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How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Sprinkler System?

Most homeowners spend between $80 to $101 nationally.
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For many, the decision to invest in a sprinkler system is an easy one to make. Whether you have a small garden or a large backyard, watering it by hand can be a tedious job that takes a lot of time, especially in the summer. Installing a sprinkler system lets you enjoy lush, green landscaping without the hassle. In order to keep your sprinkler system working well throughout the year, there are a handful of maintenance tasks that should be performed. Discover how much professionals will charge to maintain your sprinkler system.

National Maintain a Sprinkler System Costs

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National Average Cost $115
Minimum Cost $51
Maximum Cost $400
Average Range $80 to $101
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Average Price Range of Sprinkler System Maintenance

While there are many different types of sprinkler system maintenance, and each location may have a slightly different accepted price for tasks, the costs are relatively stable across the board. If you hire professional help for your property in order to perform maintenance tasks on your sprinkler system, expect to pay between $95 and $123 for the service.

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

If you live in a climate where it is likely to freeze in the winter, one of the biggest maintenance jobs you might encounter for your sprinkler system is winterization. Essentially, winterizing your sprinkler system means completely removing any water from the pipes, which can freeze in cold temperatures and potentially burst. Professionals use a compressor to expel any water and ensure that the pipes will be fine for several months of inactivity in the winter.

Activating Your System Each Spring

If you winterize your sprinkler system in the winter, you will also have to reactive it in the spring. Although this is something that you can do on your own, hiring a professional ensures that there are no leaks, no blocked sprinkler heads and correct pressure throughout. 

Additional Maintenance Tasks For Sprinkler Systems

Along with standard winterization and reactivation maintenance, you might require additional services to maintain your sprinkler system throughout the year. If your landscaping includes shrubs or bushes that could prohibit the sprinklers from functioning correctly, professionals can assess the situation and recommend any necessary changes. You can also check for leaks periodically or ensure that all the sprinkler heads are operable.

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