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How Much Do Stone Steps Cost?

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How Much Do Stone Steps Cost?

Flagstone can make a great addition to any home. However, for some buyers the cost of flagstone steps can be quite a concern, especially for those unable to afford high-end purchases. Fortunately, there are many types of flagstone available, each with identifiable benefits and drawbacks. Price can be dependent on location, as well as the type of flagstone utilized for a project.

The following information illustrates the different prices associated with various types of flagstone. Flagstone prices tend to range from affordable to more exorbitant, meaning there is something out there suited to every type of budget. Finding the perfect flagstone for your particular needs is just a matter of being knowledgeable about the price of flagstone, as well as the benefits each type affords. The cost of flagstone steps can be within reach for homeowners looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their backyard environment.

The Costs 

Per Ton:

Minimum: $300

Maximum: $1,050

Least Expensive: Arizona Flagstone

If you are concerned with the cost of flagstone steps, Arizona flagstone is a very affordable choice for those looking to redo their homes. This attractive stone comes in an array of great earth tones, which makes it easy to find just the right color for your outdoor locale. This can be important from an aesthetic point of view, especially for those adding onto an existing design.

Advantages of Arizona Flagstone

For the relatively reasonable price, Arizona flagstone offers many attractive benefits to homeowners. It is tolerant to hotter temperatures, remaining cool to the touch in during summer. This is especially important when utilizing flagstone for things like steps, which are bound to get a lot of traffic. Denser varieties hold up well under a number of weather conditions, which is important for homes in less temperate climates. This depends on how tightly packed Arizona flagstone may be, so it's important to be wary of construction when researching the cost of flagstone steps.

Disadvantages of Arizona Flagstone

While the cost of flagstone steps is far less expensive when using Arizona flagstone, one of the biggest drawbacks of the material is its porous nature. This allows water to seep in during rainy seasons, which can damage the stone throughout winter when the inevitable deep-freeze occurs. Arizona flagstone also tends to stain quite easily, which can alter its look over time. For this reason, it is recommended that the flagstone is sealed prior to installation.

Average Price: Quartzite Flagstone

For those looking for something a bit more when it comes to flagstone, quartzite makes a great option for many outdoor landscapes. This beautiful stone is available in an array of colors, including a variety of blue shades, as well as colors like silver and gold. Quartzite can add a stately air to just about any home, offering a regal appearance to backyard locales. With quartzite, you get a smooth finish that appears timeless for years after installation.  For those with higher budgets when it comes to the cost of flagstone steps, quartzite can be a great option for renovation. 

Advantages of Quartzite

Quartzite holds up well in a number of weather conditions, and doesn't experience the same issues with water absorption as the Arizona flagstone. This makes it better suited to rainy climates, which can be a concern for many homeowners. It's also quite resistant to staining, which can be important for those with an interest in frequent outdoor entertaining. Things like spills and accidents won't have as much of an effect on the look of quartzite as other types of flagstone. The non-slip surfaces means it's far safer when utilized in step construction, which can be a consideration. Quartzite is a bit more durable than less expensive types of stone, which means it offers a lot more value for its price.

Disadvantages of Quartzite

While quartzite has quite a few obvious benefits, there are some downsides to the stone as well. The biggest disadvantage is quartzite requires regular maintenance to prevent the surface from becoming sullied, such as from scuff marks or similar hazards. Because quartzite has such a rough texture, this can be a concern over the duration. Also, quartzite is far harder to shape than other types of flagstone, which can be an issue when it comes to getting the desired construction. Etching is also poses a problem, and this can ruin the smooth look of the stone over time. Because quartzite increases the cost of flagstone steps, you want to ensure that it remains looking great for as long as possible.

Most Expensive: Three Rivers Flagstone

For those who want the very best for their outdoor landscapes and are unconcerned with the cost of flagstone steps, Three Rivers flagstone is the top choice. Unlike other types of stones, which tend to be monochromatic in color, Three Rivers flagstone features swirls of various shades, such as gold or plum. Due to this swirl pattern, this stone is unlike any other available. The aesthetic value in this stone is obvious at the first look, making Three Rivers flagstone a high value option for backyard renovations.

Advantages of Three Rivers Flagstone

The most obvious advantage to Three Rivers flagstone is its inherent beauty. The combination of colors and patterns makes this a unique choice for many homes, which is important for allowing your outdoor landscape to stand out from the rest. Three Rivers flagstone is also quite rigid, which makes it an ideal option for step construction. Given the amount of wear steps usually incur, you want something a bit more robust to hold up under repeated use.

Disadvantages of Three Rivers Flagstone

Three Rivers flagstone is extremely expensive. This can be a major drawback for many, who may not be able to afford the costly fees associated with installation of such a high-end flagstone. Due to the increased price, many homeowners may be unable to afford replacement stones if necessary. For those on tighter budgets, the cost of flagstone steps constructed from Three Rivers flagstone may be out of reach.

As the above information illustrates, those wanting to improve the current look of their outdoor oasis have many great options available. While budget can be a concern when choosing types of flagstone, there are many choices available that are suitable for just about every budget. When thinking of the cost of flagstone steps for a backyard environment, the above information can be exceedingly helpful for making the right decision.

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Last updated on Aug 24, 2020

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