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How Much Does it Cost to Screen in a Deck?

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National Decks & Porch Costs

$45 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$95 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does it Cost to Screen in a Deck?

The cost to have a screened-in deck built can vary depending on the area where a homeowner lives and the types of materials being used in the design. The best way to have a more accurate price per square foot is to have several estimates done based on the size and type of the screened-in deck that's being built. 

Average Costs of Materials for a Screened-in Deck

  • Minimum cost: $45 per square foot
  • Maximum cost: $95 per square foot

    Other factors that affect the total expense include the following:

    • Is there already an existing deck?
    • Is concrete needed for the deck?
    • What is the total size of the deck?
    • Does a roof need to be put on?
    • What is the design style of the deck?

    These are all questions that have to be considered when getting a screened-in deck estimated for the total cost. If there is an existing deck, the cost will go down tremendously because there will already be a frame in place for the deck, which will save money on needed materials. Screened-in decks are not typically do-it-yourself projects because there is a lot of work that has to be done in order to build the addition onto the home correctly.

    The size of the screened-in deck is going to determine the price per square foot the homeowner will be charged for. For instance, if the price is $60 per square foot for a 300-square-foot screened-in deck, the homeowner is going to be paying around $18,000. The estimate received from the company building the deck will generally include all of the materials being used and figure in the installation costs.

    If the deck does not have a roof over it already, one may need to be built for it in order to accommodate the screen. Professionals will have to build the cover into the design to ensure the deck is protected at all times. The type of roofing material used to match the home will contribute to the total cost.

    Different Types of Screen Materials

    There are several types of screens that can be used on screened-in decks, including:

    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Bronze
    • Stainless steel
    • Fiberglass
    • Vinyl-coated polyester

    The price of screens per square foot varies based on the type of screen material that is chosen. Each one may have different colors or shades that are available. Fiberglass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and vinyl-coated polyester are the cheaper options. They generally cost anywhere from $0.15 to $1.00 per square foot. Copper and bronze are the most expensive and range anywhere from $6 to $7 per square foot.

    Inside Decorations

    Inside decorations and amenities add to the final costs of the screened-in deck. Some of the following items may be installed on the interior:

    • Lamps
    • Ceiling fans
    • Lights fixtures in the ceiling
    • Hot tub
    • Plants
    • Chairs
    • Tables
    • Electrical outlets
    • Curtains
    • Grill
    • Outdoor speaker system
    • Other furniture pieces or accessories

    Inside decorations can be added slowly to a screened-in deck over time. This will allow the homeowner time to pay off the amount owed for the deck's installation, or they can try to figure in the costs of extra amenities when they receive their estimate for the job. If the homeowner knows the size of the deck they want to build, they can draw up a plan for where items are going to be placed inside the deck. This way, when they purchase items for the deck, they will know exactly where they will fit. This will help the homeowner with purchasing items before the screened-in deck is finished or at least pre-price the items they want to buy.

    Pros & Cons of a Screened-in Deck

    There are some disadvantages to having a screened-in deck. One of the first things that may come to mind is its location. During the summer seasons, a homeowner will want to ensure there is a breeze coming through. However, if there is a bad storm, the rain could blow into the screened-in deck. Any of the furniture inside could get wet. Also, screens could easily get torn.

    If that occurs, the homeowner will have to pay to have the screen repaired. The weather and location of the screened-in deck both play big roles in when individuals can actually use the deck or the amount of damage that it may receive.

    There are several great benefits to having a screened-in deck.

    • Homeowners get to enjoy the comfort of being outside and not having to worry about getting sunburned.
    • The deck will be able to protect against bugs as well.
    • Any expensive outdoor furniture will last longer since it's covered indoors.
    • The screened-in deck will also add value to the property.
    • It is great to enjoy during nice weather, and it is a great place to entertain guests.

    Getting a Screened-in Deck

    Once all of the costs and designs have been determined for the screened-in deck, it's time to get the job started. Hired professionals will get a screened-in deck finished properly and efficiently. They can go over the process with homeowners, so they understand exactly what is going to take place.

    A screened-in deck is the perfect way to enjoy a porch all year-round, no matter what the weather is like. Individuals do not have to worry about mosquitoes or other types of insects bothering them while they sit on the porch. Hot tubs and pools are great to have inside a screened-in deck, depending on it size. Homeowners can benefit from the extra room and add value to their homes. Individuals can have guests over to visit on a nice day and enjoy the convenience of their screened-in deck.

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