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How Much do Swanstone Countertops Cost?

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National Countertops Costs

$41.31 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$62.24 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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How Much do Swanstone Countertops Cost?

Swanstone countertops are some of the most durable solid-surface countertops available in today's market. This is because Swanstone is created from a mixture of modified acrylic that contains natural materials, which results in a nonporous surface that is heat-resistant and easy to clean. However, easy maintenance comes with a cost.

The Costs

  • Minimum Cost of Swanstone Countertops: $41.31 per square foot

  • Maximum Cost of Swanstone Countertops: $62.24 per square foot 

The cost of Swanstone countertops can vary based on regional market prices at local stocking distributors. However, the price generally ranges from approximately $41.31 to $62.24 per square foot of material. Other costs to consider are the labor costs that are necessary to install the countertops. The labor costs for the installation of Swanstone countertops range from about $5.63 to $7.20 per square foot of installation. Contractors will likely add additional costs for the time to set up the job and clean the area upon completion. Other installation costs may include contractor expenses for the edge fabrication, sink cutout and deck-mounted fixture cutouts. Also, if a backsplash is necessary for the project, this can incur additional costs.

Swanstone Countertop Materials

Swanstone is a compression-molded compound that consists of a mixture of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcement fillers. During the manufacturing process, the Swanstone changes into a thermoset material with a maximum resistance to chemicals, expansion, impact and heat.

Advantages to Swanstone Countertops

There are many advantages to the installation of Swanstone countertops. One of the primary advantages is that the price for these countertops is very reasonable and they are considered the most affordable solid-surface countertops in the industry. Another advantage is their high resistance to heat, so hot pots, cook pots and boiling water will not cause any harm to the surface. Also, since Swanstone countertops are incredibly durable, they are highly resistant to impacts from heavy objects, and the surface will not chip or wear off. They are excellent at hiding minor scratches, and any major scratches can easily be buffed out of the matte finish by using household cleaners. An additional advantage is that the pigment in Swanstone countertops is found consistently throughout the material, which gives it an attractive and uniform appearance. The countertops contain matching solid and aggregate kitchen sinks, which is exclusive to this brand of countertop. Therefore, as a result of their beauty and durability, these countertops have nearly endless design possibilities for consumers. 

Disadvantages to Swanstone Countertops

Solid-surface countertops are generally more expensive than other types of countertops. They can be difficult to install as a do-it-yourself job, so licensed contractors are needed for the installation. Swanstone countertops can be weak against extremely cold conditions. Temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit can cause any type of solid countertop to crack.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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