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How Much Do Steel Entry Doors Cost?

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How Much Do Steel Entry Doors Cost?

Having an attractive entry door plays an important part in the overall curb appeal of any home. Homeowners are looking for steel entry doors that serve as a secure feature and asset as well as an attractive piece of the overall home design. When planning for a new steel entry door or getting ready to replace an old one, homeowners should always take into consideration the overall cost of the door itself as well as installation costs for a contractor. When planning a budget, there are some things to keep in mind.

The Costs

  • $160 to $500

Types and Designs

Steel entry doors are often the main point of entry into a home or garage. When selecting a steel door, it is important for the homeowner to consider storm doors and side accent windows when determining the bottom dollar cost. There are countless styles of steel entry doors but there are many design types and functions such as flush, paneled and arched.

Flush designed steel entry doors are basic styles that are popular choices for side entries, back entry ways and garage doors. They often do not have any design fluctuations and are one of the most economical choices for homeowners. They may also be used for privacy reasons within buildings that require security measures to be utilized.

Paneled steel entry doors offer added panels and inlet designs that improve the attractiveness of the façade of the home. Panels can be made with other materials such as fiberglass and wood as well as glass. These types of doors can cost a lot more than other steel doors because of the craftsmanship and additional materials.

Arched styled steel entry doors include an arch-shaped design somewhere on the door. This is a specific design that adds contrast and beauty to the door. Arch designs can also appear as panels, depending on the in-depth design that the door carries.

Steel entry doors are designed to accommodate just about any locking system and handle package. This makes them a safe choice for homeowners when the door is installed correctly.

Design options can include small lights and even large windows that are preset into the frame. Costs can go up considerably when homeowners choose special sizes, designs and glass and metal inlets to add to the appearance of the door.

Doors generally come ready to paint or prime. This allows the homeowner to choose a color or sealant that matches the existing décor of the home or building. Because the doors are ready-to-paint, the average homeowner or do-it-yourselfer can easily afford a beautiful finishing touch for their steel door.


The biggest cost advantage to choosing steel entry doors is the security that it provides. Steel doors are very difficult to manipulate and get past without it being open or unlocked. This adds a layer of security to a home or business. In some cases, insurance companies will offer discounts when a home is equipped with a steel entry door.

Design options are a true advantage with a steel door as opposed to wood or fiberglass. The curvature of steel doors allows for a stellar appearance that is suitable for all kinds of home styles including contemporary, traditional and Tudor-style homes.

Steel doors also provide a good sound barrier to outside and nearby noise. Homeowners should choose steel doors with added insulation value to really get the most cost savings for their money.

Insulated steel entry doors can provide energy savings in the winter and the summer as well. Because the door will form a barrier, heat will not be able to escape.

In order to see a true cost-saving advantage, homeowners should try to order multiple doors at once. When replacing one door, they should consider replacing more than one to receive special discounts on shipping and delivery.

Steel doors give homeowners the security that they need by keeping unwanted visitors out. Steel is resistant to weather elements, fire and overall abuse. While they can, they don't tend to dent easily and shouldn’t have to be replaced for several years as long as they are not in an overly-high traffic area.


Steel doors are fairly middle of the road when it comes to the average cost savings compared to other door types. The real disadvantage comes if the door has panel inlays and custom sizing. This can drive the cost of a single door up a few hundred dollars, especially if the door is handcrafted or requires a special order directly from the manufacturer.

Many homeowners select glass inlet options or screens. While these special features may drive the price up, they can also reduce the security benefits often signified with a standard steel door. On the contrary, steel security bars can also be added for more protection. Some steel entry security doors can drive the price of the door up. If there are special locking systems such as deadbolts and alarm systems, the cost can also be affected.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the weight of the door. Steel doors are heavier than fiberglass and in some cases wood. Special reinforcement measures have to be utilized if the door is particularly heavy.

Steel doors tend to show wear and tear quite easily. They do have some advantages over wood and fiberglass in that they don’t dent as easily and don’t need to be sealed unless there is a special design pattern on the exterior. Steel doors scratch easily and paint often times chips more easily than with a fiberglass door. It’s important to provide a solid base count or primer before painting and finishing a steel entry door.

There are many things to consider when it comes to cost and value with steel entry doors. For homeowners that want a good value that will suit almost any design, steel is a great option. Because security is always a concern, adding steel entry doors will increase a sense of privacy to the interior of the home. Most steel doors are economical, easy to install and readily available at most home centers and through private contractors.

How to Paint An Exterior Steel Door

If you already own a steel door, a new design is only a new coat of paint away. A new color can help it look updated and match to the rest of home renovation without spending lots of money on a new door. 

As with a fiberglass door, clean it first with a wet sponge filed with acetone or other mineral solvents and let it dry. Be sure to cover the glass or other window accents on the door before starting the project. Next, sand away the old paint if it’s an old metal door so the new coat will adhere better. Do not use palm sandpaper. You can skip this step if this is a new metal door. 

Afterwards, apply an oil-based primer using a foam roller and a foam brush for any raised or depressed paneling in the door. With the same foam materials, apply the primer to the sides starting at the center and ending with the sides. Let it dry overnight. When dry, sand it lightly with fine sandpaper. Then apply a second coat. Let the second coat dry for six to eight hours.  Apply two more coats, one for color consistency and another to get any blemishes or inconsistencies across the door.

Oil-based finish paint is not recommended because it tends to yellow with time and it is more prone to mildew, a factor in damp climates. Make sure the paint is dry before your reattach the door to the hardware and the entryway. It’s recommended that you wait a day. 

Do not use a dark color if the door is exposed to direct sunlight. This will increase the heat penetration. Because the interior panel will be cooler than the exterior panel, the two will expand at different rates, which can cause the door to buckle or bow.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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