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Cost of Solid Surface Countertops

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Cost of Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade a home. However, not all solid surface countertops are the same. If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, you will want to weigh the costs and benefits first. Below are some thoughts to consider before purchasing your solid surface countertops. These countertops do require a bit of extra care and maintenance and, depending on the quality of materials, can cost more than other countertops. As always, there are advantages and disadvantages that come with choosing such a product.

The Costs

Before you drop a chunk of change at the local home improvement store, do your homework. Look around and compare material costs, installation, shipping and delivery in your area. For example, if you have a 64-square-foot area to cover with a solid surface countertop you might spend:

  • Cheapest: For a lower end product you may be looking at $2,200 - $2,400.

  • Middle Grade: If you are interested in a more upgraded material, your costs for solid surface countertops will be around $2,600 - $2,800.

  • Most Expensive: If the highest grade surface is what your heart desires, you could be looking at a total of $3,000 - $4,000 dollars just in materials.

Be sure to budget installation costs as it will run about $300 - $500 on average. Solid surface countertops are easily distinguishable when looking at an overall upgraded renovation. Any house-savvy person will recognize a higher-grade material quickly and will assume that the home has been remodeled with top grade materials.

Care & Maintenance

Solid surface countertops are a natural product. Often a granite stone surface will require frequent applications to keep the surface shiny and water resistant. Scratches can and do happen and will need to be tended with appropriate sanding and buffing. Some surfaces can withstand heat better than others, but as a good rule of thumb, try not to place hot burning pots and pans on any countertop surface or at least use a trivet in the event that you need to set a hot pan down. 

Ask a professional contractor about wear and tear before you whittle down your selection. Some stone surfaces are very finicky and require a lot of care and application while others are nearly maintenance-free. Certain foods, like citrus can react to a product like copper or zinc. Only a qualified sales representative or reputable contractor can tell you the differences. Be sure to weigh your options carefully and try not to fall in love with the first product you see. Research and do your homework. 


There are many different surfaces one can choose from. The most common and appealing of surfaces are solid surface countertops. These can include an acrylic composite surface, quartz, marble, granite, recycled glass, metal and formica. Each are unique in their appearances and vary greatly with installation, delivery and material costs.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solid Surface Countertops

Stone surfaces are extremely durable as a solid surface countertop and should withstand a busy family and many years of holiday get-togethers, family dinners and hosting celebratory events. Accuracy of measurements is absolutely critical to the overall success of your kitchen renovation. One small miscalculation could add thousands to an already hefty budget. Consider hiring a contractor who specializes in granite or solid surface countertop installations as the slabs may be incredibly heavy and cumbersome to move. If they should crack or break it could be devastating to your remodel as well as your bottom line. Budgetary constraints are certainly something to consider with materials like marble, granite or quartz and can be higher in price than some acrylic composite material.

Some acrylic countertops are lighter in weight but a professional who specializes in that product will have to do the installation. Not all acrylics are less expensive than a natural stone product as some acrylics are comparable cost-wise and do not have the durability that a natural stone product will always have.  High heat items can never be placed near the surface as the surface may warp and burn.

Another aspect to consider is the wear and tear on such a product; a little dent in an acrylic countertop might become a permanent eyesore. Also acrylic countertops will always look and feel like plastic, unlike a natural material which will always feel cool to the touch and of a sound composition. Solid stone surfaces will wear well with an active and busy family and can generally have any scratches or dings sanded out. You can try a resin scratch stick, steel wool or even a diamond-sanding block at home. If all fails you can try going the professional route.

Other Information

At the end of the day, a solid surface countertop will certainly upgrade a home instantly. Fortunately, there are many varieties, colors and materials available to choose from. From solid stone granite to marble or quartz, even metals like copper, zinc or stainless steel will make a statement your kitchen’s overall design scheme. Make sure you thoroughly investigate each type before you make that final decision. Consider hiring a contractor or interior designer if that fits your budget. Chances are they may have great suggestions and options that could fit a very tight budget. Go online and compare prices, also consider looking at close-out inventory. Oftentimes, if you are able to wait on your renovation schedule, prices will drop during the slower fall and winter months.

Don’t forget the old adage about cost and schedule times so make sure to add a little monetary buffer to your countertop costs. Issues may arise and you will want to make sure you have any unexpected problems covered in your budget. Solid surface countertops are a worthwhile investment if you have the time and money available.

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