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How Much Does A Stamped Concrete Walkway Or Sidewalk Cost?

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National Walkway Costs

$6 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$10 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much Does A Stamped Concrete Walkway Or Sidewalk Cost?

The cost of stamped concrete will vary by how it is graded. A basic stamped concrete walkway is the least expensive and includes one color, a broom finish and exposed aggregate. Mid-grade stamped concrete costs about 25 percent more per square foot than basic stamped concrete and consists of added features such as one stamped pattern, two or more colors, and a decorative border or engraving. The highest grade of a stamped concrete walkway costs double or higher than the price per square foot of a basic grade of stamped concrete walkway. This best quality of stamped concrete includes features such as hand-painted stains, unique shapes, stenciled designs, saw-cut designs and borders. The differences in grading are not related to quality; rather, they are related to the addition of more colors, textures or added craftsmanship to the finished product.

The Costs

  • The minimum price of a basic stamped concrete walkway is $6 per square foot.

  • The maximum cost for a basic stamped concrete walkway is $10 per square foot.

Sub-Types of Stamped Concrete Walkways

An almost endless variety of stamps is available for imprinting onto concrete to make a walkway. The most common include stamps that give the impression of bricks, flagstone, cobblestone, wood, natural stone and medallions. Stamped concrete walkways are available in the traditional gray color of concrete or in custom-dyed or hand-painted color schemes.

Concrete contractors can use four methods to add color when constructing a stamped concrete walkway. The first is integral color, which is added when the concrete is mixed. Dry-shake color hardeners, which are broadcast by hand on the poured concrete, can also be used. In this method, the colors are absorbed into the concrete's surface and help seal the surface from moisture. The concrete underneath will remain the original gray color.     

Powder and liquid release colors may also be used. They are applied to the poured concrete after stamping, and they can be layered for custom effects. The last method in common use is chemical stains, which react with the materials in the concrete to produce a sheer, mottled color that provides a realistic finished look.

Uses of Stamped Concrete Walkways

There are many uses that a home or property owner may have for a stamped concrete walkway. Some of these uses include:

  • Creating a walkway from the street or curb to the front door of the home or building

  • Making a sidewalk from a side or back door to the driveway

  • Building a path to a detached garage

  • Creating a path between a garden or utility shed and the house or garage

  • Making a path between a barn or workshop and the house

  • Creating a path between a parking lot and the building.

  • De-marking a path or trail for pedestrians to use for staying out of fragile plants

  • Making a pathway around a garden or water feature

  • Creating a walkway between an outdoor kitchen and the indoors

  • Creating a safe walkway between a pool and the pool house or home

  • Creation of a pathway for heavy, public foot traffic such as at parks

  • Pouring a floor for an interior hallway, entryway or basement

Additional Costs Related to Stamped Concrete Walkways

In addition to the cost of the stamped concrete, home and property owners may need to pay for additional related costs including the excavation and removal of an existing sidewalk, removal of trees or tree roots in the way of the walkway, or the installation of a drainage system to ensure that no ponding occurs on the walkway. Some cities and municipalities may require an inspection during excavation and after the project is completed. This can add fees to the total project cost. If the homeowner desires a complex design, color scheme or stamped pattern, this can add 5 to 14 percent to the total project cost.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete Walkways

There are many advantages to building a stamped concrete walkway in a yard or on the property of a business. The surface of stamped concrete is relatively maintenance-free, requiring sealing every few years to maintain the color and texture of the walkway. In terms of the cost of stamped concrete, even the highest grade and a complex design costs less than using the material that the stamped concrete is mimicking. No weeds will grow through a stamped concrete walkway, which makes for a more aesthetically pleasing and safe path. Stamped concrete is less susceptible than other materials such as stone pavers to the heaving of the frost-freeze cycle that is common in colder climates. A stamped concrete pathway can be built atop an existing sidewalk, which may reduce the time and cost of the project. Concrete is highly durable and can withstand frequent traffic and heavy vehicles.

Disadvantages of Stamped Concrete Walkways

A stamped concrete walkway must cure, and the process could take several days or longer depending on the weather conditions. The walkway should not be used until the concrete has fully cured. At some point during its lifetime, a stamped concrete walkway will develop cracks. The cracks may cause tripping hazards or an unattractive appearance. The stamped concrete surface may scratch. Depending on what type of coloring was used for the concrete, the scratched surface may not match the adjacent surface. Steel shovels should not be used to remove snow from a stamped concrete walkway due to the risk of scratching.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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