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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tennis Court?

Most homeowners spend between $3,600 to $5,900 nationally.
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Luxurious and useful, a home tennis court is a great addition to a backyard if you enjoy playing tennis. It offers a place to practice the sport and work out without leaving home. Although they look sturdy, tennis courts aren't immune to damage, and they require occasional repairs. If you have your own court and notice it doesn't look or feel like it used to, maybe it's time to call in the pros. This cost guide explains what you can expect to pay to fix a concrete tennis court.

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National Repair Tennis or Game Court Costs

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National Average Cost $4,133
Minimum Cost $2,900
Maximum Cost $5,900
Average Range $3,600 to $5,900
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Table of Contents

  1. Tennis Court Repair Cost
  2. Tennis Court Repair Price Factors
  3. Tennis Court Maintenance Cost
  4. Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost
  5. Tennis Court Crack Repair Cost
  6. Other Common Tennis Court Repair Costs
  7. DIY Or Hire A Contractor?
  8. Find A Contractor

Tennis Court Repair Cost

Tennis courts can be expensive, but the cost to repair a tennis court varies greatly, ranging from $50 for small crack repairs to $15,000 to resurface the court. Most homeowners report paying between $681 and $3,250 for court repairs, with an average price of $1,500. Below is a cost comparison of common tennis court repairs.


Cost to Repair


$50 – $500

Damaged net

$100 – $200

Damaged windscreens

$0.35/sf – $0.40/sf

Faded color


Land leveling

$500 – $9,000

Perimeter corrections

$8 – $70/linear foot

Rust spots

Under $100

Some of these repairs are court-specific. For example, rust doesn't appear on the surface of grass and clay courts, while concrete courts don't require excavation and leveling after installation.

Tennis Court Repair Price Factors

Factors influencing tennis court repair costs include the type, condition and age of the court. There are three types of court surfaces: clay, concrete and grass. In the United States, concrete remains the most popular choice for tennis courts because maintenance is easiest. As long as the slab doesn't suffer any major structural damage, repairs are minimal.

The most significant cost factors are the condition and age of the court. Properly maintained courts generally don't show signs of damage like neglected courts do. Age is another factor because tennis courts deteriorate over time. Other factors include the cost of labor in the region, the season of repair or installation and the type of accessories used on the court; lights and fences may need to come down to perform repairs.

Cost To Repair A Tennis Court

Tennis Court Maintenance Cost

Regular maintenance is an important part of tennis court ownership. It helps extend the life of the court and reduce the cost of repairs down the road. One of the most important tasks owners can do is to keep the court clean. They should sweep the court daily to remove dirt and debris and pressure-wash it weekly using only water. Professionals charge up to $500 to wash the court, but homeowners can rent a pressure washer for between $35 and $144 per day and do the work themselves.

Homeowners need to maintain the lawn surrounding the court and any nearby buildings, like greenhouses. This includes cutting the grass and trimming hedges surrounding the court to keep vegetation away from the surface. Homeowners should trim nearby trees so limbs don't fall on the court. The cost of regular lawn care ranges from $150 to $1,900.

Cleaning the tennis court provides an opportunity to check the surface and accessories for signs of wear and tear. Surface cracks are common problems on concrete tennis courts that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. However, it's easier to fill the cracks when they first start. This is a good time to clean the bulbs in the court lamps, adjust the tension of the net and inspect the windscreens for tears. Professionals charge as much as $100 to clean each bulb.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost

Resurfacing is the costliest tennis court repair. A basic resurfacing job costs between $4,000 and $8,000, but it can go as high as $10,000 to $15,000 if the court requires extensive work. The process should be completed every four to eight years depending on how much use the court gets. It includes the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the court for cracks and uneven areas.
  2. Fill the cracks with an acrylic compound or concrete.
  3. Fill depressions and smooth high spots.
  4. Apply the resurfacing material to the court.
  5. Paint the court.

Common Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Crack Repair Cost

Cracks in the surface of the tennis court are a problem for the homeowner and the people playing on the court. The cracks spread when left unchecked, and over time they can damage the foundation of the tennis court. Cracks are also a safety hazard; players may trip over them and injure themselves. To repair the cracks, the workers first remove debris using compressed air or a pressure washer. They then start applying the patch material using a trowel. After the material dries, the team smooths the surface.

Other Common Tennis Court Repair Costs

In addition to structural and surface repairs, tennis courts may need to have cosmetic repairs performed. This includes repairing or replacing damaged lights and installing a new windscreen.



Clean light bulbs

$100 per bulb

Install drainage around the perimeter

$800 – $8,000

Replace lights

$200 – $48,000

Replace windscreen

$77 – $350

Although these aren't critical repairs that directly affect the safety of the players and the structural integrity of the court on the cleared ground, they do make the game more enjoyable. Lights make it possible to play at night. Windscreens improve game play. Proper drainage protects the foundation of the court from water damage.

Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Tennis court maintenance is about more than the appearance of the court. It affects the players' safety and their game play. For this reason, it's better to let a contractor handle the repairs. Contractors have the necessary equipment to drill into cracks, measure the slope of the court and ensure the integrity of the foundation. For instance, they can apply an asphalt surface coating properly so that the surface is level and safe.

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