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How Much Does It Cost To Screen In A Patio?

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$7 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does It Cost To Screen In A Patio?

A patio is great for truly enjoying the outdoors, but many of us are not fortunate enough to have sunny and clear skies 365 days a year. If your city gets cold in the winter or sees a lot of rainfall, a screened in patio is the perfect addition.

While all screen patios come with an abundance of advantages, they don’t come without a cost. Continue reading to the see the average screen in patio prices near you. When you’re ready to add screens to your patio, ImproveNet can help you find local masons.

Table of Contents

  1. Screened In Patio Cost
  2. Patio Privacy Screen Cost Factors
  3. Patio Screen Types & Their Costs
  4. How To Save Money On Your Screened Patio
  5. Screen Patio Advantages
  6. Screen Patio Disadvantages
  7. How To Find Screened In Patio Contractor
  8. Find A Patio Contractor

Screened In Patio Cost

Unlike many other remodeling projects, screened patio costs have not fluctuated much. Furthermore, most remodeling prices range greatly based on materials, labor and various other factors. Screened in patios do not fall in this category.

  • At a minimum, screened-in patios cost $4.18/sf.
  • The average cost to screen in a patio is $5.28/sf.
  • At a maximum, screened-in patios cost $6.31/sf.
  • Most screen patios are roughly 200f. Therefore, on average, expect to spend $1,056 to screen in a patio.

Note: This price assumes you have an existing patio in place.

While the range is not vast, materials and labor can affect your final screened patio cost.

See the average screened in patio cost & how to reduce your future screened in patio installation price.

Material Costs

Just like a new deck, you have a few options when it comes to patio screens. Furthermore, besides the screens, you need other materials to ensure a safe and beautiful screened patio.

To begin, what type of screen do you want to use? Typically, fiberglass supports are chosen as a way of supporting the overall structure. Fiberglass is ideal because it’s lightweight yet durable, and it’s also the most affordable option. Aluminum can also be used as support. Although it’s more expensive, aluminum screens are more durable than fiberglass.

Base strips are also necessary for securing the privacy screen to the deck or patio in addition to a quality insect screening as well. If you’re looking for more protection, some homeowners choose to have their patios completely enclosed. However, patio enclosures cost more than just screened patios.

Labor Costs

More often than not, homeowners find reliable patio or deck contractors to screen in their patios. No one’s time is free and as such, you must consider labor costs as well.

If you’re lucky, your local masons will include installation with their bid. If not, you have to assume higher costs, somewhere between $1/sf and $3/sf. If labor was not included in the original cost, professional installation could add between $250 and $400 to your total patio screen project.

Patio Privacy Screen Cost Factors

Materials and labor make up a majority of your screened patio price, but there are a few other factors you should consider before screening in your patio. Keep all in mind before you embark on any screening project.

  1. Screen Type: Aluminum costs more than fiberglass and high-quality screens cost more than low-quality screens. You can see the various screen types and their costs below.
  2. Mason: Different patio contractors charge different amounts for labor. Your location, patio size, and specific project all affect their labor cost. As such, it pays to gather multiple quotes for any patio screening project.
  3. Kneewall: A kneewall is located at the bottom of your patio. Some homeowners like screens all the way down the patio and others like a more solid wall at the bottom. Added support greatly comes in handy during heaving rainstorms. Kneewalls cost more than screens, but if you’re looking to protect your patio or screened-in porch, you may want to consider kneewalls.
  4. Existing Patio: The cost above assumes you already have a patio. If not, your total project cost just went up. The average price to install a patio is just under $3,000.
  5. Existing Patio Cover: Most patios have existing covers, but others do not. If not, you should probably add one along with your new patio screens. After all, if you’re paying to protect the sides of your patio, you might as well protect the top.
  6. Doors: Most patios lead out to larger backyards and as such, require an entry. Most patio screen installations include one screen door. If you add any more, your screened in patio cost will go up.

Patio enclosures costs vary. See patio privacy screen cost factors & find a patio contractor.

Patio Screen Types & Their Costs

We live in a world full of options and patio screens are no different. No matter what size patio you own or why you want to install such an application, it’s not hard to find the perfect screen for your patio. See all patio screen types, their prices and pros and cons below:

Patio Screen Type

Starting Price







Vinyl-Coated Polyester




Stainless Steel




Pet Screen







By far the most popular type of screen, fiberglass is also the most affordable patio screen. While fiberglass comes in many colors, it wil not rust and is easy to install, fiberglass screens are sensitive and can easily tear in not handled correctly. Fiberglass patio screens start at $0.15/sf.


The other standard screen across the country is aluminum. These screens are not heavy and bend just a bit, which helps with installation. However, aluminum patio screens do glare at times and can dent just like fiberglass. Since they do last longer than fiberglass, their higher installation cost makes sense. Aluminum patio screens start at $0.25/sf.


If you get eaten alive every time you go outside on your patio, you may need noseeum patio screens. These screens are designed to keep out the tiniest of creatures. Fortunately, they do not cost as much as most options. Noseeum patio screens start at $0.25/sf.

The average cost of a screened in porch is approx. $1,000.

Vinyl-Coated Polyester

Vinyl-coated polyester screens are perfect for very hot climates. They keep your patio cool when you need it and they last longer than aluminum. Vinyl-coated polyester screens start at $0.45/sf.


Bronze contains many similarities to brass. It’s fairly stiff, but can be bent to help with installation. It typically comes in a dark brown color, but also discolors as time goes on. Unlike brass, it’s not adversely affected by saltwater. Bronze patio privacy screens start at $0.90/sf.

Stainless Steel

The strongest patio screen on the market is stainless steel. They can take a beating, unlike any other patio screen option. As such, they last for years with minimal maintenance. Luckily, prices start at $1/sf.


If your patio sees a ton of sunlight, you should consider installing solar screens. Solar screens, like solar shades, block 90% of the sun’s rays. Besides the glare, it also blocks the heat. Solar screens can make patios 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Because solar screens require a special mesh, they do cost more. Solar patio screens start at $1.20/sf.

Pet Screen

We love our dogs and cats, but if you have any pets, consider installing pet screens. These patio screens are made to resist scratches and dents. However, they offer less visibility than other screens and are more expensive. As such, most homeowners install pet screens on the bottom half of their patios. Pet patio screens start at $1.70/sf.


Like bronze, brass has a strong tensile strength and comes in a vibrant yellow color. However, after years of rain and snow, your brass patio screen could discolor if you don’t take care of it. Brass patio screens start at $6/sf.


Copper is one of the easiest materials to install. During installation, it cuts and bends easily. The color starts off as yellow but over the years, can turn to black. Copper patio screens start at $7/sf.

Screen porch prices vary. See all patio screen types & their screened in patio costs.

How To Save Money On Your Screened Patio

Beyond choosing fiberglass, there are a few ways to save on your screened patio installation price. From DIYing, the project to limiting the number of materials and doors, the tactics below will surely keep your screening in patio project cost below the average.

  1. DIY: If you already have beams in place, you can purchase patio screens from any Home Depot and install them yourself. Even though most professional masons have been in the business for years, many fiberglass and aluminum screens have easy DIY applications.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes: Most reputable contractors these days are happy to offer a free estimate for your project. In addition to receiving multiple quotes, you’ll get to meet and see how the patio contractor works. As always, besides price, business acumen, experience and a host of other factors should be considered.
  3. Partial Screens: Some backyards see little rainfall or sun. If that is the case, consider partially screening your patio or just installing window screens. You’ll save on materials and installation time.
  4. Doors: Do not install more than one screened in patio door.
  5. Opt for Standard Screens: Some screens close and open with a remote. These retractable screens cost more than your standard screened-in patio.

Screen Patio Advantages

While it can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to add a screen around your entire patio, they bring a host of advantages. Considering how many homeowners are adding privacy screens, it seems the benefits below far outweigh the costs.

First and foremost, patio screens make your patio much more comfortable. Whether your patio gets extensive sun exposure in the afternoon, experience a few flies here and there or sees heavy rain every fall, any patio screen ensures maximum comfortability.

Additionally, those of us in the Midwest or on the East Coast see the temperature drop every winter. Without a screened in deck or patio, that space is useless for at least a quarter of the year. Fortunately, since patio screens can block out a portion of the outside temperature, you could still use your patio in December if you install a new screen.

Finally, screened-in patios increase the value of your home. Most home remodeling projects see a return on investments (ROI) below 50%. Well, the ROI of most patio screen projects hover around 80%. So, beyond extended use, you can also expect more the day you sell your home.

See how much it costs to cover a patio with a screen.

Screen Patio Disadvantages

No home material is perfect and neither are screened patio screens. We touched on a few of the drawbacks earlier, but it pays to review all before you make a final decision.

To start off, the cost to screen in a patio is not cheap. Many of us could use that $1,000 on utility bills or fixing appliances within the home. Since screens are not 100% necessary, unlike a fridge or stove, the $1,000 price is an optional expense.

Earlier, we mentioned that certain patio screens discolor with time. To delay this process, you have to maintain and clean your screens. Take the screens off and gently vacuum the screens. Then, mix soap and water and gently clean the screens with a rag or hose. While it’s off, clear off any debris in the tracks.

Finally, while stainless steel patio screens are quite durable, fiberglass and aluminum do not last forever. Over time, it may be necessary to replace parts of the screening.

How To Find Screened In Patio Contractor

Some homeowners give it a go and try to install patio screens on their own. Most, on the other hand, hire experienced and reputable patio contractors. If you fall into the latter, use the tips below to find the best screened in patio contractor.

  1. Ask Friends: The best way to find a contractor is through a referral. If they did a good job for a friend, chances are, they’re a good contractor.
  2. Get Free Quotes Online: There are a few online services that help you find reliable patio contractors near you, free of charge. With ImproveNet, finding a patio screen contractor takes less than five minutes.
  3. Look at Reviews: Once you find two or three patio contractors, look at their reviews and portfolio. The only way to get an honest and objective opinion of a pro is to see what other homeowners who hired them say.
  4. Do Not Skimp: Chances are, you’ll receive bids that range from as low as a few hundred dollars to as high as $3,000. Do not go with the cheapest contractor. Cheap work comes with cheap results.

Find A Patio Contractor

Overall, a screened-in patio can be a wonderful addition to any home. Not only can a screened-in patio help homeowners better utilize your outdoor spaces, but they can also add significant resale value to the home. Homeowners looking to make a wise home improvement investment should consider patio screens.

As always, if you’re ready to start your project, ImproveNet can help you find reliable patio screen contractors near you within 24 hours!

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