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How Much Does Timbertech Decking Cost?

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How Much Does Timbertech Decking Cost?

Timbertech decking can add beauty to your home and add money to your wallet. These composite decking and railing products can resist warping, mildew and insects. They are very low-maintenance because homeowners never need to spend time replacing rotting or termite-damaged boards. Timbertech products can retain their original color and beauty thanks to the product’s ability to resist warping and insect damage. All of this means less maintenance and cost to maintain your deck once built, saving you time and money.

As expected, these benefits come with a price. See timbertech decking prices below and then, connect with a local decking contractor to help with your Timbertech project.

Table of Contents

  1. Timbertech Pricing
  2. Timbertech Decking Installation Cost
  3. Different Types Of Timbertech Decking
  4. Most Affordable Timbertech Decking
  5. Timbertech Decking Colors
  6. Timbertech Decking Vs. Trex Decking
  7. Eco-Friendly Timbertech Decking
  8. Timbertech Fasteners
  9. Find A Local Decking Contractor

Timbertech Pricing

Timbertech decking is a great option for your decking project if you’re looking for a cost-effective material that can stand up to mother nature and won’t age or warp over time.

  • Good Timbertech decking material costs from $1,520 - $1,748 for 250/sf
  • Better Timbertech decking material can cost between $1,715 - $1,975 for 250/sf
  • The best Timbertech decking materials can range between $1,943 - $2,170 for 250/sf

Timbertech Decking Installation Cost

Building a deck is a great way to increase your home’s value and increase your ROI. The average cost to build a deck is around $6,200, depending on the size and scope of the project. One of the biggest factors of your deck build will be the materials used. We have seen simple projects with affordable materials cost as low as $4,725, while more complex projects with expensive materials costing as much as $10,000.

Timbertech Decking Prices

Different Types Of Timbertech Decking

There are several different types, styles and textures for homeowners to choose from the products offered by Timbertech. Their decking materials are set into three separate categories of wood-plastic composite, capped composite and PVC.

Timbertech’s line of wood-plastic composite decking material is a practical decking option that is designed for a budget-friendly project. Homeowners who are hoping to add more life to their outdoor deck without paying a fortune can do exactly that by choosing this category of decking materials.

Many homeowners use Timbertech’s wood-plastic composite decking because the material is value-priced, low-maintenance and features a similar look to wood that goes well with all types of exterior home designs.

Capped composite decking materials feature a protective polymer shell that’s been enhanced with HydroLock technology. This means that these decking products are resistant to the outdoor elements our decks are often exposed to. Timbertech’s Capped Composite planks have a 25-year fade and stain warranty. The VertiGrain pattern gives off the look of real wood and will not trap away dirt and debris.

Timbertech’s PVC decking material has been engineered to prevent scratches, mildew and harsh stains. These products do not require any pre-drilling before they are installed. They feature a flat grain surface texture that looks great with any type of home exterior.

Timbertech Pricing

Most Affordable Timbertech Decking

The most affordable type of Timbertech decking is from their Wood-Plastic Composite line of products, which include:

  • TwinFinish: Available in three designer colors
  • ReliaBoard: Available in two contrasting colors
  • DockSider: Available in cedar and gray, ideal for use near the water


This decking material features two-sided composite decking planks that can be used for building all types of outdoor structures. This material is available in Cedar, Gray or Redwood tones. This low-maintenance product features a slip-resistant walking surface and a serrated texture on the flip side to make a decorative contrast with deck built-ins. TwinFinish planks feature CONCEALoc hidden fasteners so that no screws are visible when installed. They are available in grooved or solid formats and come with a 25-year limited warranty.


Reliaboard products from Timbertech provide many opportunities for homeowners to create a customized look. Dark Cedar and Gray planks are available along with posts, rails and infill material in Antique White. This contrast of colors can create an amazing deck that is sure to increase the value of any home. Reliaboard products have a surface pattern that will blend to a consistent color over a period of time.


These materials are ideal for decks and other structures built near the water. These durable planks can withstand the wear and tear caused by the sun or the sea. Ideal for marinas, pools and lake-entries, this material is perfect for public locations such as theme parks and boardwalks. DockSider materials will not rot or warp, and they are also splinter-free. They are available in Cedar and Gray tones and can span a maximum of 24” on-center to meet specific material needs.

Timbertech Decking Colors

Timbertech Decking Colors

Timbertech offers a huge palette of colors that are perfect for any theme or look you are trying to complete for your decking space! They have four different collections of colors that host several different colors within the collection. Their collections are Legacy, Tropical, Terrain and Classic Composite.


This palette of colors is focused on the authentic texture of wood and the grain you can feel. This collection wants to reflect the natural beauty of exotic woods from around the world.

  • Ashwood
  • Mocha
  • Pecan
  • Tigerwood


The tropical collection brings sunny, warm, vacation vibes that continue to feature the grainy texture of real wood. This is perfect for homeowners looking to create an outdoor oasis in their backyard.

  • Amazon Mist
  • Caribbean Redwood
  • Antique Palm
  • Antiguan gold


This collection of colors is all about the outdoors. Featuring rich walnuts, rooted tree trunks and dark stormy skies, Terrain can help to bring that outdoor feeling to your space.

  • Brown Oak
  • Rustic Elm
  • Sandy Birch
  • Silver Maple
  • Stone Ash

Classic Composite

This is Timbertech’s smallest collection of colors featuring two classic colors for decking projects. This collection is also designed for the price-conscious homeowner.

  • Cedar
  • Grey

Timbertech Decking Vs. Trex Decking

Both timbertech decking and trex decking are more expensive than traditional wood materials when it comes to decking projects. Over time, they will save you money on maintenance and repair. They offer three tiers of decking materials that range in quality and price.

The two materials differ in both price and material makeup. Timbertech decking surrounds the composite core of the board with a polymer shell on all four sides. This can give your deck more protection throughout the year, leading to a longer life span.

Decking Material


Trex Select


Trex Enhanced


Timbertech Terrain


Trex Transcend


Timbertech Tropical


Timbertech Legacy


*prices are based on 16ft long board

Timbertech Pricing

Eco-Friendly Timbertech Decking

Since all Timbertech products are built to last for 30 plus years without warping, splintering or fading, they can help to reduce the amount of waste caused by replacing planks. They also eliminate the need to use harmful paint, sealers and stains that can contain hazardous chemicals.

All Timbertech planks are made from recycled wood, and throughout the manufacturing process, they regrind scrap products so that they can be put into good use instead of ending up in the local landfills.

Timbertech has a commitment for sustainable living, and recycles its manufacturing wastes reusing them in the production of its material. Their products are made of 73% recycled materials, that helps to cut back on manufacturing costs, water waste and energy usage.

Timbertech Fasteners

When installing solid planks, it’s recommended that you use Timbertech’s TOPLoc Face Fastening system or use stain coated deck screws for the best appearance. It’s not recommended that anyone use fasteners that are not mentioned in the installation guide. If other products are used, and decking materials fail, the warranty could be denied.

Timbertech Decking Tips

Because timbertech decking is a different material than traditional wood, the installation and use of timbertech decking requires some different practices. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your decking project is done correctly.

  • Always ensure there is a minimum gap of 3mm butt joint.
  • Timbertech planks should be installed with the embossed side up.
  • A directional notch is displayed on each plank edge to ensure a consistent appearance.
  • Your deck should slope in a distance away from the house to help with water removal.
  • Do not use glue or caulk to fasten or seal the planks into place, follow manufacturer instructions.
  • The use of nails is not recommended, however, if they must be used during installation, always resort to stainless steel or quality-coated nails.
  • All Timbertech planks may be installed using regular woodworking tools since they can be cut or shaped easily.

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Timbertech decking is a great choice if you’re looking for a well-priced, low-maintenance decking material you can rely on year after year. The first step to any home project is comparing estimates from contractors in your area.

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