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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pool?

Most homeowners spend between $5,653 to $9,198 nationally.
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There is no question that adding a swimming pool to your backyard can increase its overall value, but it can also be a fun way to bring together friends and family during a hot summer day. Nonetheless, before all homeowners consider a new pool, you have to know the average pool prices. Continue reading to see all installation costs, as well as a few other prices you probably didn’t consider, for all above ground and inground swimming pools. 

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National Build a Swimming Pool Costs

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National Average Cost $9,106
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $30,280
Average Range $5,653 to $9,198
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Table of Contents

  1. How Much Does A Pool Cost?
  2. Above Ground Pool Installation Cost
  3. Inground Pool Installation Cost
  4. Pool Materials Costs
  5. Costs Of Pool Size & Extras
  6. Pool Maintenance Costs
  7. Swimming Pool Repair Costs
  8. Benefits Of A Swimming Pool
  9. Find A Pro

How Much Does A Pool Cost?

Installing a pool is no small project. As you might expect, pools take a lot of planning, effort, water and digging if you’re thinking about an inground pool. While the average pool installation price is roughly $8,000, the type of pool you choose will greatly affect the final cost.

As you can see above, some pool installations run as high as $25,000, if not higher. These pools were most likely inground. We will discuss further below, but inground pools will always be more expensive. Bear in mind, they also add more value to your home.

Inground Pool Installation Cost

Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

The biggest factor in the cost of your swimming pool will be whether you choose an inground pool or above ground pool. Above ground pools reflect our average cost above. As opposed to inground swimming pools, above ground options do not require any excavation, which is a big percentage of the overall pool installation. Furthermore, the materials needed for above ground pools are far cheaper than that of inground pools. Overall, the costs of an above ground pool is typically a third of the price of an inground pool, and they shouldn’t cost more than $6,000 to purchase and professionally install.

Inground Pool Installation Cost

Time to deepen your pockets. As you might expect, inground pools take a lot of planning, machinery, materials and workers to install. After all, swimming pool pros will have to dig into the ground, put up wall panels, put together a pool kit, install plumbing and skimmers, add cement, sand the floor, add pool liners, insert water and extra accessories and then finally add dirt around the pool. Needless to say, it’s a long process. Watch how it’s all done with this quick YouTube video.

Given the amount of work, it’s no surprise the cost of installing a new inground swimming pool runs between $14,961 and $21,649. Just remember, while the installation cost is much more than an above ground pool, the value added is much higher as well.

Pool Materials Costs

Now that you have the overall cost, it’s time to jump into the smaller costs that make up the final pool price. Besides labor, materials make up a majority of those costs. Cement, pool liners, decks, skimmers, extra accessories and fencing all add to the final pool installation cost. Fortunately, we broke down each individual pool material cost.

Aggregate Pool Deck: When you install a pool, you have to think about the area surrounding the pool. After all, you can’t have grass surrounding the pool. If you want a pool deck option that can stand up to water, humidity and look great beside your brand new pool, aggregate is a great choice. Beware though, as prices range between $8/sf and $35/sf for aggregate pool decks.

Concrete Pool Deck: If you want to go with a safe, durable and relatively inexpensive option, concrete is your answer. While the average cost can range between $3 and $15, maintenance costs should be minimal if the builder applies sealant to the top. The sealant will protect it from pool cleaning solutions and chlorine that can discolor the deck.

Cement Pool Deck: Cement is another option that should require little maintenance. Cement can eliminate dirt, grass and rocks near the water, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to clean and clear any debris from the pool. Nonetheless, a large-scale concrete pour can be costly and the preparation time is not short. According to our material estimator, the minimum price for cement is approximately $70 per cubic yard. Finally, cement can get very hot in the summer, so it’s not the best option for your feet.

Pool Repair

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck: Stamped concrete brings the same advantages and disadvantages as some of the options above. Stamped concrete is also available in many different styles, so there is a design and feel for every homeowner or pool. Nonetheless, due to its design, stamped concrete is hard and expensive to remove should you change your mind years down the road. If you do go with this popular option, expect to pay $12/sf.

Stained Concrete Pool Deck: While regular concrete is the most common pool decking option, the plain color can get dull over the years. As such, many homeowners pony up and add a stain color to their concrete pool deck. Needless to say, a stain adds an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the rest of the pool. The final price will depend on your deck size, but most homeowners pay $5/sf to stain their pool deck.

Pool Pavers: If you don’t want one large piece covering your entire deck or would like an interesting design for your pool deck, pool pavers are a great choice. Just about any paver used for decking, patios and walkways can be used in the area around a pool. The most common types are concrete, brick and stone. While brick and stone are more expensive than concrete, the average paver costs range between $7/sf and $17/sf.

Pool Fencing: Safety can’t be ignored when talking about a new swimming pool. The pool needs it’s own designated area from the rest of the backyard and that is why most homeowners install a fence around their pool. Furthermore, fences help deter neighborhood kids or animals from using your clean swimming pool. If you do install a fence, expect to spend around $5,000 for an average-sized aluminum pool fence. If you go with a glass fence, that cost balloons up to $15,000.

Pool Covers: Some pool covers are designed to heat the water of the pool, which makes it a viable swimming option for much of the year. These covers can be made for inground or above ground pools. The low-end price for these covers is $139, but professional installation and high-quality solar warmth may cost as much as $1,305. Furthermore, winter pool covers, which many homeowners will need, start at $50.

Pool PumpsPool pumps are an important part of a pool's filtration system, and they wear out over time. Installing a new pool pump ranges between $150 and $800.

While the deck and material options above are the most popular when it comes to pools, most patio and deck options can apply. To see their costs, please check our patio cost estimators and deck cost estimators.

Costs of Pool Size & Extras

Obviously, the size of the pool will play a big role in the overall price. However, going from a medium-sized pool to a large pool may be less than you expect, and even doubling the total size of the pool may only cost 10-20% more overall. Adding in a slide, diving board or a patio surrounding the pool will also increase total costs.

Below are some of the most popular pool extras that homeowners are adding to amplify their swimming experience.

  • Diving Board: Most homeowners use their pool to just swim, but others like to have a little fun before getting in. While it probably won’t be very high, a diving board will certainly add to your swimming experience. Diving board prices start at $350.
  • Slides: If you have young children, a slide will surely be a big hit. Swimming pool slides generally cost around $1,700 to purchase and professional install.
  • Lights: If you like to swim at night, you’re going to need pool lights. All pool owners will have to choose between halogen, fiber optic or LED pool lights. See how you can choose the right lights for your swimming pool.
  • Awnings: For those of you who like to sit outside by the pool quite a bit will surely enjoy an awning. Getting some rays is great, but you can’t sit in the sun all day. That is why many homeowners install fabric awnings to enjoy some shade once in a while.

Pool Maintenance Costs

Pool Maintenance Costs

If your new pool is installed correctly, you wont have that much maintenance to worry about in the coming weeks. However, as time goes on, pool maintenance is a very involved process. Like many other aspects around the home, it’s not a set it and forget it type of home addition. Therefore, to really determine the overall pool installation cost, you must consider future maintenance costs.

According to our pool maintenance cost estimator, most homeowners spend roughly $250 on pool maintenance. Just note that this price can be ongoing. Natural pools may not require heating or pH balance testing, but most pools need to be cleaned, heating systems need to be repaired and debris should be removed. While many homeowners can do this themselves, other pool maintenance projects are better left to the pros.

Other pool maintenance projects include:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Cleaning Filters
  • Pool Heater Maintenance
  • Monitoring Water Levels
  • Shocking the Pool
  • Leak Detection
  • Winterizing
  • Reopening

See what needs to be done for each at HomeAdvisor.

Swimming Pool Repair Costs

Much like maintenance, certain repairs will be needed down the line. While you don’t have to prepare for all repair costs, your pool installation research would be incomplete without at least reviewing the average pool repair costs below.

Costs Of Pool Size & Extras

Benefits of A Swimming Pool

At this point in the research process, you may be second-guessing your decision given how much it costs to install and maintain a swimming pool. While you have most likely considered the following benefits, it never hurts to remember why you’re making the change in the first place.

  • Exercise: Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise out there.
  • Healthy Living: Soaking in a warm pool or hot tub is a great way to get rid of all your stress after a long day.
  • Increased Value: Inground pools increase the value of your home.
  • Family & Friends: Next 4th of July, where do you think everyone will want to watch fireworks?

Find A Pro

There are few features that add more entertainment or value to a home than a swimming pool. With all the costs out of the way, you’re ready to make the final decision.

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