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How Much Does it Cost to Replace A Front Door?

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace A Front Door?

Quality entry doors are an essential part of any home. Not only do they help control the temperature in a home, but they are also an essential component of home safety. While the exact costs of replacing entry doors can be difficult to determine, below is an idea of what to expect.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost to replace entry door: $400
  • Average maximum cost to replace entry door: $850

Cost of Entry Door Replacement

From selecting materials to choosing the type of type of door to use, there are lots of factors to consider before starting this project. Here are some factors that may need consideration:


Entry doors can be made from a variety of materials. From wood and steel to aluminum and fiberglass, there is a wide range of materials to choose from. To help make this decision, consider what purpose this door will serve inside of the home. If the door will primarily be used from the exterior of the home, it will likely see heavy traffic and various types of weather. For this reason, exterior entry doors must be sturdy and properly insulated. This can result in higher installation costs. While steel doors may be the most economical option for exterior entry doors, there are lots of other types to consider.

Exterior or Interior Door

The first decision to make is where the door is going to be placed. Generally speaking, the cost of replacing an interior entry door is much less expensive than replacing an exterior one. Due to the function of an exterior entry door, they tend to be much heavier, which can make them more costly and difficult to install. Additionally, exterior doors require very specific insulation and edging materials for temperature control purposes.

Door Frame

The door frame is another major factor that influences the cost of this project. If the frame is in good shape, this minimizes costs by reducing the amount of work that will have to be done. In cases where the door frame is rotting or damaged, it may require maintenance before the installation can proceed.

Type of Door

The type of door will have a significant impact on the installation price. Installation costs for replacing an entry door with a standard door will be lowest. Upgrades like sliding doors or French doors will raise installation costs as they require a complete overhaul of the door frame. In many cases, the installation of these doors can require mild construction in order to fit into the walls.

Although doors are generally inexpensive, the installation costs for specialty doors can be quite high. Still, in many cases, spending the extra money on specialty doors may help increase the value of the home or add to its curb appeal.


The costs of entry door replacement tend to be minimized in cases where the homeowner is simply replacing an old door with a new one. This is because there is already a designated space for the door, which eliminates the need for cutting and fitting. The exception to this rule is when homes have unusually sized doors. In these cases, the door frame will most likely need to be reshaped to allow for a more contemporary design. This can have a significant impact on the installation costs. Also, in cases where an entry door is being relocated or placed in a spot where there was not previously a door, the costs of the cutting and fitting can push the project budget to the higher end of the spectrum.

Ultimately, the cost of entry door replacement will depend largely on the decisions made throughout the project. Although the door itself is a big part in the final cost, factors like the size and condition of the door frame will also make a huge difference. Whether attempting this project alone or hiring a licensed contractor, creating a budget before beginning is the best way to control costs.

Styles of Entry Doors

From home security to withstanding the elements, entry doors play a major role in any home. They are expected to be sturdy enough to guard against intruders and yet attractive enough to enhance the look of a home. Finding an entry door that can do both of these tasks will depend on finding the right type of material. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Single doors: These standard doors can often be the most economical choice. They can be designed to open to the left or right to allow family and guests to go in and out of the home. In some cases, the handle will have a standard lock in addition to a bolt lock.
  • Double doors: Double doors are essentially two single doors that have been combined to serve as a single unit. These doors are frequently made available in different styles including Patio and French doors.
  • French doors: French doors are an elegant type of double door. In this design, two single doors are facing each other so that the handle is in the center. They are typically made primarily from glass. In most French doors, one side will be used for entry while the other side can remain hinged until it is needed.
  • Patio doors: Patio doors are much like French doors except that they have a stationary or “mull” strip in the center of the two doors. This strip is a popular choice for homeowners as it allows them more security.
  • Triple or Quad Doors: This is a combination of three or four doors made of operable and stationary parts. Often, these doors can be arranged to have a center hinge or to open like a French door.
  • Sliding door: This is a great option for small rooms that do not have as much space for the door to open. Instead of swinging in or out, these unique types of doors slide left and right. Not only does this eliminate the need for floor space, but their mostly glass face provides for an excellent view of the exterior of the home. These doors are ideal for garden or pool areas. Although all-glass doors may seem vulnerable, there are a number of locks that can be used to enhance the security. 


There are lots of advantages of entry door replacement. First, replacing an old door with a modern one can improve the security of the home. The modern door may have upgraded features like multiple locks or built-in privacy windows that were not available when the previous door was installed. Another advantage of replacing an entry door is that it can increase the value and curb appeal of a home. 


As exciting as a new entry door may sound, there are some disadvantages to consider. First, replacing an entry door is not an easy task. Homeowners that do not have prior experience in the construction or carpentry fields may be better off hiring someone to do the job. Also, if the replacement entry door is larger or smaller than the previous entry door, the entire frame may have to be refitted. These costs can easily take over the project.

Useful Tips

Hire a professional: While do-it-yourself projects can be exciting, having the entry door replaced by a licensed, bonded carpenter can save lots of time, stress and money. Not only will professional carpenters have more experience with this type of project, they have the manpower and expertise to get it done quickly and accurately.

Shop around: When looking for a door, remember to shop around and consider all of the options. Large, chain hardware stores may have more options, but smaller stores may offer better prices or higher quality product. Ultimately, the goal is to find a top quality door at the best possible price.

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Last updated on Aug 21, 2020

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