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How Much Do Storm Doors Cost?

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How Much Do Storm Doors Cost?

For homeowners who are looking to showcase their entryway and enhance the overall look of their home, a storm door adds value and security. While there are several different doors on the market, cost should be a major consideration when it comes to selecting the right one. When configuring costs, brand name, style and type should all be worked into the final budget. Here are a few things homeowners should consider when it comes to the cost of storm doors.

The Costs

  • Average minimum cost of storm doors: $230
  • Average maximum cost of storm doors: $745

Types & Uses

The storm door should highlight and accentuate the main door to the home. This means that if the homeowner has a decorative wood or steel door, the storm door should serve to protect the main door while still making it clearly visible. The storm door lives up to its name by providing an added layer of protection from entry of wind and elements. It is also meant to serve as a showpiece to accentuate and add curb appeal. While there are thousands of decorative styles and colors of doors, keep in mind that there are three main types: full-view, screen and ventilating.

A full-view storm door is often sought by homeowners who really want to accent their main entry door top to bottom. These types of doors have full-length glass and, in some cases, a slight window design, depending on the model. Full-view doors offer secure protection, allowing the homeowner to leave them open while still providing a locked layer of protection. This allows for a welcoming appearance and an additional view both inside and out. These doors are often steel or aluminum but can also be wood.

Screen doors are a popular choice among homeowners who wish to have a lot of ventilation throughout the back or side entryways. This is a great option for back door areas where there is a patio or deck present. Screen doors provide additional airflow without allowing easy entry for unwanted guests. There are lock options as well as handle hardware options, depending on the overall style of the door and the home.

Ventilating storm doors often offer an upper level of ventilation while keeping the aluminum or steel design on the bottom. This is useful when homeowners want more privacy but don’t need a lot of ventilation. There are multi-vent and single-vent style options. With this type of storm door, there is often a sliding window or removable screen that allows for closing and adjusting glass panels as needed. Models come with many options, like having the screen available at either the top of the bottom of the door. This is a great option for homes or businesses residing in cold climate zones where the screen can easily be removed in the winter and replaced in the spring. It also adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for intruders to gain access as opposed to a full-length screen storm door.

An additional type of storm door is the standard security door. Similar to the full-view storm door, this type offers added security measures. Designs may include a security grille, bars or rods that are reinforced into the door frame to add more protection against intruders and during harsh storms. The frame of a security door is thicker, providing a solid layer of reinforcement. Coordinating hardware can be purchased with a 3-point locking system, built in security lock and double cylinder deadbolt to help create a safe haven on the other side.


One of the biggest advantages of installing a storm door is the enhancement of the appearance of the home. Some storm windows have inlaid glass designs that really accentuate the outward look of the front porch or entryway. Storm doors also help keep the main door’s exterior in better shape, resisting fading from the sun and harsh exposure to weather elements.

A storm door is also another layer of security to ward off a burglar or intruder. An intruder would have to get through the locking system on a storm door before gaining entry through the front door.

Storm doors help keep pesky critters out as well. Bugs, bats and other flying animals are kept at bay when a storm door is in place. Screen doors provide an added layer of protection while giving the homeowner the cross-ventilation needed to improve air-flow into the home.

A prime advantage is that a storm door can be very energy efficient when it is used in conjunction with another regular entry door. Helping homeowners select an energy-efficient model with insulation will help reduce lost air and keep the space as airtight as possible. This is why proper installation is important, so there are no gaps for air to escape around the trim.


While a storm door has many advantages, there are a few drawbacks. One of the biggest is price. It's important to note that if the original door and entryway are a specialized non-standard size, additional construction to complete installation may be required. Hiring a private contractor can send homeowners above budget along with the added price of the custom door.

Another disadvantage is door traffic. The storm door really takes a beating to the elements and to traffic going in and out of the home. This makes it more prone to scratches, dents and overall wear and tear. For high-traffic areas, homeowners can expect to replace a standard storm door once every five years.

More Costs

While the standard storm door with a screen and aluminum base typically costs in the $150 to $300 range, depending on style and manufacturer, specialty doors that are sized to fit and have added features can be over $800. When considering costs, if the homeowner has more than one door that needs to be custom fit, it is suggested that they include all doors within the same order. This can save on processing and shipping costs through the manufacturer. 

The cost of a new storm door is something to consider at the onset of any construction or home improvement project. Not to ever be understated, it is the finishing piece to any exterior and helps give a home character and design charm.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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