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How Much Do Glass Shower Panels Cost?

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National Bathroom Costs

$700 Minimum Cost
$1,900 Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Glass Shower Panels Cost?

Shower glass panels are becoming the new standard in bathroom remodels across the country. They are not only affordable, but they also make smaller bathrooms appear larger, are easy to clean and can be customized to fit any layout or design you wish. Therefore, those who would like to give their bathroom a high-end look while working under a decent budget should consider installing new shower glass panels.

Once you review all glass wall panel costs below, make sure you get multiple quotes from local shower contractors.

Table of Contents

  1. Shower Glass Panel Costs
  2. Types Of Glass Wall Panels & Their Costs
  3. Other Shower Wall Options & Their Costs
  4. Glass Shower Panel Thickness & Hinges
  5. Glass Shower Panel Designs
  6. Advantages Of Glass Wall Panels
  7. Disadvantages Of Glass Wall Panels
  8. DIY Or Hire A Bathroom Contractor?
  9. Find A Bathroom Contractor

Shower Glass Panel Costs

Glass shower walls vary in size, thickness and design. However, after comparing costs across the country, shower glass panels costs range between:

  • Minimum Cost: $700
  • Maximum Cost: $1,900

Shower glass panels can be purchased in a variety of styles and quality levels. These differences can have a major effect on the overall price of materials. Homeowners who are on a tight budget may choose to go with discount or closeout-quality glass panels that can run anywhere from $740 up to $1,045. Value-grade panels can be found for $1,075 up to $1,525, and top-quality, superior-grade shower panels can cost from $1,310 up to $1,860.

Shower Glass Panel Costs

Types Of Glass Wall Panels & Their Costs

While the glass panel cost range is relatively low, there are a few different types of glass panels to choose from. Before you add glass shower walls or full bath/shower enclosures, you should consider all glass panel types, their costs and their pros and cons.

  1. Clear Glass: This is the standard glass shower panel. It’s easy to maintain and should not cost more than $1,200.
  2. HDglass Low-Iron Glass: All clear glass contains a small greenish hue, somewhat altering your view of the shower and bathroom. HDglass gets rid of that hue. HDglass costs roughly 30% more than clear glass.
  3. Frosted Glass: One side of the glass is etched. It provides a bit more privacy but does not let as much light in as clear glass. Frosted glass is one step up from clear glass when it comes to pricing.
  4. Gray Glass: If you prefer glass but want the privacy that comes with shower curtains, install gray glass. They are equal to tints on a car. Gray glass, along with bronze and rain, are in the same price range as frosted glass shower walls.
  5. Bronze Glass: This unique choice is a lot like gray, but not as dark. It adds a truly unique look in your bathroom.
  6. Rain Glass: The most decorative shower panels come with rain glass. Only one side of the glass is patterned. Rain glass hides stains very well compared to the other options above.

Other Shower Wall Options & Their Costs

While glass is certainly the hot trend on the block, there are other shower wall ideas on the market. Some cost more and some cost less. Some fit well with your bathroom design and layout, while some do not.

Before you start any bathroom or shower remodeling project, consider all shower wall options below:







Lots of options, cheap and easy to install

Old and will not increase your home value



Very popular, easy to install and cheap

Part of an older design



Can look like glass or other more expensive options

Not as durable as tile, stone or glass



Easy to DIY

Need waterproof, oil-based paint



Can match the entire bathroom and offers unique designs

Tile can get very expensive



Makes your bathroom appear larger and easy to clean or repair

Lends itself to modern designs



Offers a natural and exotic look

Expensive and must hire a pro to install

Types Of Glass Wall Panels

Glass Shower Panel Thickness & Hinges

Besides the type of glass you choose, the thickness will also influence your shower glass cost. While there are only two options, it does make your glass panel buying decision a little easier.

3/8-Inch Shower Glass Panels

If you need to spend less on your glass walls, go with 3/8-inch thick glass panels. This is the smallest size available. If you see smaller, do not buy it. Anything less is not safe. Three-eighth-inch thick glass assures sound and quality construction

1/2-Inch Shower Glass Panels

For the greatest strength and safety, go with premium 1/2-inch thick glass panels. While it is of course more expensive than 3/8-inch thickness, it’s more durable and has a more substantial feel to it.

No matter what thickness you choose, pay close attention to the hinges. Pros use hinges to attach the glass panels to the walls and/or shower. All hinges should be able to hold 1/2-inch glass shower panels. Nonetheless, as expected, hinges will operate better and last longer when they are attached to 3/8-inch glass panels because they are holding less weight.

Note that some glass panels will have to hold a glass shower door as well. When this occurs, the hinges must hold more weight. Therefore, if you’re installing a glass shower door, make sure the hinges can hold the extra weight.

Glass Shower Panel Thickness & Hinges

Glass Shower Panel Designs

The final cost factor is of course the design of your shower glass panels. There are a number of different styles and designs of shower panels available. Most traditional shower panels are around 3.5 to 5 feet in height and rectangular in shape. These panels can be wave-shaped, irregular or ovular, in addition to the classic rectangle design, allowing for a variety of customized looks. Frames are available in different materials and colors with the most common being metal or waterproof plastic.

Of course, if you have frameless glass shower doors, you should consider doing the same for your glass shower walls.

Advantages Of Glass Wall Panels

By now, you’re probably ready to install glass shower wall panels. However, if you were looking for a final push, we have the answer. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their bathroom with glass shower panels because:

  • They increase the value of your home
  • They make small bathrooms appear much larger
  • They are easier to clean and maintain
  • Many spa-like features are available
  • Glass panels can be used to create a customized look

First and foremost, glass bathroom walls can add value to a home and make the bathroom more functional. This renovation can also provide more space inside small bathrooms because most shower panels are installed directly to the wall and connected to the room's plumbing system. A shower panel offers a modern interior design option, while only taking up a small amount of space on the wall. When using glass panels and doors, more light is allowed into the room, which can also contribute to making the bathroom look much larger than it is.

Shower panels can also add versatility and make bathing easier and more enjoyable. With features such as swiveling water jets, overhead rainfall faucets and handheld sprayers, homeowners are able to experience a spa-like treatment without ever leaving their home. The sleek design of these panels makes them very easy to clean.

Another benefit to installing glass shower panels is that they are economical when compared to installing large bathtubs and other accessories as part of a bathroom remodel. Shower panels can be a budget-friendly option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable way to remodel their bathroom. Panels are available in various price ranges, making it easy for anyone to upgrade to this contemporary or modern style.

Finally, glass panels can be simple or extravagant. Depending on your budget, you could add extras such as detachable hand showers, rainfall shower heads, multiple body sprays and colorful LED lighting.

Advantages Of Glass Wall Panels

Disadvantages Of Glass Wall Panels

Just like the other shower wall options, glass is not immune to a few drawbacks. While they are the preferred shower wall nowadays, one must review the disadvantages of installing glass wall panels.

  • Glass panels can be dangerous if improperly installed.
  • Panels made from glass can be heavy and difficult to install, which could increase costs.
  • Desirable options are out of some price ranges.

Glass panels, much like stone, are heavy and can seriously injure someone if it detaches from the hinges or breaks. Due to its weight, along with the safety risks, homeowners hire professional shower contractors to install glass shower panels. Paying someone else to install does cost more than a DIY project, but the safety risk can’t be understated.

If you chose plastic, acrylic, laminate or paint for your walls, you could safely DIY. You won’t only save money on materials, but installation as well.

Keeping with our price theme, glass panels cost (materials) more than most shower wall ideas. After installing a brand new shower, many homeowners opt to save and install more affordable panels.

DIY Or Hire A Bathroom Contractor?

As just saw, one of the few disadvantages of installing glass wall panels is installation. While installing glass shower panels is doable without a pro, many hire a professional contractor for the following reasons:

Firstly, glass panels are expensive. To ensure your expensive walls make it into your bathroom safely, without damage, many homeowners prefer to hire a pro.

Safety is another concern. If a glass panels falls or breaks, it can be dangerous. The same can’t be said for laminate, paint or other more affordable options.

Finally, glass panels are heavy. Even if you have experience installing laminate shower walls, glass is another beast all together. You’ll need at least one friend to help you install even smaller glass panels.

Nevertheless, we admire those ready to take the DIY leap of faith. See how to install glass shower panels without a professional.

Find A Bathroom Contractor

Find A Bathroom Contractor

Glass shower walls and panels are becoming the new norm in remodeled bathrooms across the country. While they are a bit more expensive, they increase your home’s value, make small bathrooms appear larger and offer plenty of customization.

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