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How Much Do Tin Ceiling Tiles Cost?

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National ceiling Costs

$3.69 per sq. ft. Minimum Cost
$4.59 per sq. ft. Maximum Cost

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Additions & Remodels

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How Much Do Tin Ceiling Tiles Cost?

When homeowners look for ways to add style and beauty to a living space, many turn to tin ceilings. Showcasing lustrous patterned tiles, a tin ceiling becomes a focal point of the room. Before installing a tin ceiling, it helps to know about the different types of tiles and installation, the varying costs, factors that affect tin ceiling prices, pros and cons of installation and where to buy tin ceiling tiles and related supplies.

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Table of Contents

  1. Tin Ceiling Cost
  2. Tin Ceiling Types
  3. Tin Ceiling Labor Costs
  4. Tin Ceilings Price Factors
  5. Advantages Of Tin Ceilings
  6. Disadvantages Of Tin Ceilings
  7. Where To Buy Tin Ceiling Tiles
  8. Find A Remodeling Contractor

Tin Ceiling Cost

Are you wondering whether a tin ceiling is something you can afford? A cost breakdown helps consumers determine if home improvement projects are within their budgets. The following table shows the average costs for ceiling installation of a 14 x 14 ft. tin ceiling using basic, contractor-grade tiles. However, costs for a tin ceiling vary depending on the type of ceiling installed and the type of finish desired.



Average Low Price

Average High Price

24 x 24-inch tiles

196 sq. ft.




6 hours



Supplies, Tools






Tin Ceiling Labor Costs

Tin Ceiling Types

There are three types of tin ceilings, and all have varying price points.

Nail-Up Ceilings

Traditional construction for tin ceilings used at the turn of the century and still common today is the nail-up method. This type of ceiling requires a plywood grid for nailing every six inches along all four sides of tin tiles or panels.

Snap-Together Ceilings

Snap-together ceilings feature an interlocking system that fastens to any type of ceiling material including popcorn, plaster or drywall. With interlocking male and female flanges, snap-together ceilings offer a clean appearance with no view of fasteners.

Drop-In Ceilings

Drop-in ceilings require the installation of a metal grid system, which drops down from a ceiling substrate or joists. Once this is installed, tin ceiling tiles are dropped onto the grid and secured with clips.

The table below shows average prices for the varying types of tile ceilings and varying kinds of tile.

Type of Tin Ceiling

Unfinished Tile

Powder-Coated Tile

Artisan Tile


$6 to $7 per tile

$12 to $22 per tile

$38 to $42 per tile


$10 per tile

$14 to $25 per tile

$38 to $42 per tile


$6 to $7 per tile

$12 to $22 per tile

$38 to $42 per tile

Tin Ceilings Price Factors

Tin Ceiling Labor Costs

Labor costs for installation of a tin ceiling typically run between $50 and $100 per hour. Factors that influence the hourly cost of labor include the condition of the existing ceiling and the time of year for installation. Prices fall on the higher end if a remodeling contractor is involved in the work rather than just supervising. To avoid being overcharged, look for professionals that provide a set quote for the entire job. On average, workers can complete about 30sf per hour, provided the existing ceiling is in good condition.

Tin Ceilings Price Factors

Tin ceiling installation costs depend on many factors. These include the type of ceiling installed, whether or not the existing ceiling requires repair or modification, seasonal wage rates, and the location of the home or apartment. If homeowners have a ceiling installed during a low-demand period or if you combine a ceiling installation with a similar project, you can often negotiate a lower price.

Advantages Of Tin Ceilings

The installation of a tin ceiling comes with many advantages. Because metal tiles are durable, long-lasting and beautiful, they add value to a home. Metal ceiling tiles do not rot, crack or peel like plaster ceilings, and they are resistant to moisture and fire. Homeowners have an array of finish options for metal tiles including bare, polished and powder-coated. The tiles also come in a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, copper and steel.

Advantages Of Tin Ceilings

Disadvantages Of Tin Ceilings

Tin ceilings do not come with many disadvantages. Depending on the square footage covered, the investment can be substantial if an artisan tile is used. Also, it can be difficult to change the style of decor once a tin ceiling is in place. Tiles with a bare finish may require a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Where To Buy Tin Ceiling Tiles

To save money on tin ceiling covers installation, some homeowners source their own tiles. Through sales at online and brick-and-mortar stores, tiles often cost less than when provided by the contractor. What's more, homeowners can sometimes return unused materials to brick and mortar stores or repurpose them for future use. One disadvantage of purchasing tiles is that any product defects become the responsibility of the homeowner instead of the contractor.

Homeowners who wish to purchase their own materials can find a good selection of tin ceiling tiles through a number of home improvement stores including Home Depot, Lowes and Menards. Specialty stores with good reputations include Armstrong Ceilings and American Tin Ceilings.

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Installing a tin ceiling is usually more complicated and time consuming than it looks, so this project is often best left to professionals. If you’re looking for qualified pros ImproveNet can help. Let us help you find reliable ceiling contractors near you!

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