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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Satellite Dish?

Most homeowners spend between $100 to $134 nationally.
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If you receive your television broadcasts or Internet via a satellite dish, your home entertainment is reliant on the dish's correct operation. It's a real damper on your downtime when intermittent reception causes you to miss your favorite show. Faults with satellite dishes are often difficult to diagnose, and the repair may involve getting on the roof, so it's usually better to hire a pro. Before you phone contractors, take the time to learn more about the potential costs.

National Repair a Satellite Dish Costs

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National Average Cost $128
Minimum Cost $55
Maximum Cost $250
Average Range $100 to $134
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Table of Contents

  1. Satellite Dish Repair Costs
  2. Common Satellite Dish Problems
  3. Common Causes Of Satellite Dish Issues
  4. DIY Or Hire A Pro?
  5. Satellite Dish Equipment
  6. How To Fix A Satellite Dish
  7. Find A Pro

Satellite Dish Repair Costs

The cost of a satellite dish repair varies, based on the nature of the damage or fault, the type of dish, and the amount of time the work takes. Costs for hiring an electrician to do the job usually range from $88 to $165, an average of $124. Simple jobs cost as little as $50, but more complex repairs push the cost to approximately $250. If you intend to handle the project yourself, your only costs are any replacement parts you need and tools you purchase or rent. While you may be able to complete the repair for little or no cost, the risks associated with working on a roof mean it's usually better to employ a contractor.

Common Satellite Dish Problems

Common Satellite Dish Problems

The first evidence of an issue with your dish is usually degradation in picture quality when watching TV. Common issues include:

  • Decrease in picture quality, or display lag
  • Crackling or intermittent audio
  • Complete loss of signal reception

Poor Picture Quality

Poor picture quality may be intermittent, or may be a permanent problem that happens instantly or develops over time. Common picture errors include delay lag, fuzzy images, images going out of synchronization with the sound, or images breaking up.

Crackling Audio

Distorted audio may accompany a decrease in picture quality. However, it is possible to have a perfect image with delayed or crackling audio.

Loss of Signal

Complete disruption of service results in loss of picture and audio. The loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause.

If your problem does not relate, you may need to install a new satellite dish.

Common Causes Of Satellite Dish Issues

As a satellite dish is in an exposed position on the outside of your property, damage from the elements is the most common reason for an issue. Many causes are relatively easy to resolve, and regular maintenance of your dish reduces the risks.

Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall and snowstorms, have the potential to hinder a dish's performance, causing fuzzy images, picture lag and crackling audio. In most cases, the picture improves when the weather improves, and there is no need to undertake repairs. However, a buildup of debris inside the dish after a storm may cause persistent degradation of image quality.

If the television picture breaks up during high winds, employ a professional to check the dish's fixings to make sure they are secure. The growth of bushes or trees, or new constructions in adjacent properties, may also obstruct the signal to your dish. In such cases, you may have to move the dish if it's not possible to move the obstruction.

Don't automatically assume the dish is the problem. Check to see if the fault is evident on all of your televisions. If it isn't, the fault may lie with some of your home theater cabling, or even one of your televisions.

Common Causes Of Satellite Dish Issues

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Treating a satellite dish repair as a DIY project seems like an attractive way of saving on the cost of an electrician. If you have a ladder and a few hand tools, it's possible the only cost to you is your time and effort. However, diagnosing the exact nature of the fault may be time consuming, and working on a roof with electrical equipment and wiring is a dangerous proposition. Your efforts to save a few dollars by completing the work yourself could result in a hefty medical bill, costing you far more in the long run. Hiring a pro is safer and more convenient. The professionals have all the tools and skills necessary to quickly identify and remedy the fault, and as they know exactly what they are doing, there is a reduced risk of repeating faults in the future.

Satellite Dish Equipment

If you are determined to perform your own repairs, you need the correct tools for the job. Additionally, it's important to know what all the different parts of your satellite dish are:

  • The Mast: A tubular metal bracket for securing the dish in place. As the mast is hollow, it is possible to run cabling through it.
  • The Dish: The part of the system that receives the signal.
  • Cables: Run from the dish to the junction box at your property.
  • Motor: Not all dishes have a motor. A motor lets you adjust the position of the dish using a remote control.

How To Fix A Satellite Dish

How To Fix A Satellite Dish

The cause of a dish issue is not always apparent. If you notice a loss of picture quality, consider the following options:

  • If the weather is bad, wait for better weather and then check if the problem persists. In many cases, the fault is temporary.
  • Check the fault is on all of your televisions. If it isn't, the problem may be one television or the cables attached to it.
  • Replace the cables if necessary.
  • Check the fittings for the dish to make sure they are secure. Tighten them if necessary.
  • Clean the inside of the dish to remove debris.
  • Adjust the angle or position of the dish to avoid obstructions.

Bear in mind, some of these steps involve climbing onto your roof or working with electrical wiring. It's usually a better idea to hire an electrician, rather than trying to resolve the issue on your own.

Find A Pro

If you believe your dish is damaged or operating inefficiently, the best course of action is to employ a contractor to take a look. Professionals quickly identify faults that you might not be able to identify yourself, minimizing the time you are without your entertainment systems. Use online reviews and word of mouth recommendations to find a service professional who meets your expectations, and then shop around for competitive quotes.

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