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How Much Do Silestone Countertops Cost?

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National Silestone Countertop Costs

$50 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$100 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

Real Quoted Projects From Silestone Countertop Contractors

Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Kitchen Remodel, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo

  • 1038 projects like this
  • Most recent: 3 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Basement Remodel, Single family house or condo

  • 248 projects like this
  • Most recent: 2 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Remodel Multiple Rooms, 1 - 2 months, Single family house or condo

  • 1324 projects like this
  • Most recent: 6 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Bathroom Remodel, Single family house or condo

  • 1039 projects like this
  • Most recent: 3 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Addition to Existing Structure, Timing is flexible, Single family house or condo

  • 522 projects like this
  • Most recent: 5 hours ago
Additions & Remodels

Additions & Remodels

Major Home Repairs (General Contractor), Ready to start, Unknown

  • 848 projects like this
  • Most recent: 2 hours ago

How Much Do Silestone Countertops Cost?

If your kitchen countertop gets a lot of attention, Silestone counters could be for you. While Silestone countertop prices are steep, Silestone Quartz is extremely durable and one of the hardest minerals in the world! Nonetheless, before you install Silestone counters, it helps to know the average Silestone cost per square foot.

Once you review all Silestone prices below, use ImproveNet to connect with reliable countertop contractors ready to install any kitchen or bathroom counter.

Table of Contents

  1. Silestone Countertops Cost
  2. Silestone Prices (Materials)
  3. Silestone Countertops Installation Cost (Labor)
  4. Silestone Cost Factors
  5. Silestone Cost FAQs
  6. Silestone Prices Vs. Other Countertops
  7. Silestone Quartz Countertops Advantages
  8. Silestone Quartz Countertops Disadvantages
  9. How Silestone Is Made
  10. Silestone Colors
  11. Find A Countertop Contractor

Silestone Countertops Cost

Total Silestone countertop costs range between $60 and $140 per square foot. This Silestone price includes both professional labor costs and the actual countertop, or Silestone cost.


Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Silestone Material Costs



Silestone Labor Costs



Total Silestone Countertop Installation Costs



Just like any countertop material, your overall Silestone cost will come down to labor, materials and customizations (included in prices above). Since Silestone is a rather expensive material, nearly all homeowners hire countertop contractors to install Silestone counters. In addition to being very heavy, thicker Silestone requires additional installation steps to ensure a successful addition.

While the upfront cost of Silestone counters is high, you’ll soon see why homeowners across the country are choosing this sturdy countertop.

Silestone Prices Per Square Foot

Silestone Prices (Materials)

As you can see above, the cost of Silestone has quite a range. Fortunately, Silestone material costs range because you have so many design, grade and thickness options.

Average Silestone thickness varies, but it’s usually around .75 inches to an inch thick. Adding inches to anything above this can add on a price of $4 or more per square foot.

All countertop costs also vary based on the type of pattern. Different colors and patterns range from a low end of $50 per square foot to a high of $95 per square foot.

Homeowners can also choose between a basic and decorative edge. Edge details can add an extra $15 to $30 per square foot, depending on the design.

Finally, if you hire a professional contractor (which ImproveNet recommends), ask them about purchasing Silestone. Most contracting companies can get better deals on Silestone or may have contractual rates with suppliers that are often lower than consumer rates (since they buy in bulk and purchase materials more often).

Silestone Countertops Installation Cost (Labor)

While Silestone installation or labor costs are not nearly as much as the actual material, it still adds to your bottom line.

Installation costs vary from $10 per square foot to $40 per square foot. First and foremost, the size of your counter affects the labor cost. To no surprise, larger Silestone slabs (sometimes called jumbo) are heavy and thus, are harder to install correctly. That added labor will be reflected in their Silestone countertop installation quote.

Next, some homeowners like to add seams or install a Silestone backsplash. Both these charges are not included in the total Silestone price above. If you’d like to add seams or a backsplash, expect to pay an additional $500 to $2,000 on top of your total Silestone countertops cost.

Finally, Silestone labor costs can also fluctuate based on the contractor and time of year. Depending on their experience and schedule, most countertop contractors will have different labor costs per square foot. If time is not an issue, the best time to install Silestone counters is in the fall and winter. This is when most contractors usually have down time and offer better deals.

Silestone Prices

Silestone Cost Factors

Clearly, $80 per square foot is quite a range. As such, there are many factors that go into the cost of Silestone. Knowing the cost factors below and more will ensure you’re paying the best price for a Silestone counter you can enjoy for up to 25 years!

  1. Grade: Silestone countertop grades help indicate the smoothness and grittiness of the counter. According to HomeAdvisor, different Silestone grades range in price from $47 per square foot to $72 per square foot. Inexpensive grades include Blanco City and Rosa Grey. The most expensive Silestone grades include Chrome, Black Dragon and Sierra Madre.
  2. Thickness: Most Silestone has a thickness of 3/4 of an inch. With this Silestone countertop, you have to add piece of plywood below. Thicker Silestone does not require plywood, however, you will pay more since it requires more material and is harder to install. Anything thicker than 3/4 of an inch could add up to $4 per square foot.
  3. Edges: Some homeowners like rounded edges and others like more decorative or complex-designed edges. Rounded Silestone countertop edges are included in the costs above. If you choose a waterfall, bevel or any other specialty edge, you may have to add up to $30 per square foot to your Silestone material costs.
  4. Corners: Like edges, the Silestone manufacturer can alter corners to be rounded or squared. Rounded edges are safer, but require more work. Thus, rounded corners cost more than squared corners.

Silestone Cost FAQs

Oftentimes, many of us want the cold hard facts when it comes to Silestone. For the quickest answers to the most popular homeowner questions regarding Silestone, please see our Q&A below:

How Much Do Silestone Countertops Cost?

The cost to professionally install 50 square feet of Silestone countertop ranges between $3,000 and $7,000. In other words, the cost to install Silestone counters ranges between $60 and $140 per square foot.

Is Silestone Cheaper than Granite?

Granite is usually cheaper than Silestone.

Is Granite or Quartz Cheaper?

Granite is usually cheaper than Quartz.

Can You Put A Hot Pan on Silestone?

You can put a hot pan on Silestone. Nevertheless, like most counters, to be safe, you should use a trivet or leave it on the stove.

Is Silestone Resistant to Heat?

Silestone is resistant to heat, but that doesn’t mean you should test it. Always use caution when mixing hot pans and your Silestone counters.

Is Silestone Natural?

Silestone is not 100% natural, but close to it. Silestone is a man-made counter manufactured by Cosentino. It’s an engineered stone made from a mix of 94% crushed Quartz and 6% resin, which is added as a binding agent.

Is Silestone Same as Quartz?

Silestone and Quartz are not exactly the same. Silestone is an engineered stone made from a mix of 94% crushed Quartz and 6% resin, which is added as a binding agent.

Silestone Prices Vs. Other Countertops

Silestone is a terrific countertop material, but like everything else in life, homeowners want options. Perhaps more than any other facet of our homes, you have dozens of countertop options to choose from. Each bring their own set of pros and cons, but more often than not, countertop material costs become the deciding factor.

As such, we found both the minimum and maximum countertop material costs per square foot for the most popular counters in the U.S. Feel free to select any counter material and see what distinguishes it from the pack.


Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Ceramic Tile Countertops



Acrylic Countertops



Formica Countertops



Laminate Countertops



Bamboo Countertops



Solid Surface Countertops



Granite Countertops



Soapstone Countertops



Engineered Quartz Countertops



Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops



Butcher Block Countertops



Marble Countertops



Caesarstone Countertops



Paperstone Countertops



Avonite Countertops



Slate Countertops



Onyx Countertops



Swanstone Countertops



Corian Countertops



Terrazzo Countertops



Silestone Countertops



Concrete Countertops



Quartz Countertops



Zodiaq Countertops



Limestone Countertops



Glass Countertops



Recycled Glass Countertops



Vetrazzo Countertops



Copper Countertops



Silestone Countertops Cost

Silestone Quartz Countertops Advantages

Despite being such an expensive material, Silestone counters come with an abundance of perks that homeowners must see before installing any new countertop.

Silestone is a Quartz surface that is extremely durable and one of the hardest minerals in the world, next to diamonds and sapphires. This protects it against the type of wear and chipping that can happen in softer materials. Its hardness makes it great for countertops where plates, glasses, silverware and other things can drop and damage a surface. Silestone is dense and non-porous, making it resistant to spills and stains from liquids such as coffee, wine, olive oil and lemon juice.

Silestone is also scratch-resistant and bacteria-resistant. Countertops can often become home to a host of bacteria from constant physical and food contact. The bacteriostatic formula in Silestone uses silver ions to prevent bacteria from living in the cracks and seals of the countertop.

Additional Silestone countertop pros include:

  • Silestone does not need sealing or polishing.
  • Silestone counters require little maintenance. The Quartz in Silestone gives off a glossy sheen that does not need constant cleaning or polishing.
  • It’s crack-resistant.
  • Silestone stays cool to the touch and is great for defrosting foods and other frozen items.
  • Silestone counters can last for 25 years.
  • Silestone countertops have over 100 color combinations.
  • Finally, it’s easy to clean and care for with just soap and water.

Overall, Silestone is an ideal countertop for kitchens. It holds up to cracks, is scratch-resistant, bacteria-resistant and is low maintenance!

Silestone Quartz Countertops Disadvantages

No kitchen or bathroom countertop is perfect and Silestone is no exception.

Of course, the main disadvantage of using Silestone is its high price. The cost of Silestone is higher than other similar countertop brands and materials. This is due to the amount of stone material needed to manufacture it.

If cost is an issue, deciding on whether or not to use Silestone boils down to the need for maintenance or care. While Silestone is great for limiting costly countertop repairs, other countertops that are comparable in price require just as little maintenance and care.

Additional Silestone countertop cons include:

  • Silestone seams are more visible than other type of counters, especially in large countertops.
  • Silestone is not very tolerant to high levels of heat.
  • Silestone can sometimes have a “processed” look that can be generic compared to other countertops. After all, it is man-made.
  • There’s less room for customizations with Silestone due to the generic nature of color schemes available.

Cost Of Silestone

How Silestone Is Made

Silestone is a man-made counter manufactured by Cosentino. It’s an engineered stone made from a mix of 94% crushed Quartz and 6% resin, which is added as a binding agent. The mixture of mostly Quartz, along with resins and polymers, provides for a very hard surface akin to granite.

Quartz is a crystallized silicon dioxide that is usually naturally found either transparent or white. Coming into contact with impurities during its formation causes it to take on many other colors. The appearance varies based on how the Quartz is ground. A fine grind produces a smoother look while a coarse grind makes for a rougher appearance flecked with pieces of stone.

Silestone Quartz is the second most abundant material found in the earth’s crust. However, the acrylic resin most often used in the countertop can contain fillers made from bauxite ore, which usually originates from mining procedures in developing countries that use toxic conditions.

Silestone Colors

We’ve touched on some Silestone design choices, but it always helps to have a complete list of Silestone colors. You can see all Silestone design options at Silestone USA or below:

Silestone Quartz Colors

Alpina White




Arden Blue



Bianco River

Black Anubix

Black Canyon

Blanco City

Blanco Maple

Blanco Orion

Blue Sahara


Capri Limestone



Charcoal Soapstone


Classic White

Coffee Brown

Copper Mist

Coral Clay






Eros Stellar

Eternal Calacatta Gold

Eternal Marquina

Eternal Pearl Jasmine

Eternal Serena

Eternal Statuario

Forest Snow


Green Fun

Grey Amazon

Grey Expo




Iconic Black

Iconic White


Iron Bark

Iron Ore




Kimbler Mist

Kono Beige






Magenta Energy




Miami White

Minerva Cream

Mont Blanc


Mountain Mist



Nuit Bleue


Ocean Jasper

Ocean Storm


Orange Cool






Red Eros


Royal Reef

Santa Fe Brown


Sienna Ridge

Sierra Madre

Silver Nube

Snowy Ibiza


Stellar Cream

Stellar Night

Stellar Snow


Tea Leaf

Tebas Black

Tigris Sand




White Arabesque

White Diamond

White North

White Platinum

White Storm

White Zeus Extreme

Yukon Blanco


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In all, Silestone is a highly durable and beautiful material that will last for years. It’s especially useful and ideal for homes where the kitchen is the main focal point.

If you’re ready to install this wonderful countertop, we can help. Use ImproveNet to connect with reliable and experienced countertop contractors near you!

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