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Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Prices

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For homeowners who are looking for an eco-friendly carpet option, the SmartStrand line from Mohawk may fit the bill. Eco-conscious homeowners will delight in knowing that they are reducing their carbon footprint all while saving money as well. SmartStrand carpeting is cost-competitive to other stain-resistant carpets on the market, so budget-savvy buyers won't break the bank. There are several things to consider when purchasing SmartStrand. It's important to know all of the facts as well as pros and cons prior to making a final carpet selection.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $2.29 per square foot

  • Average maximum cost of SmartStrand carpeting: $4.48 per square foot

Types and Uses

Much like traditional carpet choices, SmartStrand stays mid-range in price because it offers the same styles and types. When homeowners are looking for an eco-green carpet selection for their home, traditional synthetics just won't do. Like other carpet types, SmartStrand also has a variety of styles and types. Some of the most common include:

  • Textured

  • Pattern

  • Loop

  • Frieze

Textured carpeting often comes in a very short, plush form. It may sometimes be referred to as a Berber carpet. It's a soft and low-pile carpet. It comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit even the most discriminating homeowner.

Pattern carpeting selections often have designs that are made up from the body of the carpeting. They may be staggered or uniform in design.

Loop carpet types are very soft and plush. The carpet fibers form a loop that provides a stable cushioning — leading to a long-lasting and resilient finish.

Frieze is a type of shag carpet that is much different than the traditional shag carpet styles of the 1970s. The frieze carpet has loopy, twisted carpet fibers that are soft and bouncy to the touch. This is a great selection for bedrooms or recreational rooms like dens or play areas.

SmartStrand sets itself above of the competition because of its unique properties. There are other carpets made from recycled and renewable sources, but most of them are made from other chemically composed fibers that are just being reused. SmartStrand stands above the rest because it has built-in stain removers and soil resistance capabilities that are permanent for the entire life of the carpet. The stain-resistant fibers are actually built into the carpet as opposed to other carpeting choices in which stain-resistant chemicals are often sprayed on. It's meant to stay on even through cleanings — so it will never wash or wear off. This carpet offers a simple way to clean — with eco-friendly detergent and water.

The overall durability makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting carpet that doesn't show the wear and tear normally found in busy households. SmartStrand is made with kinked carpet fibers — allowing it to stand the test of time and resist matting.

Advantages of SmartStrand Carpeting

One of the main advantages of SmartStrand is that it's environmentally smart. A smart carpet means that it took less energy to produce and manufacture, and it had less of an impact on the planet by reducing overall waste materials. The carpeting is made with DuPont renewable polymer. Being made from corn creates less waste and byproduct when it's being manufactured. With its minimal environmental impact, it's a sustainable product that an eco-conscious homeowner will love.

When producing SmartStrand carpeting, it uses 30-percent less overall energy than it does to create standard nylon materials that are used in other carpet brands. Overall, when producing SmartStrand carpeting, the process emits up to 60-percent fewer greenhouse gases than traditional carpet production.

The main advantages, aside of being eco-friendly, include:

  • A variety of color and texture options

  • Cost-competitive compared to other eco-friendly carpeting

  • Durable

  • Stain-resistant

  • Crush-resistant

This carpeting can be used in new construction or to replace existing carpet. It's generally used with SmartCushion technology — a carpet cushion that improves the life of the carpeting. It's made with ViscoElastic memory foam as well as urethane foam to provide long-lasting cushion and outstanding comfort. The carpet padding has antimicrobial compounds that help inhibit the overall growth of fungus, molds and mildew. It has an underlying moisture barrier that helps protect the subflooring underneath from spills and water seepage. The padding provides a lightweight barrier that creates an insulating factor, making the room quieter as well as more energy-efficient. The carpet pad is also eco-friendly because it's derived from recycled foam comprised of non-allergenic, environmentally safe materials.

Because of the large variety of colors and textures, SmartCushion can be used in all rooms of the house.

Disadvantages of SmartStrand Carpeting

The biggest disadvantage to the SmartCushion brand is that it has to be installed with SmartCushion padding. While this is preferred and recommended by the manufacturer — it can cause the bottom line price to go up. While this carpeting is often available at most major retail home improvement stores, it can be challenging to find availability and may take a while to restock. Special orders can increase the cost of carpeting as well.

Not all contractors are familiar with SmartCushion technology. This can be very challenging when trying to locate the carpeting at wholesale costs. Some contractors may discourage the brand and recommend going with another type of carpeting that is cheaper and more readily available. Seeking out a qualified contractor or flooring company who already works with or carries the brand is recommended.

Another disadvantage is installation. It's not recommended for a weekend-warrior project. A qualified carpet installer will be able to cut, measure, and make sure the carpet and padding are a perfect fit. It may also void the manufacturer warranty if the carpet is installed by the homeowner. It's important to check with the manufacturer prior to purchase.

The overall cost of SmartCushion carpeting ranks competitively with other eco-friendly carpet choices. It's above average in cost compared to other standard carpets on the market.

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Last updated on Jan 12, 2017

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