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Shadowbox Fence Cost Guide

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National Fencing Costs

$8.25 per linear ft. Minimum Cost
$12.85 per linear ft. Maximum Cost

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Shadowbox Fence Cost Guide

A shadowbox fence is a type of wood enclosure that is popular for its aesthetic value. Red cedar and treated pine wood are typically used in its creation. Cedar pickets and rails are generally recommended over pine wood since they are less likely to warp or bow. 

Minimum & Maximum Costs

For the material required to build a shadowbox fence that is 140 lineal feet and 6 feet tall, customers can expect to pay the following prices:

  • Basic materials can cost anywhere from $1,155 to $1,260.
  • Medium-quality materials can cost anywhere from $1,365 up to $1,533.
  • High-quality shadowbox fencing materials can cost anywhere from $1,575 up to $1,799.

Average Costs for Fencing Styles:

  • The average cost for a 4 x 8 cedar traditional wood lattice panel is $18.97 each, or around $246 per 100 feet.
  • The average price of concave fencing panels is $13.25 per foot or around $1,325 per 100 feet.
  • The average price for gothic fencing material is $14.75 per foot or $1,475 per 100 feet.

Why Choose Shadowbox Fencing? 

A shadowbox fence can offer several advantages to homeowners. Since it looks the same on both sides, this board-on-board fence is considered more decorative than standard privacy fence styles. This type of fence is a considerable way for homeowners to mark boundary lines while also allowing their neighbor to enjoy the view. The natural look of cedar or pine wood will go well with any type of exterior home design, and the ornamental style will add more value to any residential property. 

Different Types of Shadowbox Fencing 

There are three main types of shadowbox fencing styles that homeowners can use to give their property a brand new look while adding more protection and declaring boundaries. These types include:

  • Lattice top
  • Convex design
  • Gothic posts

Lattice top fences can be expensive, but they provide a tall and unique design that can be worth the price. The top edge of the fence features a smooth, straight line over a woven pattern. These fences can also feature varying section heights to provide a designer look. Lattice top fences can transform a simple backyard into a peaceful garden landscape with a classic Olde English border surrounding it. 

Convex design fences are popular for their decorative design as well. They feature curves along the top of the fence’s edge that create the illusion of waves. This design is featured on both sides of the fence and makes an interesting addition to any residential property. Convex design shadowbox fences are typically made of woods such as cedar and pine. 

Shadowbox fences featuring gothic posts or tips can look very elegant in natural or varnished wood. Homeowners can customize the look of their fence by choosing how close the Gothic-tipped panels will fit together and if any cross boards will be used to connect them. A Gothic post will also have a pointed arch, and the series of decorative tips will help to add more height to the fence. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages to choosing this type of fence.

  • Shadowbox fencing can be a cost-effective means for homeowners to add more privacy to their property.
  • It can provide full or partial privacy, depending on the individual’s needs.
  • Shadowbox fencing material is usually light and easy to work with.
  • It can be painted to provide a customized look and can be purchased in any shape or size.
  • Shadowbox is also an environmentally friendly form of fencing since wood is biodegradable. 

Homeowners hoping to purchase long-lasting fencing materials may want to consider installing a different type of fence.

  • Shadowbox fences use wood material that has a limited lifespan of around 5 to 10 years, depending on the amount of maintenance that it receives.
  • The wood will need to be painted and treated regularly in order for it to look its best.
  • Decomposing wood can be vulnerable to dry root and fungus.
  • Once wood begins to dry out, it can fade, crack or warp.
  • There is usually no type of warranty available for wooden fences, and these materials often require the highest amount of maintenance. 

List of Common Installation Tools

  • Posthole diggers to create tall, narrow holes for fence posts
  • Tape measure to determine distance between posts
  • Level for setting the post and keeping the pickets even
  • Power drill
  • Hammer
  • Power saw for trimming pickets if needed
  • Carpenter’s pencil to mark pickets for trimming

Additional Information

Using treated posts and cedar rails when installing a shadowbox fence will provide homeowners with a contrasting look. The difference in color and tone between the posts and the rails will be very noticeable at first. Over time, the cedar will weather and turn gray in color, and eventually both the rails and posts will look the same. 

Shadowbox fences can add beauty to any property and increase the resale value of a home. Owners receive a good amount of privacy from these fences, but they are not restricted from communicating with their neighbors. These wooden fences are less expensive than those made of chain link, PVC or brick material. However, they will require more maintenance than fences that are not made of wood. Taking good care of a shadowbox fence will help to preserve the materials so that it will look as good as new for many years to come. 

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    Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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