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How Much Do Stained Concrete Slabs Cost?

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National Concrete & Masonry Costs

$401 per 125 sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$427 per 125 sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Do Stained Concrete Slabs Cost?

Stained concrete slabs are a great way to improve the appearance of any property. It is available in a variety of applications and can be used for driveways, outdoor patios and floors. Concrete slabs can also be used for updating kitchen countertops, tiles and sinks. Whenever concrete is stained, it leaves behind a visually stunning finish that is sure to add value to any type of property.

The Costs 

  • Minimum: $401 per 125 square feet

  • Maximum: $427 per 125 square feet

Concrete floors are able to withstand a large amount of traffic, and because of that, they are often installed inside of public buildings. Along with purchasing pre-stained concrete slabs, homeowners can also apply stains to existing concrete structures. This allows them to improve the look of their current concrete floors or driveways in a fast and inexpensive manner.

Stained concrete slabs are extremely durable and can last for many years without any visible damage. They add more aesthetic value to homes and can be used for a variety of applications.

The Different Types of Stained Concrete Slabs

There are two different types of stained concrete slabs that are available for purchase and installation. The two basic varieties are acid and acrylic stained. Acid stains react with the lime that is present in the surface of the slab while concrete that has been stained with acrylic solution displays a different effect since the stain seeps into the pores of the concrete. Each variety provides a unique visual effect that may cause one to be more desirable than the other.

Acid stained concrete can be very unpredictable since it reacts with the lime that is present in the concrete. This makes it very difficult to tell what the result will look like. This type of staining process provides a natural-looking surface with a large variation in color. This type of staining is ideal for homeowners who want a natural look with plenty of character. However, if the concrete slabs have imperfections, acid stains will cause them to stand out more. Some may consider this to be a desirable effect while others may not. Additionally, if the concrete slabs are older than 15 or 20 years, it is best to go with acrylic stain instead. Lime tends to wash out of concrete over time, and acid stains require there to be plenty of lime in the slabs in order to obtain its unusual look.

Acrylic stains seep deep down into the pores of the concrete and can actually help to hide imperfections instead of exposing them. This type of stain is good for patching up issues because they end up leaving an opaque covering behind. Concrete that has a sleek and smooth finish with little or no imperfections may not provide desirable results if acrylic stains are used. This is because there will be fewer pores for the stain to get into.

It is important to keep in mind that both acid and acrylic stains can provide unpredictable results, and therefore, no one really knows what color or shade they will end up with. Because of this, it is best for homeowners to choose a color range that is closest to the shade that they have in mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stained Concrete Slabs 

Stained concrete slabs are normally inexpensive products that offer homeowners a unique and one-of-a-kind way to add aesthetic value to their homes. The cost of standard materials usually costs around $381 up to $400 while the most expensive is typically below $446 (per 125 square feet). Stained concrete slabs can be used for a variety of applications such as flooring for decks or patios or to enhance the appearance of a driveway. They can also be used inside the home for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

No two stained concrete slabs will turn out the same, and those who like to have some creativity throughout their home décor will enjoy the different colors and shades that result from acrylic or acid staining. Concrete floors are ideal for high-traffic areas and will not show wear as quickly as other materials. Stained concrete has often been used in public places as well as the construction of major bridges and retaining walls.

Some of the benefits associated with stained concrete can also be disadvantages to some homeowners. The fact that no one can predict how stained concrete will turn out causes many people to shy away from this technique. The overall strength of these hard concrete slabs can be a drawback for some. Tripping and falling on this type of surface will almost always end in a serious injury.

Items that are dropped on a concrete floor will also shatter and break very easily. For that reason, concrete floors are not recommended for seniors or homes with small children. Concrete floors can also be very difficult to stand on for a long period of time. Since the material does not give, it can soon become very uncomfortable for those who must stay on their feet. Concrete flooring can also be extremely cold in the winter and difficult to heat.

Stained concrete slabs are a fun and distinctive way to add diversity to a home. Materials are inexpensive and can be used both inside and outside the home. While there are a few drawbacks to having concrete flooring installed, the flooring is strong, durable and designed to last for a very long time even in high-traffic areas.

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Last updated on Mar 12, 2019

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