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How Much Does A New Toilet Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $255 to $399 nationally.
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Believe it or not, all toilets were not created equal. Your porcelain thrones can vary substantially in height, style, color and even size, depending on your interior decor. Having a toilet installed may be a part of outfitting a newly constructed home, or it might be an integral part of your bathroom remodel. Either way, having a clear idea of the expenses associated with toilet installation may help with both the planning and budgeting of your project.

If you need help setting a budget for your project, try our cost estimator to help you set a realistic budget for your toilet installation project. As always, ImproveNet can help you connect with local plumber in your area.

National Install a Toilet Costs

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National Average Cost $355
Minimum Cost $65
Maximum Cost $830
Average Range $255 to $399
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Table of Contents

  1. Toilet Installation Cost
  2. New Toilet Costs
  3. Cost To Replace A Toilet
  4. Installing A Toilet Cost Factors
  5. Popular Toilet Brands & Pricing
  6. Installing A New Toilet
  7. Toilet Drain Pipe Installation Price
  8. Cost To Move Existing Toilet Drain Pipe
  9. Removing Toilet Cost
  10. Hiring The Right Plumber
  11. Find A Plumber Near You

Toilet Installation Cost

Installing a toilet can improve many things within your bathroom and home. A new toilet can make you happier, can improve your finances when it comes to water use, and can improve the planet. A standard toilet installation should take between one and two hours. The average cost to install a toilet is $355, with most homeowners spending an average of $255 to $399. Prices will vary from state to state, so use our cost estimator to see exact costs in your area.

New Toilet Costs

The cost of your new toilet will depend on the type of toilet you choose. There are two common toilet types: standard round toilet bowl or an elongated bowl. A standard toilet in an ordinary color like white or cream will generally cost less than $200, but there are plenty of upgrades you can choose that will make the total price much higher.

Heated seats are a nice splurge, and there’s also the option to purchase a more energy-efficient toilet that uses less water with each flush. In smaller apartments or any bathroom where space is an issue, there is even an option to have the tank in the wall. While this looks sleek and contemporary, it will raise the installation price by hundreds of dollars.

Round Toilet Bowls

  • Costs anywhere from $100 - $300
  • Smaller size, perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • Better for children
  • Less expensive
  • Max out at 28”

Elongated Toilet Bowls

  • Costs anywhere from $300 - $1,000
  • Bigger size takes up more space
  • More powerful flush
  • Most comfortable to sit on
  • More expensive

Toilet Cost

Cost To Replace A Toilet

If you’re planning on replacing an old toilet, there are some factors to budget for before you start. Remember that a plumber will charge extra for carrying the old toilet out (especially if it’s on the second story of your home), disposing the old toilet, connecting current plumbing to new toilet, repairing current pipes if needed and of course, the installation of the new toilet. The average cost to hire a plumber is $278, with most homeowners spending between $187 and $293.

Installing A Toilet Cost Factors

There are some factors that will increase the price of your installation that you should keep in mind. The biggest cost factor will be the size of the toilet you plan to install. The size of your toilet will affect the placement of the toilet and how well it will match with your existing plumbing. If any of your existing plumbing needs to be repaired or modified to fit this new toilet, expect the cost to go up dramatically. Your drain line will be the main pipe that needs to be matched, if yours needs repairs or modification, the average cost to repair a drain line $559.

Popular Toilet Brands & Pricing

The type of toilet you choose is the biggest cost factor for your installation. If you choose to go with a basic round-bowl toilet, you will save some money, but also jeopardize your comfort. If you opt to go with an elongated toilet, you will be spending more, but also be more comfortable while using it.



American Standard










Installing A New Toilet

Most toilet installations take anywhere from one to two hours, assuming all goes smoothly. Here is what to expect from your toilet installation:

  • Turning off the water
  • Draining the existing toilet
  • Disconnecting all pipes and lines
  • Toilet removal
  • Replacing wax seal
  • Flange inspection
  • Connecting new toilet

Not every toilet installation will go according to plan, so be prepared for both your budget and time to fluctuate. These are some common toilet installation problems:

  • Unexpected leaks
  • Cracked flange, making your toilet wobbly
  • Improper wax ring seal
  • Poor caulking causing leaks
  • Failure to replace leaky flush valve

Cost To Install Toilet

Toilet Drain Pipe Installation Price

When starting from scratch in a new home, the first step of installing a toilet will be installing the drain pipe. Even the most enthusiastic DIYer won't be able to tackle this alone, so it’s best to hire a professional plumber for the job. The task requires a number of specialized tools, including a brazing kit, tubing cutter and the PVC pipe itself. The costs of the hardware and the materials are minimal, but even experienced plumbers can take up to five or six hours to complete the entire job. Expect to pay somewhere in the range of $429 to $482 for the installation of a new toilet drain pipe in the bathroom.

Cost To Move Existing Toilet Drain Pipe

In some bigger remodels or renovations, the layout of the entire bathroom can change. Rather than having the toilet in one corner, it might be on the opposite side of the room entirely. The problem with doing a big move is the fact that the toilet drain pipe has to be relocated entirely. While it might seem like this should be a relatively simple process, it can take even longer than starting over from scratch. The old pipe needs to be closed, and a brand new opening has to be made in the flooring for a new toilet to connect to. This job can take almost a full day. Expect to pay approximately $500 for the materials and labor involved with moving the existing toilet drain pipe to a new location. Also, if you need to have work done on your flooring for a new opening, the average price to repair flooring is $741.

Cost To Replace Toilet

Removing Toilet Cost

When installing a new toilet in an existing bathroom, one big project that homeowners should not forget about is removing the existing toilet. In some cases, the company that delivers a new toilet can remove the old one right from the home, which is a great service to take advantage of if it’s available. Keep in mind that the removal is not as simple as taking the tank and seat to a landfill. Parts of the wall and floor may need to be cut to remove pipes. If this is the case, costs to repair tile and grout aren’t expensive and can be done by a local contractor. The existing and very heavy toilet will need to be broken apart or safely hauled away. If a homeowner pays for this removal service, it will generally cost roughly $105 to remove a toilet.

Hiring The Right Plumber

Whether outfitting a brand new home or upgrading an older apartment, installing a new toilet is a common project. Hiring a licensed plumber is standard when dealing with water sources, and it’s always best to go with someone that has insurance as well as a great reputation. Having multiple estimates to compare costs can help homeowners set a budget for this project, as well as any other bathroom upgrades you might have in mind.

Find A Local Plumber

There is a lot to consider when finding the right budget, the right toilet and most importantly, the right plumber. While some homeowners have the experience and know how to install a toilet by themselves, many need help. If you need help installing your new toilet, be sure to connect with a local plumber and find competitive estimates.

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