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Automatic Driveway Gate Cost

Most homeowners spend between $991 to $1,978 nationally.
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Adding an automatic gate at the end of your driveway can go a long way toward helping you and your family feel safe and secure in your home. By providing an extra physical barrier only you can open or close, you can protect your loved ones and property from thieves, vandals and other intruders. Needless to say, however, this or any other type of security measure comes at a price.

Understanding how much residential electric gates cost will be essential for budgeting your project. When figuring out your overall security gate price, you’ll need to consider a number of factors beyond the type of materials. Depending on all of these variables, you can expect to spend up to several thousand dollars. How much does a security gate cost when it’s all said and done? Read on to learn more.

National Install a Security Gate Costs

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National Average Cost $1,839
Minimum Cost $75
Maximum Cost $5,000
Average Range $991 to $1,978
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Driveway Gate Cost Factors

How much does it cost to install a security gate at the end of your driveway? The answer, perhaps not surprisingly, is that it depends a lot on what choices you make during the planning process. What follows is a basic list of the factors that can influence your overall security gate installation cost.


This may be the single most important element of calculating your electric driveway gates cost. What material you choose may depend on what you want your new gate to look like; the amount of maintenance you want to put into it after installation; or how much you’re willing to spend. Here are a few of the most popular options, from least expensive to most expensive:

  • Vinyl: Although this option will keep your final price tag lower, be warned that it is more susceptible to damage than other materials.
  • Wood: This provides a classy look with high curb appeal. However, it does require a lot of regular maintenance to protect it from the elements.
  • Wrought iron: Even with added strength and virtually limitless decorative options, this is still one of the most difficult types of gates to install, which can drive up your costs.
  • Steel: Although steel provides a higher degree of protection and requires little maintenance, its weight makes it a bad choice for certain areas with softer soil.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and durable, this material can be a good choice for numerous situations. However, bear in mind that it can dent more easily than other options.


Choosing a professional contractor to handle your installation is a smart move, but it will influence your final security gate cost. You may be charged a flat fee or pay an hourly rate. Typically, you can expect a pro to charge you anywhere between $30 to $80 per hour for labor. A typical 12-foot gate can run you between $3,000 and $12,000 to install, depending on the experience level of the contractors and the difficulty of the job.


Your automatic gate will require a motor to move it back and forth, and there are several different styles and configurations. A complete opener kit can cost between $850 and $4,500. In most cases, the system you need will be determined by the type of gate you select and its complexity. Cantilevered designs, for example, require a motor with enough power to move it. This adds more to the cost of electric gates.

Remote Control System

This can range from a clicker device you keep in your car all the way up to intercom and camera systems to vet visitors before you allow them to enter. Some units even come with transponders that activate the gate automatically as you drive up to it. Whether you choose a relatively simple system or one that features more bells and whistles, you should be aware that all gates will require regular maintenance. This includes annual inspections, replacement of worn components, and comprehensive testing. All of this is necessary to ensure that everything continues to function properly.

Size & Scope

The larger it is, the more you can expect the cost of your automatic gate to be. The average size is roughly 12 linear feet, but the width of your driveway could mean yours will be larger or smaller. You should also take into consideration the potential difficulty of the installation. Sloping driveways or unstable soils can make the work more challenging and therefore more expensive.

The Advantages Of Automatic Security Gates

There are a number of reasons you should consider adding an electric gate to your property. Beyond the obvious deterrent it presents to intruders, an automatic security gate also provides you with:

  • Additional privacy: Having a gate can be a good way to prevent solicitors and other uninvited guests from ringing your doorbell and wasting your time. It also makes it more difficult for others to see into your yard or through your windows.
  • Lower insurance costs: Your homeowner’s insurance policy can become less costly if you introduce added security measures such as one of these gates.
  • Higher property value: Having an added layer of protection for your home can make it more appealing to potential buyers. In addition, an attractive gate can help boost the curb appeal of your entire lot.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Even though you might think you can install an electric gate yourself, you should reconsider. Hiring a qualified, experienced professional contractor to install this or any other type of security feature will ensure the best overall results. This is because a pro will come to your home equipped with all of the tools and know-how to make your gate as strong and easy to use as possible. Installing one of these gates requires a lot of work that falls well outside the capabilities of most do-it-yourselfers, so be aware.

Find A Pro In Your Area

Hiring a professional to install your driveway gate or any other type of home security measure can be challenging. Fortunately, ImproveNet is here to help. We can connect you with up to four contractors in your area who can provide quick quotes. Begin by filling out our project form and qualified pros in your neighborhood will be in touch.


Will I Need A Permit To Install A Gate?

It depends on where you live. Before you get started on your project, reach out to your municipality and find out whether or not you are required to obtain a permit.

Can These Gates Still Be Opened Manually?

In the event of power failure or malfunction, automatic driveway gates can be operated manually. Most require the use of a key to deactivate the system before this can be attempted.

How Wide Is A Standard Gate?

The most common types of automated gates are 16 feet in width. However, many models range between 10-18 feet wide to fit a larger variety of driveways.

Do These Systems Require A Lot Of Power To Run?

Not at all. Even the most sophisticated of these systems draws a minimal amount of electricity, so you won’t have to worry about inflating your utility bills.

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