this project.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of refacing a bathroom cabinet: $250

  • Average maximum cost of refacing a bathroom cabinet: $335


From pulls and knobs to hinges and handles, there is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting hardware for this project. The purpose of this hardware is to make the cabinets easier to use while adding personality and style. Here is a look at what each type of hardware offers.


Handles are available in various types of material including crystal, ceramic, plastic and wood. This is the most decorative part of a bathroom cabinet. While there are hundreds of designs to choose from, be sure to select one that balances style and functionality. Handle prices will range from around $2 for a nickel cabinet pull to $30 for bronze handles.


Hinges are the part of a cabinet that determines how they open and close. Since each type of hinge is designed for a specific type of cabinet door, it is important to have a door picked out before making this selection. For example, framed cabinets require hinges that can attach to both the door and the frame. On the other hand, cabinets that do not have a frame may require a hinge that can attach to the door and a side wall. Depending on the style and size of the hinge, expect this item to cost between $5 and $40.

Although there are a variety of styles to choose from, all hinges can be divided into two basic types: traditional and European.

Traditional hinges are visible from the outside of the cabinet. Knife hinges and spring loaded self-closing barrel hinges are examples of this type of hinge. The unique positioning of a traditional hinge allows the cabinet door to open approximately 180 degrees.

Unlike traditional hinges that remain exposed, European hinges are often concealed. This allows them to provide a clean, modern look. These hinges are usually self-closing and can be opened up to 110 degrees. These hinges are most commonly used on frameless cabinets. While European tend to be slightly more costly, their versatility makes it money well spent.

New Doors

The door of a bathroom cabinet is its most visible component. Replacing these doors is a key part of giving the bathroom a makeover. In order to get this project started, the first step is to choose which type of material to use. Here are some popular options.

Wood options will include cherry, oak and maple. Each of these doors can be customized with a wide range of stains, glazes and paints to suit the needs of this room. Expect the price of a solid wood door to range from $50-$300 per door depending on the amount of detail.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly option for refacing bathroom cabinets. There is a huge selection of finishes available to customize this type of cabinet. For a bamboo cabinet door, expect to pay between $20-$60 per cabinet door.


Changing the overlay of a cabinet is another way to update the look of a bathroom. The overlay describes the way that the doors rest on the face of the cabinet. Generally, there are two types of overlays available: full and traditional.

Traditional overlays, also known as standard overlays, use the doors and drawers of the cabinet to create a boxed look. The traditional overlay is most frequently used in initial installations.

With a full overlay, bathroom cabinet doors are mounted in a way so that none of the frame is visible. This style offers a clean, sophisticated look that is often incorporated into more modern designs.

Door Styles

Door styles are another highly customizable feature of a bathroom door. There are hundreds of options to choose from. The most popular door styles include arch panel, beaded shaker, glass panel, recessed panel, raised panel and flat panel


Once a bathroom door has been selected, adding a finish is a great way to enhance the beauty of the door. Be sure to select a finish that pairs well with the overall theme of the bathroom. Here are some common types of finishes:

  • Stains: From dark to natural, stains are often used on wood doors to accentuate their natural beauty by highlighting their detail.

  • Glazes: Glazes are great for adding richness and texture to a cabinet door. They can also be used to create soft highlights in recesses and corners of the door.

  • Paint: Paint, one of the most affordable finishes, offers a wide range of colors to match nearly any bathroom door.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Refacing Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinet refacing is an affordable alternative to completely remodeling the room. While this project may solve many problems, it may not always be the best alternative for every homeowner. Here is a quick checklist to help homeowners decide if bathroom remodeling is right for them.

Refacing bathroom cabinets is a great solution for any of these issues:

  • Worn cabinet doors

  • Cabinets with styles and colors that are dated

  • Cabinets and adjoining drawers that have become difficult to open

Alternatively, there are some situations where bathroom cabinet refacing may not be the best option. These are some issues that cabinet refacing may not address:

  • Poor bathroom layout

  • Rusting metal cabinets

  • Cabinets that have begun to completely fall apart

  • Structural issues like crooked cabinets

  • Cabinets that lack storage space

These issues may be more adequately addressed by a full remodel of the bathroom. This may involve moving the cabinets and other fixtures around to achieve the desired look for this space.

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