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Sprinkler Head Prices

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National Sprinkler System Costs

$2 Minimum Cost
$400 Maximum Cost

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Landscaping, Lawn Care & Sprinklers

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Landscaping, Lawn Care & Sprinklers

Landscaping, Lawn Care & Sprinklers

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Sprinkler Head Prices

Those who look at their neighbors' lawns and wonder why they don't have the same lush, green grass on their own lawn probably don't have an irrigation system in place. While some people think irrigation systems are only for farmers and serious gardeners, these systems are suitable for even the smallest of lawns. The systems rely on a series of sprinkler heads that spray water around the lawn to ensure that every blade of grass receives the right amount of water. Replacing those sprinkler heads on a regular basis is the key to continued success. Before repairing, replacing or adding a new system, homeowners need to look at the different types of sprinkler heads and how much those sprinkler heads cost.

The Costs

  • Sprinkler heads: $2 to $10

  • New sprinkler head installation for an average-sized lawn: $400

  • Sprinkler head repair: $110 to $200

Sprinkler Head Types

Sprinkler heads come in a wide range of types and designs. Those various designs typically fall into one of several categories:

  • Pop-up sprinkler heads

  • Fixed spray sprinkler heads

  • Gear-driven sprinkler heads

  • Flood sprinkler heads

  • Shrub sprinkler heads

  • Rotary sprinkler heads

Each type of head moves in a different way and provides a different function, making it especially important that homeowners choose the right one for their needs.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are one of the more popular options because these heads work well on both larger and smaller lawns. The heads rise up to disperse water around the lawn, and the heads drop back below the surface of the ground when not in use, ensuring that the system won't get in the way of lawn maintenance.

Fixed Spray Sprinkler Heads 

A fixed spray head works best in smaller areas and when homeowners need to direct water flow to a specific area of a lawn or garden. The head will disperse water up to 15 feet away, and it uses a fan motion to ensure that it saturates the grass and lawn in the surrounding area. 

Gear-Driven Sprinkler Heads

Those who need an adjustable system will prefer the flexibility of a gear-driven sprinkler head. This version uses a series of gears that move smoothly and quietly. Gear-driven heads are better suited for larger lawns, and homeowners will find that they can adjust the gears to move the water to different areas.

Flood Sprinkler Heads 

Sprinkler heads have a number of uses in a lawn or garden area. Flood sprinkler heads work in ways similar to the sprinkler heads used by major farms. The system produces enough water to completely saturate the ground and reach deep into the roots of the plant. These heads are perfect for gardens and for watering shrubs and small trees. Some stores refer to this type as bubble sprinkler heads.

Shrub Sprinkler Heads 

Watering shrubs is sometimes difficult because the water must reach the roots of that plant. Shrub sprinkler heads are a special type of sprinkler head designed for watering shrubs, trees and gardens. Homeowners can mount these sprinkler heads to ensure that the water reaches the roots.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Those without much gardening experience probably think of the rotary design when thinking of sprinkler systems. These are the same sprinklers that many businesses and organizations use. When installed, the heads remain slightly above the surface of the lawn. The head produces a solid stream of water and movies along a circular path or in a back and forth motion to water the area immediately in front of and around the head. 

More Costs

The average cost of repairing a sprinkler system is around $110, but some homeowners report spending nearly $200 on a simple repair job. Installing a new system can cost up to $400 or more. The cost of individual sprinkler heads range from as low as $2 to $10 or more, but homeowners need to decide if they can install the heads themselves or if they need professional help. Pop-up sprinkler heads are usually a little more expensive than other types of heads, but it depends on the size needed for the job. These heads often come in 4-inch and 6-inch designs, which refers to how high above the lawn the sprinkler head sits. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest problem with choosing a sprinkler head is deciding which one is best for a lawn or garden. Rotary heads work best in areas with limited water pressure because the head will increase water flow to a specific area. Fixed spray heads work better in smaller areas and areas where homeowners want to ensure that certain plants or grass patches receive the necessary amount of water.

Working with a professional landscaping company is the best way to ensure that the homeowners pick the right type of sprinkler system. These systems have a number of benefits for homes and lawns of all sizes. The systems redirect water flow and provide the irrigation that a lawn needs, and they work especially well in areas that do not receive a large amount of rainfall every year. Many homeowners find that using a sprinkler system is the only way to get the lush lawn they want.

The main problem with a sprinkler system is that some homeowners choose a system or a replacement head without thinking about what they need. This results in over-watering, which can kill certain types of plants. Others choose a system that doesn't provide enough water, or they choose replacement heads that only direct water to certain areas of the lawn, which leaves behind brown patches of dead grass.

It's important that homeowners look at the type of sprinkler system they already have and find heads that work with that system. If they want to install a new system, they need to measure the overall square footage of the lawn, pick a system that works with that square footage and ensure that the sprinkler heads reach every area of the lawn to provide enough water for the grass and plants.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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