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Toilet Wax Ring Cost Guide

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National Toilet Wax Ring Costs

$4 Minimum Cost
$45 Maximum Cost

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Toilet Wax Ring Cost Guide

A toilet wax ring is not a conspicuous part of a toilet, but it is one of the most important parts. The wax ring sits under the base of the toilet and creates a tight seal around the drain pipe and the flange. As a result, it prevents water from leaking from the drainpipe and potentially damaging the floor. Although the wax ring may not seem overly consequential, it needs to be in good condition and in proper working order for the toilet to function correctly.

The costs are not high to fix, so if you need help along the way, get in touch with up to four local plumbers and compare quotes.

Table of Contents

  1. Toilet Wax Ring Cost
  2. Why You Need A Wax Ring
  3. Toilet Wax Ring Replacement
  4. Where To Buy Toilet Wax Rings
  5. DIY Or Hire A Pro
  6. How To Install A Toilet Wax Ring
  7. Find A Pro

Toilet Wax Ring Cost

The brand, size and quality of a toilet wax ring can affect the price. On average, toilet wax rings cost between $4 and $5; however, some brands can cost as much as $35 on the high end. Homeowners who need a wax ring extender to make the seal fit with the flange can expect to spend $5 to $10 more for this part.

Why You Need A Wax Ring

Why You Need A Wax Ring

Two bolts connect the toilet to the toilet flange, which is a plastic or metal ring that holds the toilet to the floor. Between the toilet and the flange is a wax ring, which creates a tight seal. This seal is necessary to prevent water from leaking when it goes from the toilet to the drainpipe. It also prevents sewer gases from leaking into the bathroom and causing foul odors. The wax ring protects the toilet, floor and bathroom.

Toilet Wax Ring Replacement

When installed correctly, a toilet wax ring should last for the entire life of the toilet, which is 20 to 30 years. Unlike other parts of the toilet, wax rings do not break down or experience wear and tear from use, but in order for the wax seal to maintain its integrity, it must sit tightly between the floor and the toilet. If the bolts holding the toilet are loose or if the toilet wobbles, then it can compromise the seal. Slight movements or stress can damage the ring, causing it to need replacing.

Any time the toilet moves, the wax ring must be replaced. Once removed, it cannot be reused. For example, if a homeowner decides to remodel the bathroom and update the floors, then he or she must install a new wax ring when reinstalling the toilet.

Toilet Wax Ring Replacement

Where To Buy Toilet Wax Rings

Toilet wax rings are easy to find. Homeowners can visit their local hardware store or home improvement store to find several brands and options. Many online retailers also offer toilet wax rings, making it easy for homeowners to compare products and find the right one for their needs.

Wax rings come in various thicknesses so that they can fit tightly around the flange. Homeowners should measure the flange to get a good idea of how tall it needs to be. In some instances, a flange extender may be necessary. Ideally, thicker wax rings are better. This allows for greater compression, which creates a tighter seal, but it should not be so thick that it creates an obstruction in the drainage path.

DIY Or Hire A Pro

Replacing a toilet wax ring is a simple enough project that homeowners could most likely do on your own. The project does not require special skills or tools, but there are a few things that homeowners should keep in mind before attempting to tackle this project. First, toilets are heavy and it is necessary to remove the toilet in order to replace the wax ring. Additionally, there is limited space around the toilet to work, making it difficult to maneuver around the toilet to complete the task. People who have a bad back or do not have assistance for lifting and removing the toilet should hire a professional plumber to take on the project.

How To Install A Toilet Wax Ring

How To Install A Toilet Wax Ring

The materials needed to complete this installation project include:

  • Replacement Wax Ring
  • Replacement Flange Bolts & Washers
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Putty Knife
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Plunger
  • Bucket
  • Rags Or Towels

The process for installing a toilet wax ring is relatively simple. Moving the toilet is the most difficult task since it can weigh up to 100 pounds. Having an assistant to help with the project can make the project easier. Follow these steps for completing this toilet repair project.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush it to remove the water. Use a plunger to remove any water left in the bowl. Use a shop vacuum to remove any water that remains.
  2. Place towels underneath the water supply line. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the water supply line. Drain water into a bucket.
  3. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the flange bolts from the base of the toilet.
  4. Remove the toilet from its position in the bathroom and place it on its side on dry towels. Take care when lifting the toilet to avoid injury or causing damage to the toilet.
  5. Remove the old wax ring from the flange and around the toilet drain using a putty knife. Clean away debris and ensure the surfaces are smooth.
  6. Inspect the flange for any damage. If it is broken, call a plumber to replace it.
  7. Insert new flange bolts into the slot. Place a washer over the bolt and screw a nut on each.
  8. Install the new wax ring either on the bottom of the toilet drain or at the top of the flange.
  9. Lift the toilet and align the holes over the bolts before lowering it.
  10. Push down or sit on the toilet until it sits flush with the floor and does not move or wiggle.
  11. Tighten the bolts at the base of the toilet.
  12. Reconnect the water supply, turn on the water and allow it to fill with water.
  13. Flush the toilet a few times to ensure there are no leaks.

To see the entire process, please watch the video below:

Find A Pro

Replacing a toilet wax ring can be a messy and difficult job. Take the headache out of this project by finding a licensed plumber to tackle the project for you. A pro can get your toilet working like new in no time.

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Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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