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Thermostat Installation Cost Guide

Most homeowners spend between $124 to $180 nationally.
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There are a variety of ways to increase the energy efficiency of a home, from improving the insulation to adding a more efficient furnace. However, in the process many homeowners may overlook one of the simplest fixes that they can apply: adding a modern thermostat. Today’s heating and air conditioning systems represent a massive improvement over older systems, and one of the best ways to make the most of that increased efficiency is to install a digital thermostat to more effectively regulate the temperature in a house. 

National Install a Thermostat Costs

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National Average Cost $174
Minimum Cost $59
Maximum Cost $432
Average Range $124 to $180
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While doing a DIY job to install an old school manual thermostat is the cheapest option, at less than $100, it’s wise to ask a contractor to install a new digital system. An installation handled by a contractor averages $217 nationally, with costs going above $400 for multi-room systems with advanced options for independent temperature control. These installations represent a case where the homeowner pays more upfront in order to save more money over the coming years.

Modern digital thermostats come with at least a basic set of programmable functions. These functions allow the family to set separate temperature points for different times of the day. This allows them to set the temperature at a less expensive level when no one is inside the house, and it allows the temperature to be raised or lowered in time to return the house to comfortable conditions before the occupants return. A family can save hundreds of dollars a year by only heating or cooling their home when there are people present. 

The newer digital thermostats also provide more accurate and more regular heating or cooling of the home. With fewer fluctuations in temperature, the system spends less time overcoming previous changes in temperature, and thereby is less expensive to operate. This also has the added benefit of requiring less human intervention, as family members aren’t constantly fiddling with the controls trying to get the temperature right.

Energy efficiency has taken a major leap in recent years. If a family is still getting by with an older manual thermostat system, it may be a wise choice to consider upgrading the thermostat to a digital system in the near future. The upfront costs can be quickly eclipsed by the future savings in lower energy bills.

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