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How Much Does Stainmaster Carpet Cost?

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National Carpet Costs

$3.49 per sq. yd. Minimum Cost
$15 per sq. yd. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does Stainmaster Carpet Cost?

When homeowners make an investment in new carpeting, they don’t want to sacrifice overall quality. However, they still want to stay on budget. Carpeting is meant to last, but each brand offers distinct features and highlights that help meet the needs of the homeowner. One brand, Stainmaster, lends a diverse selection of carpet choices. See the full range, as well as the prices below.

The Costs 

  • Average Minimum Cost of Stainmaster Carpet: $3.49 per square yard
  • Average Maximum Cost of Stainmaster Carpet: $15.00 per square yard

Materials and Types

Formed in 1986, Stainmaster has made an impact in the carpeting and home interior world. By inventing carpeting that withstood the test of household stains, muddy traffic and excessive wear and tear, Stainmaster was able to set its brand ahead of the rest.

The Stainmaster brand is more than just a protective covering that invisibly rests on top of the carpeting. It offers five main types of carpet that bring different options to the homeowner. They are Pet Protect, TruSoft, SolarMax, Active Family and Essentials.

Pet Protect

The Pet Protect Stainmaster carpet is a great choice if the homeowner has pets or plans on getting pets in the near future. This brand resists pet stains that are often stubborn to remove. It's a color safe variety and works easily with cleaning agents — resisting fading and spot staining. Pet Protect also helps eliminate pesky pet odors left behind by furry companions. There is a specialized Stainmaster carpet cushion that is installed under the carpet that helps reduce pet accidents and spills from seeping through the cushion and the subfloor. Pet Protect also helps easily release pet hair from its fibers; this makes clean up easier than traditional carpeting.


The TruSoft Stainmaster is an exceptionally soft and fluffy carpeting. Unlike its competitors, TruSoft is designed to withstand heavy traffic and wear without showing signs of losing its puffy texture. It is very durable and easy to clean with traditional cleaning tools. This is the perfect carpeting for the family who really likes to get down and enjoy their floor. The soft and cushiony feel makes the floor more welcoming to use.


For homeowners who are letting a lot of light shine into their new remodel, the Solar Max is something that may benefit their flooring needs. The Solar Max carpeting is designed to be placed in rooms where there is a great deal of sunlight that reaches the flooring area. Other carpet types will likely see fade marks and may actually break down over time. With the Solar Max variety, the carpeting resists fading and holds its true color for years to come. It is very durable and easy to maintain. As with other Stainmaster brands, it also resists stains — even in high traffic areas. 

Active Family

The Active Family variety of carpeting lives up to its name. It is designed with families in mind who have small children or high traffic areas that are used often. Active Family has a lifetime warranty on stains, offering an exceptional cost value to homeowners when compared to other carpet brands. This carpeting has three fibers that homeowners can select as part of the carpet package:

  • Tactesse: Variety of luster effects and textures
  • Extra Body II: A rick and thick, soft carpet
  • Luxerell: Exceptionally soft carpet with a natural feel

Essentials of Stainmaster Carpet

The essentials collection is designed to be the most cost-effective of all of the Stainmaster brands. It is an economical choice because it is affordable but still comes with all of the benefits of other Stainmaster varieties including anti-static as well as stain-resistant.

Advantages of Stainmaster Carpet

The biggest advantage to choosing Stainmaster over other brands is that it has a lifetime warranty. The company has an excellent reputation about standing behind its lifetime warranty. Its carpets also come in a huge variety of styles including:

  • Pattern-cut pile
  • Texture
  • Loop
  • Saxony
  • Cable
  • Frieze 

This means that the design options are endless when it comes to putting together the perfect carpet package. Homeowners can easily mix and match designs depending on the decor of each room.

The padding for Stainmaster brand carpeting comes in two layers. One is a protective moisture barrier that is breathable. This prevents stains from reaching the actual padding, which prolongs the life of the carpeting as well as the pad. The padding provides exceptional support and has a distinct capability of allowing water vapors to pass through to reduce mold formation. For an additional cost, an antimicrobial technology or odor reducing pad can be added to the final estimate.

Padding can cause the overall cost of carpet installation to fluctuate greatly. A basic padding may come standard with some of the carpet types. To get a very cushioned carpet outcome, thicker padding may be needed to reinforce the floor.

What makes Stainmaster a class of its own is that it has a lifetime warranty on stains, pet accidents and soil staining. It comes with Fiber Shield technology that is patented only by Stainmaster, allowing it to have an upper hand on selling its brand amongst competitors. All Stainmaster carpeting also anti-static capabilities, reducing the risk of static build up with excessive traffic.

Disadvantages of Stainmaster Carpet

The biggest disadvantage to Stainmaster carpeting is the overall cost. It is in the higher cost bracket compared to other similar brands. Most carpet companies and home improvement stores carry the brand, so it is easily accessible, but specialty colors may cause the bottom-line cost to rise significantly.

The cost of Stainmaster carpeting depends greatly on geographical location and the price of installation by a qualified carpet installer. Overall, it remains tightly competitive with other carpet brands.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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