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How Much Does It Cost To Fabricate Sheet Metal?

Most homeowners spend between $1,000 to $4,000 nationally.
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Sheet metal is a durable, versatile material with a range of applications for residential and commercial properties. Despite the metal's strength, exposure to the elements causes damage, so you may need to repair or replace it, but how much does sheet metal cost? Prices vary, so it pays to learn about the cost of sheet metal fabrication.

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National Fabricate Sheet Metal Costs

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National Average Cost $2,140
Minimum Cost $800
Maximum Cost $4,000
Average Range $1,000 to $4,000
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Table of Contents

  1. Sheet Metal Fabrication Cost
  2. Sheet Metal Repair Causes
  3. Common Sheet Metal Repairs
  4. Where To Buy Sheet Metal
  5. Where To Use Sheet Metal
  6. Find A Pro

Sheet Metal Fabrication Cost

The question, "How much is sheet metal?" doesn't have a simple answer. The cost of sheet metal depends on a range of factors, including the type of metal, the size and thickness of the sheets, the type of finish and whether production involves custom sheet metal fabrication techniques. Your geographical region and the haulage costs also affect the price.

Usually, the sheet metal fabrication cost ranges from $754 to $1,624 for materials and labor, at an average of $1,189. A small project using sheet metal costs as little as $300, while a large project costs as much as $2,500.

Whether you’re building a home or repairing a garden shed, when working out sheet metal costs for your project, bear in mind other cost-saving benefits. The ease of installation lowers the length of the project, and metal is relatively low maintenance, which reduces costs over time.

Sheet Metal Repair Causes

Sheet Metal Repair Causes

Sheet metal is strong and durable, and it often has fire-resistant treatments. However, metal commonly features in outside areas, such as a decorative awning for a new patio or a roof for a new shed, and is therefore subject to prolonged exposure to the elements and other factors that cause damage:

  • Strong winds lift and bend metal, twisting and deforming rivets or blowing down metal fences.
  • The expansion and contraction associated with changes in temperature eventually weaken the metal.
  • Moss, debris, rain and sea spray corrode the metal.
  • Vermin chew around fixtures.
  • Hard impacts dent, buckle or crack metal.

Frequently, immediate action to resolve minor damage prevents more serious issues. It's possible to save on sheet metal costs by making repairs as soon as possible.

Common Sheet Metal Repairs

One of the many benefits of sheet metal is how easy it is to repair or replace. Repair options depend on the nature of the damage and the type of metal:

  • Repainting: Corrosion and staining are easy to resolve by applying a coat of metal paint. Sand off any rust with sandpaper or aluminum wool before painting to ensure thorough paint adhesion and an attractive, long-lasting finish.
  • Repairing Rivets: Rivets in metal may deform or come loose as a result of expansion and contraction or trauma causing the metal to bend. Drill into the head of the damaged rivet with a pneumatic hand drill, taking care not to damage any of the surrounding metal, and then install a new rivet.
  • Fixing Scratches & Dents: Repairing a scratch immediately prevents the onset of rust and cracking. Polish scratches with a grinder, and then reapply the finish if necessary.
  • Repair Cracks: Small cracks grow as the metal expands, contracts and vibrates. As a temporary measure, drill a small hole at each end of the crack to prevent it from getting any larger, and then patch the crack with a small sheet of metal.
  • Replacing Sheet Metal: It's possible to patch cracks, but if the damage is too severe or you want a more attractive finish, you need to replace the full sheet of metal.

Handling sheet metal is potentially dangerous due to the weight and sharp edges. When repairing sheet metal, always wear protective gloves and eyewear. If in doubt, find a contractor to handle the repair work for you.

Common Sheet Metal Repairs

Where To Buy Sheet Metal

Hardware stores and online retailers stock a variety of sheet metal. Metal is commonly available in fixed lengths, such as 24 inches by 3 feet, although some stores may offer a cutting service. For large or complex projects with specific metalwork requirements, contact a sheet metal fabricator. These professional craftspeople make sheet metal in the size, thickness and finish you need. The cost of metal sheets from a custom fabricator is generally higher than purchasing pre-fabricated sheets from a store.

Where To Use Sheet Metal

Sheet metal's flexibility makes it easy to work with, while its durability and hardwearing finish make it suitable for use inside and outside. The sheet metal fabrication process involves laser cutting, precision forming, welding and powder coating to create a bespoke product that fits the specific requirements of the project.

Common uses for sheet metal include the construction of outside buildings such as sheds and garages, and making roofs. Due to its flexibility, you can shape sheet metal to create interesting architectural features or create functional products such as gutters and snow-retention systems. Metal is a common material in the construction of awnings, which is a simple way to improve the usability of an outdoor space.

Where To Buy Sheet Metal

Find A Pro

A sheet of metal is an excellent building material for projects ranging from making a fence to constructing an industrial building. Look for sheet metal fabricators in your local area. ImproveNet's online search function makes it easy to find professionals with the necessary skills and tools to get the job done quickly and to a very high standard. It's a good idea to get several quotes, and you should check exactly what each quote includes to avoid unexpected fees for haulage or specialist treatments. Remember that price isn't everything; paying a slightly higher metal sheet cost to employ a sheet metal fabricator with an established business and positive reviews may result in a better quality product.

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