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Average Storm, Wind, and Hail Damage Repair Cost

Most homeowners spend between $2,801 to $5,534 nationally.
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When storm warnings go out, most people pay heed and take shelter. Once the storm has passed, many people are dismayed to find extensive damage from wind, hail, and other storm-related weather. Before calling for repairs or trying to fix the damage yourself, there are some essential facts you should know.

National Repair Storm or Wind Damage Costs

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National Average Cost $5,370
Minimum Cost $195
Maximum Cost $22,000
Average Range $2,801 to $5,534
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Average Storm, Wind and Hail Damage Repair Cost 

The average cost of storm, wind and hail damage is $5,757. However, the actual cost to a homeowner will vary depending on the extent of the damage. Some storms are fickle in that one house may have just a few missing shingles while the house next door is completely destroyed. In some cases, the extent of the damage may not be known until several days later during the next rain or weather event. Homeowner's insurance may mitigate the out of pocket expense that a homeowner pays for repairs.

Common Types of Storm Damage 

The type of damage to a home will depend on the nature of the storm. Wind damage may result in damage to the roof, which then allows water to infiltrate the home and cause more extensive interior and exterior damage. Hail may cause broken windows and damaged siding. A storm can also damage electrical lines that enter a home, cause damage to a chimney, the gutters and downspouts. If a storm causes electrical outages during freezing weather, the home's pipes could burst and cause a flood. Strong storms may knock down tree limbs or even entire trees, resulting in extensive damage to the structure of a house. 

Factors for Repairing Storm Damage

The primary factors for the cost of repairing storm, wind and hail damage are how extensive the damage is and how much coverage you have for storm damage on your homeowner's insurance policy. After a storm, a thorough inspection of the entire house will be needed as some types of damage such as cracks or damaged flashing can remain hidden from the untrained eye.

If You're Thinking of Repairing Storm Damage Yourself 

Some homeowners enact temporary fixes from storm damage. Putting a tarp over a damaged roof may stave off further water infiltration until a professional roofer can fix the roof. Insurance companies may require professional repairs in order to cover the cost of the damage. Trying to repair certain things yourself could result in further damage to your home.

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