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Stone Tile Floor Inlays Cost Estimator

Custom tile flooring adds a great deal of beauty and value to your home. However, taking that flooring design one step further with a stone tile inlay adds yet another layer of style and value in addition to enhancing the unique design style of your home. The costs of adding a stone tile inlay vary according to other factors, including size and detail as well as labor. That's why you should first look at the costs of materials alone to decide if this added expenditure is worth the value.

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Table of Contents

  1. Stone Tile Floor Inlays Cost Factors
  2. What Are Stone Tile Floor Inlays?
  3. Stone Tile Floor Inlay Designs
  4. Advantages of Stone Tile Floor Inlays
  5. Disadvantages of Stone Tile Floor Inlays
  6. DIY or Hire A Pro?
  7. Find A Pro

Stone Tile Floor Inlays Cost Factors

The factors that influence the cost of stone tile floor inlay materials are no different than the factors that influence the cost of the floors themselves. In fact, most of the cost you can expect to incur from a professionally installed inlay isn’t connected to the materials so much as the labor. Installing inlaid detailing in a floor takes a tremendous amount of time and skill, far and above that needed for a typical stone tile floor alone. However, it’s still important to pay attention to the cost breakdown of the materials as well, which is influenced by factors such as:

  • Size: Large inlays require more materials to complete, which costs more.
  • Material Type: Different types of stone or different colors vary in price. For example, travertine mosaics can cost between $8 and $25 per square foot, whereas marble can cost upwards of $90 per square foot for mosaic pieces.
  • Design Detail: Using a premade mosaic design versus a unique one significantly impacts costs. Consider the fact that you must pay for a designer or design program as well as individual materials and cutting if you want a custom job. Likewise, you can purchase everything you need through online suppliers in just a few clicks if you’re interested in incorporating a premade design to save a little bit in your budget.

What Are Stone Tile Floor Inlays

What Are Stone Tile Floor Inlays?

A stone tile floor inlay can mean any number of things. Basically, it’s any design, whether a pattern or work of art, that interrupts the flow of flooring — in a good way. This can create a border, divide two rooms or simply act as a work of art, such as a medallion placed in an entry hall. The easiest time to install a tile inlay is when you’re placing or replacing your floors during construction or renovation. However, it’s possible to install inlay designs into an existing floor if you cut away the current tile or floor material in the space where the inlay will go.

Stone Tile Floor Inlay Designs

Stone tile floor inlays vary in their design and intricacy, but thanks to modern technology and laser tile cutting, the sky's the limit in terms of your design possibilities. Swirls, detailed designs and loops from room to room are all possible because of precise computerized measurements and cutting techniques that work like a jigsaw puzzle on your floor.

To design and install a tile floor inlay, you have three main options. First, you can use premade mosaic designs that are often found in home improvement stores and online retailers. Second, you can ask your flooring contractor about inlay designs he or she offers or projects the contractor has completed in the past and add some of those ideas into your new flooring installation plan. Third, for the most personal and artistic results, you can hire an interior designer or decorator to design and commission an inlay unique to your home and its overall style.

Stone Tile Floor Inlay Designs

Advantages of Stone Tile Floor Inlays

Adding a stone tile inlay is an excellent way to elevate the design of your home and add flow between rooms. Properly designed inlays can add another layer of style to your design scheme, serving as a divider between rooms or as an outline for object placement, such as a dining table. They also add dimension to a space. Custom-designed and -installed tile inlays also add value to your home, imparting a layer of luxury and exclusivity to the overall design and presentation.

Disadvantages of Stone Tile Floor Inlays

The main disadvantage of stone tile floor inlays is their initial or repair cost. Especially for custom-designed mosaics and borders, the design and cutting fees can add significantly to an element that’s really just a luxurious, design-centered addition to your home. Furthermore, any design that’s a bit too artsy or personalized runs the risk of turning buyers away when you decide to sell the home, rather than add value. Therefore, if you plan to install a tile inlay to increase the value and custom elements of your home, consider more neutral designs that simply add dimension and enhance the natural design of the space rather than a specific decor theme or something like the initial of your last name.

Stone Tile Floor Inlays Cost

DIY or Hire A Pro?

Just like general tile installation, placing your own stone tile inlay is possible, but complex. If you opt for premade inlays that are simply placed and set, it’s easier than if you plan on having a hand-laid design that must be applied one piece at a time, which is a tedious and exact process that can take a novice days, if not weeks, to complete. Therefore, unless you’re an experienced tiler, for the best aesthetic results and lasting value, it’s better to hire a professional tiler and/or designer to oversee and install your stone tile inlay.

Find A Pro

Hiring a flooring professional to install your stone tile inlay is the best way to have a professional finish that lasts. In addition, flooring pros can help you manage material costs through their experience in laying tile and inlays. Contact pros in your area today with our free lead generator.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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