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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Boat Dock?

Most homeowners spend between $876 to $1,882 nationally.
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If you live along the shore of a lake, river or ocean, you know that a boat dock is an essential structure for water-side property. It gives you access to the water and creates a convenient waterfront porch where you can fish or enjoy relaxing with company. This cost guide shows details common dock problems and what it takes to fix them so you have the information you need to hire a pro to make the necessary repairs.

National Repair a Boat Dock Costs

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National Average Cost $8,027
Minimum Cost $85
Maximum Cost $168,000
Average Range $876 to $1,882
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Table of Contents

  1. Dock Repair Cost
  2. Dock Repair Cost Factors
  3. Common Dock Repairs
  4. Common Dock Fixes
  5. Dock Material Costs
  6. Boat Dock Maintenance
  7. Boat Dock Building Costs
  8. Find A Deck Contractor

Dock Repair Cost

Most homeowners typically spend between $600 and $1,700 when they hire a professional to repair their boat docks. Simple repairs may cost as little as $255 for parts and labor, but more extensive work can cost more than $4,000. The table below shows the average costs for common dock repairs:



Boat Lift Repairs

$200 to $250

Float Repair

$170 to $190

Frame Repair

$200 to $215

New Bumpers


Piling or Pipe Replacements

$300 to $1600 per piece

Replace Dry Rotted Wood

$200 to $250

Homeowners can save money on labor charges by completing some repairs on their own. For example, replacing equipment like bumpers, rails and ladders is fairly simple to do with basic tools. Similarly, individuals with basic construction skills can remove and replace decking boards.

Dock Repair Cost Factors

Dock Repair Cost Factors

As with other home improvement projects such as deck and porch building or repairs, the price of local labor and materials increases and decreases the cost of dock repair. Floating docks cost less to repair than stationary docks because floating docks are easier to access. Similarly, repairing dock accessories like bumpers and rails is less expensive than replacing parts under the water like pilings. Parts above the water line are easier to access than submerged sections, and repairing sections under water often requires special equipment. Another factor is the type of water surrounding the dock. Docks located on lakes generally cost less to repair than docks near the ocean or on rivers because of the tide and water currents. Additional costs include building permits and inspections in municipalities that require them.

Common Dock Repairs

Wind, water and inclement weather take a toll on boat docks, exposing them to considerable pressure. Over the years, these forces of nature strain and weaken the pilings and cables that support the dock. Marine life and dry rot deteriorate the wood on the dock platform and decking boards. Extreme temperatures and sun exposure wear down bumpers and rails, reducing their ability to protect the boat when it bumps into the dock.  Freezing water places pressure on the components of the dock. The most common boat dock repairs address this damage and include replacing the following:

  • Pilings and support cables under the water
  • Dock bumpers, rusty rails and ladders
  • Decking boards
  • Floats
  • Hardware, including the screws and bolts that hold the parts of the dock in place
  • Barrels and rope under a floating dock
  • Boat lifts

Common Dock Repairs

Common Dock Fixes

Before repairing a dock, the pros inspect the integrity of the structure and analyze the extent of the damage. This includes diving beneath the surface of the water to examine submerged sections of the dock. To replace pilings, they remove the dock platform and existing pilings. Then, they drive the new pilings into the ground under the water. This also gives them a chance to repair damaged sections of the platform while it rests on dry land. Homeowners can do some of these repairs on their own, like replacing wood, bumpers and rails.

Dock Material Costs

If the dock repairs require replacing the decking, the homeowner needs to carefully consider what type of material to use for the replacement. There are several options available at different price points, ranging from classic wood to rot-resistant plastic and metal.




$10.01/sf to $11.20/sf


$4.63/sf to $7.70/sf


$3.50/sf to $5.00/sf


$5.00/sf to $11.00/sf


$6.25/sf to $9.40/sf

Pressure-Treated Wood

$5.30/sf to $7.10/sf

Synthetic Wood


The deck must support the weight of the people walking and lounging on it. For this reason, decking boards should be durable and able to withstand the pressure of use and work well in the local climate. Pressure-treated wood is a popular, economical option. Plastic composites are durable, but they attract mold and mildew in shady, damp areas. Aluminum is gaining popularity because of its durability and heat-dissipating qualities.

Dock Material Costs

Boat Dock Maintenance

Regular maintenance reduces damage to a dock and extends its lifespan. This starts with periodically cleaning the surface of the dock using a pressure washer and water-safe detergent to remove build-up of algae, mold and mildew. In addition to cleaning the dock, homeowners should take care of minor repairs as needed. This includes replacing worn or damaged deck boards and screws as well as sanding the surface of the dock when splinters appear. When replacing sections of wood, it’s advantageous to use treated wood, as it holds up better against the elements. Some people choose to paint or seal the wood, which creates a barrier to protect the wood from decay.

Boat Dock Building Costs

If the boat dock has extensive damage, it needs replacement instead of repair. This project costs most homeowners between $2,000 and $6,000 to complete, but some people pay as much as $20,000 to $50,000 for a new dock. The cost of a new dock varies depending on the type of water, size, construction type and materials used. Extras like electrical wiring, lighting and a boat house increases the cost of the project.

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