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Shower Costs

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Popular Showers Projects

Install Cabinets

$4,305 average

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$395 average

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Refinish Cabinets

$2,456 average

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Install Countertops

$2,719 average

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Every home has a shower. While these showers can vary in size, style and design, they all serve a basic purpose and are a practical necessity within the home. If you're planning to remodel your existing bathroom, then having a clearer picture of the costs, basics and trends associated with this kind of project can help. Let this guide inform you of price guidelines for everything from shower enclosures to shower heads and shower doors.

Once completed, be sure to connect with local bathroom contractors who can make your dream shower a reality.

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Types of Kitchen Remodel Projects Average National Cost
Install Cabinets $4,305
Install a Shower $2,997
Install a Bathtub or Shower liner $2,552
Install a Glass Shower Door $840
Refinish a Bathtub $436
Repair a Glass Shower Door $203

Table of Contents

  1. Shower Projects
  2. Shower Installation Cost
  3. Shower Liner Installation Cost
  4. Tub Shower Installation Cost
  5. Glass Shower Door Installation Cost
  6. Shower Tiling Cost
  7. Tiling A Customized Walk-In Shower Cost
  8. Plumbing Installation Cost
  9. Drainage Installation Cost
  10. Steam Shower Installation Cost
  11. Electric Shower Installation Cost
  12. Glass Shower Door Repair Cost
  13. Shower Retiling Cost
  14. Shower Tile Reglazing Cost
  15. Shower Tile & Grout Cleaning Cost
  16. Shower Tile Regrout Cost
  17. Drain Line Repair Cost
  18. Clogged Drain Repair Cost
  19. Shower Material Costs
  20. Shower Door Costs & Options
  21. Other Shower Cost Factors
  22. Shower Head Designs
  23. Find A Pro

Shower Projects

As you can imagine, there are plenty of projects that revolve around your bathroom shower. Whether you’re updating your shower head, adding a brand new walk in shower or installing a glass shower door, the overall shower prices will vary based on your space and budget.

Nevertheless, we are going to dive into the following shower projects, their costs and a few of their design trends. 

  1. Install A Shower
  2. Install Bathtub or Shower Liner
  3. Install A Shower-Tub
  4. Install Glass Shower Door
  5. Tile New Shower
  6. Install New Plumbing
  7. Install Drainage
  8. Install Steam Shower
  9. Install Electric Shower
  10. Repair Glass Shower Door
  11. Retile Shower
  12. Reglaze Shower Tile
  13. Clean Shower Tile & Grout
  14. Regrout Shower Tile
  15. Repair Drain Line
  16. Repair Clogged Drain

Shower Installation Cost

If you’re working with new construction, you’ll need to determine a reasonable amount to spend on your shower installation. According to our cost guide, the average price to install a new shower is $2,689. However, we have seen basic shower install costs as little as $300 and as high as $10,000 (must have been a really nice shower). Keep in mind, if you’re remodeling or adding a new bathroom, the shower should cost about one-third of the total bathroom cost.

On the other hand, many homeowners will replace or remodel their current shower. In that case, you have to research specific costs that go into shower remodeling such as tiling, adding a door and various other projects listed below.

Shower Liner Installation Cost

A Shower liner is essentially the floor of your new or remodeled shower. One of the most common ways to add a shower to a bathroom is to simply purchase a ready-made liner and have it delivered right to the home. Since these items are incredibly heavy, you’ll almost certainly need professional assistance to place it in the right location within the bathroom. Then, a plumber will need to connect the liner to the water pipes in the bathroom. The costs of this project will depend on whether the plumbing is already in the correct location and the size and style of shower liner, but average shower liner installation costs roughly $2,332.

Bear in mind, this cost will depend largely on your personal preference. If you’re remodeling, you may have to pay more to have your new shower liner blend in with your current design. If you want to save on your shower remodel, go with an acrylic, PVC or polymer surface.

Tub Shower Installation Cost

Tub Shower Installation Cost

In many ways, the cost of installing a tub shower is similar to that of installing a shower liner. If you’re purchasing a single piece that can be simply attached to the existing plumbing, then your costs can stay on the lower end of the spectrum. If you want to tile the bath surround, however, prices can go up. On average, homeowners should be prepared to pay between $2,500 and $3,686 for a combination tub/shower installation.

Glass Shower Door Installation Cost

For many people, a simple shower rail and curtain are sufficient, but if you can afford it, you may want to opt for a full shower enclosure. A glass shower door not only adds value to your remodeled bathroom, but is design friendly and keeps nearly 100% of your water in the actual shower. Nevertheless, the added value comes with a price. Installing a shower door can start as low as $100, but glass doors will be more expensive, costing closer to $800.

If you’re adding a glass shower door, the overall cost will largely fluctuate based on the design and labor necessary. Chances are, your bathroom design is unique and as such, requires a unique glass shower door. Glass companies that have to create custom doors from scratch usually charge more than they would for those that they can build from standard precut sizes.

Finally, the bigger the door, the harder it is to install. As such, heavier glass shower doors will cost more than a standard shower door.

Shower Tiling Cost

Shower tile makes your bathroom stand out. Shower tile adds to the aroma that you seek every night when you step inside your bathroom ready to take a long, hot shower. Fortunately, there are plenty of different tile materials to choose from. Unfortunately, tile prices vary greatly and can make or break your shower remodeling budget.

On the low end, shower tile can cost as little as $1/sf for ceramic tile. On the high end, we have seen tile prices go as high as $84/sf. Clearly there is a wide range. To see all types of shower tile as well as their costs, please view our shower tiling cost guide.

Tiling A Customized Walk-In Shower Cost

If you would prefer to have a full walk-in shower rather than a pre-made liner, the costs will go up substantially because of the labor involved. The shower pan at the base as well as the kind of tiles that are used for the shower will all impact the overall price, but the average costs tends to remain just over $3,600.

Plumbing Installation Cost

While many homeowners won’t have to deal with new plumbing, the average cost is something all remodelers should be aware of. After all, some of you may be installing a brand new bathroom that requires new plumbing. Likewise, if you’re completely changing the layout of your current bathroom, you may need to install new pipes.

While $1,517 was the average plumbing installation cost among 1,365 projects, that number has recently increased. As such, expect to pay somewhere between $2,100 and $3,100 for new plumbing.

Drainage Installation Cost

Like plumbing, new drainage is another project you most likely won’t have to complete, but when researching all shower costs, it must be included. According to our drainage installation cost estimator, most homeowners pay roughly $3,000 to install a new drain. Furthermore, if you clog your shower drain down the line and need professional help, expect to pay $250 for professional repair.

Steam Shower Installation Cost

If you’re installing a new shower, you might as well go all out and install a steam shower. Steam showers create that lavish environment we all want in our bathrooms. It’s the ultimate spa-like feature everyone deserves. Nonetheless, that added comfort does not come without a price.

Excluding labor, which many homeowners will need, the minimum average price for a steam shower installation is $2,500. Depending on the size and added features, that price can balloon up to $6,200. 

Fortunately, you can also add a steam shower to your existing shower. Talk to a bathroom pro to see the exact cost and advantages of installing a steam shower. 

Electric Shower Installation Cost

Much like a steam shower, an electric shower is an added benefit we all could use, but do not need. Electric showers deliver hot water the second you turn your shower on. Essentially, it saves you the one to two minutes of warming your shower. While electric shower components are cheap, the majority of the costs will come from hiring a plumber and an electrician. Overall, expect the project to cost roughly $1,000 if you hire a pro. If you DIY, the cost could go as low as $200.

Glass Shower Door Repair Cost

Time to get into repairs and we start with your glass shower door. With glass, we all have to be careful. Besides chipping or cracking, glass shower doors can also get misaligned or sadly, start letting water through the bottom of the door. Unless you want a really wet bathroom, you’ll have to repair your glass shower door.

The average cost will depend on one of the three possible projects above, but most homeowners pay an average of $210.

Shower Retiling Cost

Your shower is intended to give you a clean area to cleanse yourself. Over time, that clean area can get dirty, be it mold, mildew, soap or scum. If good hard cleanings can’t get rid of it, you may have to retile your shower. 

Shower retiling is a time-consuming process. Therefore, many pros charge the same amount as installing existing tile. On the other hand, if you’re up for a DIY project, this is one you can easily handle without a contractor. In fact, we listed each and every step for retiling a shower by yourself.

Shower Tile Reglazing Cost

Before you replace your shower tile, try reglazing or refinishing it. Shower tile reglazing is cheapest way to bring new life to your very dated (or very dirty) shower. Just like retiling, reglazing can be done without a bathroom professional, but very few homeowners will see the same results.

While it may cost $100 to DIY, don’t expect to pay anything less than $300 if you hire a bathroom contractor.

Shower Tile & Grout Cleaning Cost

Tile and grout cleaning is the most common shower and bathroom project. After all, we use the bathroom to cleanse ourselves, so it only makes sense for the actual room to be clean. 

Consistent TLC is key, but sadly, most of us skip a day or two. As such, you’ll need to get down and dirty to clean your shower tile and grout lines. 

Going the professional route, most homeowners pay $400 to clean their shower tile and grout. While labor will take up a majority of the costs, materials and the chosen method of cleaning will add on.

Shower Tile Regrout Cost

Cleaning can only do so much. Over time, just like your mattress, couch or dining room table, you’ll have to replace your shower tile grout.  

In fact, did you know that new grout could save your old tile? Regrouting a shower is a lot cheaper than retiling and it can help prevent mold from forming behind the tiles that are already in place. Therefore, if you see mold and can’t remove it, think about regrouting right away. 

Professional regrouting costs range between $10 and $25/sf.

Drain Line Repair Cost

The next two projects can get a little messy. While mold and mildew are never welcomed guests, they don’t compare to the odors and sights you may smell and see if your drain line is broken.

Broken drain lines cause floods, foul odors and possible foundation issues, all of which are not cheap to fix. Therefore, the second you sense a broken drain line, call a pro. While the national average cost for repairing a drain is $500, just know that flooding and foundation repairs cost much, much more.

Clogged Drain Repair Cost

Most of us have experienced a clogged drain. Whether it was too much hair down the shower drain or too much food down the disposal, clogged drains occur even with the best plumbing systems in the country. 

Luckily, homeowners can fix clogged drains without a pro. If in the shower, remove the cover and then take an old hanger and try to snake out whatever is blocking the flow. If the issue won’t go away, call a plumber to fix it as the average cost is only $185.

Beware, that price can double or triple if you’re calling after regular business hours.

Shower Floors

Shower Material Costs

As you can see above, many shower projects can be done yourself. If you’re up for the challenge, your total shower cost will be much less than discussed above. Remember, labor takes up a large portion of any shower remodeling project. If you DIY, all you have to pay for are materials. Fortunately, we found the average prices for some of the most popular shower materials.

Shower Door Costs & Options

While custom glass shower doors are among the most common shower doors, there are other options on the market. The cheapest and widely popular choice is a shower curtain that easily slides from one end to the other. However, curtains can only hold so much water and moisture in your shower. Therefore, most homeowners go up the shower door ladder and install one of the three options below.

Shower Stall Doors

Before jumping to custom glass doors, many homeowners go with plastic and acrylic doors that shouldn’t cost more than $400. However, just like custom doors, make sure you have exact measurements. No matter what type of door you’re adding, the measurements have to be precise.

Glass Doors

There are many different types of glass out there and your chosen design may require a certain type. As expected, glass doors that include frosting or a special design cost more than standard glass doors. Likewise, thicker glass is more expensive than thinner glass. Nevertheless, expect to pay somewhere between $400 and $800 for your glass shower doors.

Frameless Shower Doors

If you want a sleek and modern touch to your new bathroom, go with frameless shower doors. They are not only trending across the country, but are very easy to clean and instantly add an updated look. In addition, glass shower doors can be custom made, so they can fit any shower space. The same can’t be said of shower curtains or even pre-made glass doors with frames.

No Shower Enclosure

Finally, if you have the correct layout, you could always go with no shower enclosure. While some homeowners like the privacy that shower doors bring, others are fine blending the shower in with the rest of the bathroom.

If you’re worried about heat during your shower, you could always add heated bathroom floors.

Other Shower Cost Factors

While materials and labor will largely affect your overall shower remodeling cost, there are other factors that can decrease or increase the final shower price.


Your overall budget will affect what materials you can use and whether or not you can hire a pro. Therefore, just like ANY remodeling project, you need a shower remodeling budget and need to stick to it. If you don’t have the budget for glass shower doors, install a curtain. If you don’t have the budget for heated floors, don’t add them. If you don’t set a budget and stick to it, you’ll end up spending way more than you intended. 

Return on Investment (ROI) & Shower Trends

The future sale price of your home needs to always be on your mind. Consequently, keeping up with current trends, especially in the bathroom, is a must. So, if you’re debating whether or not to add glass shower doors, know that the extra upfront cost could bring a larger return the day you sell your home.

To see more bathroom and shower trends, please see 7 Shower Tips For Small Bathrooms.

Personal Tastes

Some homeowners love the frosted glass while others don’t mind an acrylic shower door. Others want a bit of contrast with their showers and install aluminum and glass shower doors. No matter what your tastes are, they will affect the bottom line.

Just remember, always stick to your budget. You can’t have champagne taste on beer budget. 

Shower Material Costs

Shower Head Designs

Despite going over all costs above, there is still one vital aspect of your shower that we have not discussed and that is your shower head. That terrific and relaxing feeling of a long, warm shower is only possible with a good, solid shower head. 

Well, just like many aspects of the home, there are plenty of shower head options and designs to choose from:

  • Hand Held Shower Head
  • Dual Shower Heads
  • Rainfall Showers
  • Multiple Shower Heads

Find A Pro

Now that you know all there is to know about shower costs, you’re ready to tackle your next shower remodeling project. 

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